CASE Families living in South Dakota in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Jesse EOldham, Kingsbury1871MinnesotaHead
Cora MOldham, Kingsbury1874MinnesotaWife
Mae KOldham, Kingsbury1895South DakotaDaughter
Harry JOldham, Kingsbury1898South DakotaSon
Marl JOldham, Kingsbury1901South DakotaSon
{Family 32}
CharlesBoulder, Lawrence 1857New YorkHead
IdaBoulder, Lawrence1856IowaWife
ClaraBoulder, Lawrence1891South DakotaDaughter
CharlesBoulder, Lawrence1893South DakotaSon
Goldy MBoulder, Lawrence1898South DakotaDaughter
{Family 33}
Myrtle Deadwood Ward 2, Lawrence1886South DakotaLodger
{Family 34}
Elmer LDeadwood Ward 3, Lawrence1877KansasBoarder
{Family 35}
Surnames listed Cade
Reeds School District, Lawrence 1857IllinoisBoarder
SarahReeds School District, Lawrence1871IowaHousekeeper
{Family 36}
SidneySpearfish School District, Lawrence1876PennsylvaniaHead
RosaSpearfish School District, Lawrence1880South DakotaWife
MerleSpearfish School District, Lawrence1905South DakotaSon
IlosieSpearfish School District, Lawrence1906South DakotaDaughter
{Family 37}
William HSpearfish Ward 1, Lawrence1861PennsylvaniaHead
Fannie ESpearfish Ward 1, Lawrence1856ConnecticutWife
ZoeSpearfish Ward 1, Lawrence1892MissouriDaughter
JohnSpearfish Ward 1, Lawrence1893MissouriSon
{Family 38}
Wallace WTownship 2, Lyman1871IowaHead
Jessie ATownship 2, Lyman1881KansasWife
Walter LTownship 2, Lyman1904IowaSon
Ruth DTownship 2, Lyman1907IowaDaughter
Sarah ATownship 2, Lyman1841New YorkMother
{Family 39}
ClaraSturgis Ward 1, Meade1890South DakotaServant
{Family 40}
Herbert LSturgis Ward 1, Meade1871IowaHead
Mary ESturgis Ward 1, Meade1868MinnesotaWife
Joyce ASturgis Ward 1, Meade1896IowaDaughter
Francis HSturgis Ward 1, Meade1897IowaSon
Leland DSturgis Ward 1, Meade1901IowaSon
Caroline MSturgis Ward 1, Meade1903IowaDaughter
Josephina ESturgis Ward 1, Meade1908IowaDaughter
{Family 41}
George ESturgis Ward 3, Meade1842New YorkHead
Carrie LSturgis Ward 3, Meade1849CanadaWife
{Family 42}
Byron LSchool District 81, Meade1883South DakotaHead
LottieSchool District 81, Meade1885NebraskaWife
{Family 43}
William O School District 13, Meade1878IowaHead
Margueret SSchool District 13, Meade1877EnglandWife
{Family 44}
Bennie [Bonnie]Sioux Falls Ward 1, Minnehaha1903IowaNiece40b
{Family 45}
Allen BSioux Falls Ward 1, Minnehaha1889KansasBoarder
{Family 46}
MargaretSioux Falls Ward 8, Minnehaha1848EnglandHead
EthaSioux Falls Ward 8, Minnehaha1886OhioDaughter
ConstanceSioux Falls Ward 8, Minnehaha1890OhioDaughter
{Family 47}
James LDewitt, Perkins1884IowaHead
Lellie ADewitt, Perkins1882WisconsinDaughter
Evelyne SDewitt, Perkins1909South DakotaDaughter
{Family 48}
Thomas ALetcher, Sanborn1873IowaHead
Rosa ELetcher, Sanborn1883IowaWife
Floyd VLetcher, Sanborn1897IowaSon
Merl oLetcher, Sanborn1899IowaSon
Sylvie ELetcher, Sanborn1901IowaDaughter
Harvey RLetcher, Sanborn1903IowaSon
Opal MLetcher, Sanborn1906IowaDaughter
Arthur LLetcher, Sanborn1908South DakotaSon
{Family 49}
BarbaraLetcher, Sanborn1837IndianaHead
{Family 50}
GeorgeCheyenne River Indian Reservation, Schnasse1870TexasHired Man
{Family 51}
William HRedfield Ward 4, Spink1876MinnesotaHead
Edich ERedfield Ward 4, Spink1874MinnesotaWife
{Family 52}
Charles BMarietta, Stanley1874IllinoisHead
AnnaMarietta, Stanley1875IowaWife
Clarence WMarietta, Stanley1902South DakotaSon
JohnMarietta, Stanley1839GermanyFather
{Family 53}
Surnames listed Cose
Philip, Stanley1883IowaHead
MayPhilip, Stanley1886IowaWife
{Family 54}
James M
Surname listed Carl
Roseland, Tripp1852WisconsinCompanion
{Family 55}
Howard BLe Beau, Walworth1883IllinoisHead
Felice LLe Beau, Walworth1888MichiganWife

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