CASE Families living in Massachusetts in 1930.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Ralph WBridgewater, Plymouth1887MassachusettsHead24
Helen T1892MassachusettsWife
Arthur P1914MassachusettsSon
Marion F1918MassachusettsDaughter
William F1924MassachusettsSon
{Family 32}
Jesse A Brockton, Plymouth1861MassachusettsHead283b
Edith G 1867MassachusettsWife
{Family 33}
Daniell W Brockton, Plymouth1868MassachusettsHead249b
Edith L 1868Rhode IslandWife
Hope E1906MassachusettsDaughter
{Family 34}
AlmedaBrockton, Plymouth1886MaineHead189b
{Family 35}
Paul Brockton, Plymouth1893MassachusettsHead281b
{Family 36}
ElmerBrookline, Norfolk1862ConnecticutLodger44
{Family 37}
Anna MBrookline, Norfolk1863New JerseyHead157b
{Family 38}
Frank H Brookline, Norfolk1873MinnesotaHead18b
Marie 1878MichiganWife
Gretchen 1915IllinoisDaughter
{Family 39}
Ray Brookline, Norfolk1905New JerseyLodger182b
{Family 40}
William H Charlton, Worcester1872ConnecticutHead54b
{Family 41}
Samuel S Chelsea, Suffolk1893CanadaHead116
Hilda 1897CanadaWife
Myrtle G 1915CanadaDaughter
Ina 1919CanadaDaughter
{Family 42}
CatherineChelsea, Suffolk 1885 EnglandDaughter 203
{Family 43}
Sarah J Chicopee, Hampden1863ConnecticutHead269b
{Family 44}
Emmett E Chicopee, Hampden1877ConnecticutHead136b
Ida F 1883GermanyWife
William M 1901MassachusettsSon
Russell C 1912MassachusettsSon
Frederick 1913MassachusettsSon
Florence M 1924MassachusettsDaughter
{Family 45}
Blanch Chicopee, Hampden1895Connecticut Sister268b
{Family 46}
Ellsworth Chicopee, Hampden1905MassachusettsHead129
Emma 1909MassachusettsWife
Donald 1930 MassachusettsSon
{Family 47}
William FDartmouth, Bristol1880Rhode IslandHead82
{Family 48}
James Deer Island, Suffolk1898New HampshirePrisoner 127b
{Family 49}
Mandy I Easton, Bristol1889MassachusettsHead148
Robert R 1915MassachusettsSon
Dorothy R 1917MassachusettsDaughter
{Family 50}
Ralph P Edgartown, Dukes1907MassachusettsBoarder9b
{Family 51}
Fredrick DEverett, Middlesex1890MassachusettsHead152b
Julia E1896MassachusettsWife
Virginia M1922MassachusettsDaughter
Bradford K1925MassachusettsSon
{Family 52}
Jennie Fall River, Bristol1879Canada French Boarder74b
{Family 53}
Everett B Freetown, Bristol1891MassachusettsHead10b
Alice S1893MassachusettsWife
Jocelyn S 1916MassachusettsDaughter
Gertrude S 1919MassachusettsDaughter
Phebe B 1921MassachusettsDaughter
{Family 54}
EdwardGardner, Worcester1880MassachusettsHead190
{Family 55}
James Gardner, Worcester1883MassachusettsHead258
Rosanna 1883MichiganWife
James G 1905MassachusettsSon
{Family 56}
Charles Gardner, Worcester1888MassachusettsHead262
Rosanna 1894MassachusettsWife
Clifford H 1913MassachusettsSon
Nelva G 1915MassachusettsDaughter
Bernadette O 1918MassachusettsDaughter
Eva I 1920MassachusettsDaughter
Arthur O 1922MassachusettsSon
Mary L 1929MassachusettsDaughter
{Family 57}
Joseph E Gardner, Worcester1893MassachusettsHead226b
Laura M 1897New HampshireWife
Melvina A 1916MassachusettsDaughter
Walter J 1918MassachusettsSon
{Family 58}
Irene Gardner, Worcester1911MassachusettsServant 156
{Family 59}
Arthur BGranville, Hampden1903ConnecticutHead87
Robert G (Surname listed Cease)1926MassachusettsSon
{Family 60}
FrederickGreat Barrington, Berkshire1870ConnecticutHead77
Ida M 1868MassachusettsWife

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