CASE Families living in Oklahoma in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 91}
Elmer WOklahoma City Ward 7, Oklahoma 1870KansasHead208
Etta COklahoma City Ward 7, Oklahoma 1873KansasWife
Ela VOklahoma City Ward 7, Oklahoma 1873OhioMother-in-law??
{Family 92}
RubyOklahoma City Ward 7, Oklahoma 1890NebraskaNiece
{Family 93}
William HMorris, Okmulgee 1878New YorkHead
Flora EMorris, Okmulgee 1879PennsylvaniaWife
Philip RMorris, Okmulgee 1900PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 94}
ALBig Hill, Osage??Head [Hand]32b
{Family 95}
Surname listed Gare
Big Hill, Osage 1865IllinoisHead
{Family 96}
WilliamBig Hill, Osage 1868IndianaHead
Susan EBig Hill, Osage 1877MissouriWife
Apal WBig Hill, Osage 1897ArkansasAdopted Daughter
{Family 97}
John PBig Hill, Osage 1876MissouriHead
Effie WBig Hill, Osage 1877IndianaWife
RobertBig Hill, Osage 1899KansasSon
John JunneBig Hill, Osage 1906KansasSon
{Family 98}
Hod WBig Hill, Osage 1877IllinoisHead
Mary EBig Hill, Osage 1879KansasWife
JamesBig Hill, Osage 1902OklahomaSon
Hazzel ABig Hill, Osage 1903OklahomaDaughter
CarrieBig Hill, Osage 1908OklahomaDaughter
{Family 99}
Lee B
Surnames listed Carr
Big Hill, Osage 1875IllinoisHead
LauraBig Hill, Osage 1882OhioWife
VivianBig Hill, Osage 1901OklahomaStepdaughter
JeanBig Hill, Osage 1909OklahomaDaughter
{Family 100}
EliasFairfax, Osage 1841PennsylvaniaHead
Mary EFairfax, Osage 1840New JerseyWife
{Family 101}
Colista AFairfax, Osage 1838PennsylvaniaServant
{Family 102}
Noah Cimarron, Pawnee 1886ArkansasHired Man
{Family 103}
Surname listed Cose
Hallett, Pawnee 1901OklahomaGrandson
{Family 104}
FayPawnee Ward 2, Pawnee 1903OklahomaNiece
{Family 105}
Jeff FPawnee Ward 2, Pawnee 1879OklahomaBoarder
{Family 106}
Cola [Cora]Pawnee Ward 4, Pawnee 1878MissouriBoarder219b
HelenPawnee Ward 4, Pawnee 1903MissouriBoarder
{Family 107}
AnthaCushing Ward 4, Payne 1871IowaHead
MayCushing Ward 4, Payne 1894NebraskaDaughter
MableCushing Ward 4, Payne 1896NebraskaDaughter
WilmerCushing Ward 4, Payne 1899NebraskaSon
ElmerCushing Ward 4, Payne 1902NebraskaSon
{Family 108}
William E
Surnames listed Cass
Perkins, Payne 1869MichiganHead
IdaPerkins, Payne 1878KansasWife
SylviaPerkins, Payne 1903OklahomaDaughter
GertrudePerkins, Payne 1905OklahomaDaughter
{Family 109}
George W Stillwater Ward 3, Payne 1874NebraskaHead
Nellie GStillwater Ward 3, Payne 1877NebraskaWife
FrancisStillwater Ward 3, Payne 1897NebraskaSon
LeonardStillwater Ward 3, Payne 1902NebraskaSon
William RStillwater Ward 3, Payne 1908NebraskaSon
{Family 110}
Surname listed Carl
Ada Ward 1, Pontotoc 1878TexasBoarder
{Family 111}
James MAllen, Pontotoc 1885ArkansasHead
Cora BAllen, Pontotoc 1892OklahomaWife
Carra LAllen, Pontotoc 1909OklahomaSon
{Family 112}
JimAllen, Pontotoc 1885ArkansasHead
Cara BAllen, Pontotoc 1892ArkansasWife
Carroll LAllen, Pontotoc 1909ArkansasSon
{Family 113}
Charley C
Surnames listed Cose
Stonewall, Pontotoc 1879TennesseeServant
