CASE Families living in Oklahoma in 1910.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Frank LByron, Alfalfa 1862OhioHead
Annie GByron, Alfalfa 1870IowaWife
Ethel IByron, Alfalfa 1886KansasDaughter
Bert DByron, Alfalfa 1889KansasSon
Harold GByron, Alfalfa 1892KansasSon
{Family 2}
MinaCherokee Ward 4, Alfalfa 1888MissouriServant
{Family 3}
Price M
Surnames listed Caser
Clay, Alfalfa 1875MissouriHead
Lillie EClay, Alfalfa 1881MissouriWife
Allice PClay, Alfalfa 1903OklahomaDaughter
OvalClay, Alfalfa 1905OklahomaSon
Feddie BClay, Alfalfa 1907OklahomaSon
Charlie NClay, Alfalfa 1909OklahomaSon
Patsy LClay, Alfalfa 1855MissouriMother
Felix WClay, Alfalfa 1891MissouriBrother
{Family 4}
Surnames listed Cose
Clay, Alfalfa 1876IowaHead
CarlClay, Alfalfa 1881KansasBrother
{Family 5}
VaxterParsons, Alfalfa 1836New YorkHead246b
MaryParsons, Alfalfa 1837OhioWife
{Family 6}
Joseph CSpring, Alfalfa 1874IllinoisHead
MannieSpring, Alfalfa 1876IllinoisWife
CharleySpring, Alfalfa 1899IndianaSon
ChancieSpring, Alfalfa 1900MississippiSon
GurleySpring, Alfalfa 1902MississippiSon
BelvaSpring, Alfalfa 1905OklahomaDaughter
HubertSpring, Alfalfa 1908OklahomaSon
FerneySpring, Alfalfa 1910OklahomaDaughter
{Family 7}
JessSpring, Alfalfa 1890IndianaHired Hand
{Family 8}
William TBentley, Atoka 1859KentuckyHead
Malisa MBentley, Atoka 1864TexasWife
Elmer WBentley, Atoka 1887OklahomaSon
Hattie LBentley, Atoka 1891OklahomaDaughter
George WBentley, Atoka 1895OklahomaSon
Herman CBentley, Atoka 1904OklahomaSon
{Family 9}
Jefferson DGrand Valley, Beaver 1867IllinoisHead
ElmiraGrand Valley, Beaver 1877PennsylvaniaWife
DoraGrand Valley, Beaver 1908OklahomaDaughter
{Family 10}
OliveElk Ward 4, Beckham 1832OhioMother-in-law
{Family 11}
Emma [Elmina]Homestead, Blaine 1875IllinoisHead42b
EarlHomestead, Blaine 1900MissouriSon
LulaHomestead, Blaine 1903OklahomaDaughter
{Family 12}
Surname listed Care
Durant Ward 1, Bryan 1860KentuckyBoarder
{Family 13}
Surnames listed Cull
Durant Ward 2, Bryan 1849New YorkHead164
Ruther [Ruthie]Durant Ward 2, Bryan 1860IndianaWife
{Family 14}
CharlesAnadarko Ward 3, Caddo 1863IndianaHead
MarieAnadarko Ward 3, Caddo 1872IndianaWife
{Family 15}
Magute [Magrite?]Lathram, Caddo 1859IndianaHousekeeper226
{Family 16}
Frank M
Surname listed Carr
El Reno Ward 2, Canadian 1873ArkansasBoarder
{Family 17}
ArthurHewitt, Carter 1889OklahomaHead
LauraHewitt, Carter 1890OklahomaWife
LucilleHewitt, Carter 1907OklahomaDaughter
MaryHewitt, Carter 1909OklahomaDaughter
{Family 18}
Minnie ETahlequah Ward 3, Cherokee 1884TennesseeBoarder
John LTahlequah Ward 3, Cherokee 1908ArkansasBoarders Son
{Family 19}
William ATahlequah Ward 4, Cherokee 1852IowaHead
EmmaTahlequah Ward 4, Cherokee 1855IndianaWife
BertTahlequah Ward 4, Cherokee 1881IowaSon
AliceTahlequah Ward 4, Cherokee 1886OklahomaDaughter
{Family 20}
NancyParkhill, Cherokee 1832North CarolinaMother-in-law
{Family 21}
StacyWilson, Choctaw 1864MissouriHead
AlbertWilson, Choctaw 1887MissouriSon
LeonardWilson, Choctaw 1888MissouriSon
IdaWilson, Choctaw 1895MissouriDaughter
IvyWilson, Choctaw 1897MissouriDaughter
MableWilson, Choctaw 1898MissouriDaughter
{Family 22}
Herman O
Surnames listed Care
Jefferson, Comanche 1877KansasHead
Millie AJefferson, Comanche 1881TexasWife
Fern TJefferson, Comanche 1907OklahomaDaughter
VelmaJefferson, Comanche 1909OklahomaDaughter
{Family 23}
Nancy ALawton Ward 2, Comanche 1815KentuckyGrandmother-in-law
{Family 24}
Frank A
Surnames listed Cale
Depew, Creek 1874MissouriHead
Martha EDepew, Creek 1878MissouriWife
Elsey J MayDepew, Creek 1905OklahomaDaughter
Ada EDepew, Creek 1907OklahomaDaughter
Lillie EDepew, Creek 1909OklahomaDaughter
{Family 25}
William L
Surnames listed Carl
Depew, Creek 1862MissouriHead
Andrew JDepew, Creek 1837North CarolinaFather
{Family 26}
William A
Surnames listed Care
Township 6, Delaware 1882MissouriHead
Laura MTownship 6, Delaware 1890MissouriWife
{Family 27}
Timithy J
Surnames listed Cose
Clark, Dewey 1869IowaHead
Anna MClark, Dewey 1873NebraskaWife
WaneClark, Dewey 1896IowaSon
MildredClark, Dewey 1898IowaDaughter
Ned CClark, Dewey 1901IowaSon
Lile AClark, Dewey 1910OklahomaSon
{Family 28}
George E
Surnames listed Chase
Grant, Dewey 1876MissouriHead
LuluGrant, Dewey 1880MissouriWife
BlancheGrant, Dewey 1901OklahomaDaughter
ElsuGrant, Dewey 1904OklahomaDaughter
EthelGrant, Dewey 1907OklahomaDaughter
BurrGrant, Dewey 1909OklahomaSon
{Family 29}
LenShattuck Ward 4, Ellis 1876MinnesotaHead
GertrudeShattuck Ward 4, Ellis 1884MissouriWife
VelmaShattuck Ward 4, Ellis 1908OklahomaDaughter
{Family 30}
Thomas J
Surnames listed Cass
Otter, Ellis 1856MissouriHead
Edmonda FOtter, Ellis 1877MissouriDaughter
Nina JOtter, Ellis 1891MissouriDaughter

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