CASE Families living in South Dakota in 1910.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Charles S
Surnames listed Carl
Huron Ward 3, Beadle1863ConnecticutHead
Ellen KHuron Ward 3, Beadle1861SwedenWife
Susie OliveHuron Ward 3, Beadle1896South DakotaAdopted Daughter
{Family 2}
Surname listed Cox
Hancock, Bon Homme1874IllinoisHired Man
{Family 3}
Delona M [Delana]Oakwood, Brookings1891South DakotaDaughter159
{Family 4}
Adelbert SAberdeen Ward 1, Brown1880West VirginiaHead
EssieAberdeen Ward 1, Brown1908IowaWife
{Family 5}
Arthur HAberdeen Ward 1, Brown1883South DakotaHead
BlancheAberdeen Ward 1, Brown1886South DakotaWife
{Family 6}
Leon JAberdeen Ward 1, Brown1877MichiganHead40
Milo [Milla]Aberdeen Ward 1, Brown1887South DakotaWife
Inez LAberdeen Ward 1, Brown1908South DakotaDaughter
Viola JAberdeen Ward 1, Brown1909South DakotaDaughter
{Family 7}
Milton JAberdeen Ward 1, Brown1854PennsylvaniaHead
Ada L Aberdeen Ward 1, Brown1858MichiganWife
{Family 8}
Millau L [Milton J]Aberdeen Ward 4, Brown1852PennsylvaniaHead91b
{Family 9}
Croce [Grace]Aberdeen Ward 4, Brown1892South DakotaNurse102b
Surnames listed Carl
Aberdeen Ward 4, Brown1892South DakotaNurse
{Family 10}
John BBelle Fourche, Butte1859IllinoisHead
Susan EBelle Fourche, Butte1869IowaWife
RossBelle Fourche, Butte1893South DakotaSon
AnnaBelle Fourche, Butte1895South DakotaDaughter
FrankBelle Fourche, Butte1899South DakotaSon
SusanBelle Fourche, Butte1901South DakotaDaughter
ElvaBelle Fourche, Butte1905South DakotaDaughter
{Family 11}
William HPleasant Valley, Clay1855WisconsinHired Man
{Family 12}
George W
Surnames listed Cass
Watertown Ward 4, Codington1866PennsylvaniaHead
CapitolaWatertown Ward 4, Codington1861IllinoisWife
ClaudeWatertown Ward 4, Codington1885South DakotaSon
BerniceWatertown Ward 4, Codington1890South DakotaDaughter
RuthWatertown Ward 4, Codington1892South DakotaDaughter
IreneWatertown Ward 4, Codington1896South DakotaSon
LillianWatertown Ward 4, Codington1898South DakotaDaughter
{Family 13}
Claude C Badger, Davison1888IowaHead
Pearl EBadger, Davison1891NebraskaWife
Elva CBadger, Davison1910South DakotaDaughter
{Family 14}
George CBadger, Davison1865IowaHead
Letitia ABadger, Davison1866IllinoisWife
Roy JBadger, Davison1893IowaSon
LelaBadger, Davison1896IowaDaughter
Clara BBadger, Davison1898IowaDaughter
Vera BBadger, Davison1902IowaDaughter
Bessie MBadger, Davison1905IowaDaughter
CliffordBadger, Davison1908South DakotaSon
{Family 15}
Charley HBadger, Davison1871IowaHead
NellieBadger, Davison1880IowaWife
MyrtleBadger, Davison1898IowaDaughter
OrvilleBadger, Davison1900IowaSon
{Family 16}
Frank WMitchell Ward 4, Davison1858New YorkHead
{Family 17}
BessieWebster Ward 3, Day1891WisconsinBoarder
{Family 18}
WilliamCourtland, Edmunds1848EnglandHead
MarthaCourtland, Edmunds1870GermanyWife
PaulCourtland, Edmunds1892South DakotaSon
JesseCourtland, Edmunds1897South DakotaSon
SenaCourtland, Edmunds1899South DakotaDaughter
WilliamCourtland, Edmunds1901South DakotaSon
HelenCourtland, Edmunds1909South DakotaDaughter
{Family 19}
Mary E
Surname listed Cose
Hot Springs Ward 3, Fall River1885MassachusettsServant
{Family 20}
Steven G
Surname listed Care
Hot Springs Ward 1, Fall River1833New YorkInmate
{Family 21}
Frederick PJackson, Fall River1881South DakotaHired Man
{Family 22}
Arthur Oelrichs, Fall River1875IowaHead
{Family 23}
Lucian BOntario, Hand 1834ConnecticutHead
Martha MOntario, Hand1838OhioWife
{Family 24}
Herbert HGilbert, Hand1877IndianaHead
GraceGilbert, Hand1878New YorkWife
LucianGilbert, Hand1905South DakotaSon
LenardGilbert, Hand1905South DakotaSon
MaeGilbert, Hand1909South DakotaDaughter
{Family 25}
PercyGrand, Hand1893South DakotaHired Man
{Family 26}
Edward BGrand, Hand1871MinnesotaHead
{Family 27}
Thos BOak Hollow, Hutchinson1848West VirginiaHead
Ruth EllenOak Hollow, Hutchinson1853West VirginiaWife
RoyOak Hollow, Hutchinson1893South DakotaSon
PearlOak Hollow, Hutchinson1896South DakotaDaughter
VireneOak Hollow, Hutchinson1903South DakotaDaughter
{Family 28}
Bert GOak Hollow, Hutchinson1879IllinoisHead
Nellie MOak Hollow, Hutchinson1885MinnesotaWife
Ruth EOak Hollow, Hutchinson1907South DakotaDaughter
Mildred MOak Hollow, Hutchinson1908South DakotaDaughter
{Family 29}
Char E [Chas]
Surnames listed Care
Highmore, Hyde 1887New YorkHead
ElizabethHighmore, Hyde1859ScotlandWife
{Family 30}
Maggie TEagle, Hyde1881New JerseyHead
RaymondEagle, Hyde1904South DakotaSon
OrvilleEagle, Hyde1906South DakotaSon
BulaEagle, Hyde1908South DakotaDaughter

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