AnnieStonewall, Pontotoc 1879TexasCook
{Family 114}
Prick S [Pink]Asher Ward 2, Pottawatomie 1876TexasHead
PattieAsher Ward 2, Pottawatomie 1878ArkansasWife
Ruth MAsher Ward 2, Pottawatomie 1900TexasDaughter
C BirchAsher Ward 2, Pottawatomie 1903TexasSon
{Family 115}
Robert TBales, Pottawatomie 1865North CarolinaHead
Martha EBales, Pottawatomie 1872TennesseeWife
John WBales, Pottawatomie 1892TennesseeSon
Ashley HBales, Pottawatomie 1894TennesseeSon
PalmerBales, Pottawatomie 1896TennesseeSon
Wm PBales, Pottawatomie 1899TennesseeSon
ColumbusBales, Pottawatomie 1901TexasSon
NannieBales, Pottawatomie 1904TexasDaughter
BertieBales, Pottawatomie 1907TexasDaughter
{Family 116}
Surnames listed Care
Dent, Pottawatomie 1834MissouriHead
AmanthaDent, Pottawatomie 1847IndianaWife
{Family 117}
Sue EShawnee Ward 5, Pottawatomie 1852IllinoisHead
{Family 118}
Surname listed Care
Township 4, Rogers 1888TexasBrother-in-law
{Family 119}
JohnTownship 8, Rogers 1852IndianaHead
Etta Township 8, Rogers 1877KansasWife
{Family 120}
Robert L
Surnames listed Carl
Davidson Ward 3, Tillman 1883TexasHead
Fern ADavidson Ward 3, Tillman 1892KansasWife
Mary CDavidson Ward 3, Tillman 1909OklahomaDaughter
{Family 121}
GladysBartlesville Ward 2, Washington 1901OklahomaStepdaughter
{Family 122}
SaraBartlesville Ward 2, Washington 1834New YorkMother-in-law266b
{Family 123}
George Dewey, Washington 1881WisconsinHead
Tressie Dewey, Washington 1879KansasWife
Eva Dewey, Washington 1903OklahomaDaughter
Glen Dewey, Washington 1905OklahomaSon
{Family 124}
Surname listed Bash
Dewey Ward 2, Washington 1879WisconsinStepson
{Family 125}
Surnames listed Care
Vera, Washington 1857MissouriHead
Nellie FVera, Washington 1882MissouriWife
GroverVera, Washington 1883MissouriSon
WillerVera, Washington 1893MissouriSon
Lonnia FVera, Washington 1906MissouriDaughter
{Family 126}
Minnie Were Vera, Washington 1893MissouriSister-in-law
Herbert OscarVera, Washington 1887MissouriBrother-in-law
{Family 127}
Harry CAlva Ward 3, Woods 1874KansasHead
RoselAlva Ward 3, Woods 1873OhioWife
BlanchAlva Ward 3, Woods 1900KansasDaughter
Harold CAlva Ward 3, Woods 1903KansasSon
{Family 128}
William WWaynoka Ward 3, Woods 1884KansasHead
Maude DWaynoka Ward 3, Woods 1885MissouriWife
Evertt DWaynoka Ward 3, Woods 1906OklahomaSon
{Family 129}
Surnames listed Care
Whitehouse, Woods 1860IndianaHead
Esther FWhitehouse, Woods 1870KansasWife
Maggie MWhitehouse, Woods 1890NebraskaDaughter
Polly MWhitehouse, Woods 1893NebraskaDaughter
??Ire dWhitehouse, Woods 1897OklahomaDaughter
John JWhitehouse, Woods 1902OklahomaSon
Nellie JWhitehouse, Woods 1904OklahomaDaughter
Weltha AWhitehouse, Woods 1906OklahomaDaughter
{Family 130}
Surnames listed Care
Whitehouse, Woods 1886NebraskaHead
FlossieWhitehouse, Woods 1890IllinoisWife
{Family 131}
Surname listed Caso
Whitehouse, Woods 1888NebraskaHead
{Family 132}
Denis [Lewis]
Surname listed Caye
Woodward, Woodward 1878IowaHead

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