CASE Families living in Washington in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 151}
Backett wDelta, Whatcom1873MinnesotaHead
Maggie LDelta, Whatcom1875MissouriWife
Ruth EDelta, Whatcom1895WashingtonDaughter
Clinton PDelta, Whatcom1898WashingtonSon
Edgar VDelta, Whatcom1901WashingtonSon
Olive EDelta, Whatcom1909WashingtonDaughter
{Family 152}
Burtell D
Surname listed Care
Kendall, Whatcom1882MichiganBoarder
{Family 153}
Adelbert ELaurel, Whatcom1851MichiganHead
Sarah JLaurel, Whatcom1857KentuckyWife
Eva CLaurel, Whatcom1877MichiganDaughter
{Family 154}
Charley CLaurel, Whatcom1885MichiganHead
Jennie CLaurel, Whatcom1875MissouriWife
{Family 155}
R INorth Lynden, Whatcom1875WisconsinHead
MaryNorth Lynden, Whatcom1879WisconsinWife
WilmerNorth Lynden, Whatcom1901WisconsinDaughter
PaulNorth Lynden, Whatcom1903WisconsinSon
JaneNorth Lynden, Whatcom1905WashingtonDaughter
JoyceNorth Lynden, Whatcom1905WashingtonDaughter
{Family 156}
W W South Lynden, Whatcom1837New YorkHead
Louise South Lynden, Whatcom1847New YorkWife
{Family 157}
William WCottonwood, Whitman1887WashingtonHead
Mable MCottonwood, Whitman1887IdahoWife
Chauncey CCottonwood, Whitman1889WashingtonBrother
{Family 158}
George W JrSt John, Whitman1861CaliforniaHead
Jennie GSt John, Whitman1850MissouriWife
Carrie GSt John, Whitman1894WashingtonDaughter
Austin ASt John, Whitman1891WashingtonSon
{Family 159}
Thales NAhtanum, Yakima1870WisconsinPartner
{Family 160}
Col W Moxee, Yakima1882IllinoisHead
Mabel Moxee, Yakima1889MinnesotaWife
{Family 161}
Norman H N Yakima Ward 1, Yakima1868WisconsinHead156b
Clara A N Yakima Ward 1, Yakima 1870KansasWife
{Family 162}
Joseph GN Yakima Ward 3, Yakima 1858New YorkHead
Irvin GN Yakima Ward 3, Yakima1858WisconsinSon
R DN Yakima Ward 3, Yakima1867WisconsinSon
{Family 163}
Clarance G [Clarence]N Yakima Ward 3, Yakima1887MinnesotaHead198
Gladdis N Yakima Ward 3, Yakima1889MinnesotaWife
Vega M N Yakima Ward 3, Yakima1909WashingtonDaughter
{Family 164}
Surnames listed Cree
Simcoe, Yakima1863WashingtonHead
Emma BuchannanSimcoe, Yakima1882WashingtonWife
LouisaSimcoe, Yakima1910WashingtonDaughter
LuceliaSimcoe, Yakima1897WashingtonDaughter
EmmaSimcoe, Yakima1900WashingtonDaughter
{Family 165}
Surnames listed Cree
Simcoe, Yakima1892WashingtonLodger
AggieSimcoe, Yakima1894WashingtonLodger
{Family 166}
Frankie V
Surname listed Carl
Tampico, Yakima1873OregonSister
{Family 167}
F MUpper Naches, Yakima1861WisconsinHead
{Family 168}
Amzi ZWest Sunnyside, Yakima1856IowaHead201
Eliney JWest Sunnyside, Yakima1866IowaWife
John LWest Sunnyside, Yakima1889MissouriSon
Ida MWest Sunnyside, Yakima1895OregonDaughter
Albert FWest Sunnyside, Yakima1903WashingtonSon
George West Sunnyside, Yakima1903WashingtonSon

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