CASE Families living in Oklahoma in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
Manuel RTownship 5, McCurtain 1881MissouriHead
MinkieTownship 5, McCurtain 1891TexasWife
{Family 62}
MaudBeck, McIntosh 1894OklahomaStepdaughter
Emma EBeck, McIntosh 1896OklahomaStepdaughter
Robert LBeck, McIntosh 1897OklahomaStepson
May JBeck, McIntosh 1899OklahomaStepdaughter
{Family 63}
Charles SBrown, Muskogee 1888KansasHead
Ivery BBrown, Muskogee 1889KansasWife
Nancy ABrown, Muskogee 1849IllinoisMother
{Family 64}
William B Muskogee Ward 1, Muskogee 1875IllinoisHead
Ethal MMuskogee Ward 1, Muskogee 1875MissouriWife
Nelle AMuskogee Ward 1, Muskogee 1898MissouriDaughter
Helen FMuskogee Ward 1, Muskogee 1901MissouriDaughter
Cecil BMuskogee Ward 1, Muskogee 1904MissouriSon
{Family 65}
Elbert D
Surnames listed Cox
Muskogee Ward 1, Muskogee 1880MissouriHead
LuluMuskogee Ward 1, Muskogee 1884MissouriWife
{Family 66}
Margaret R
Surnames listed Cass
Muskogee Ward 4, Muskogee 1850GermanyHead
LilianMuskogee Ward 4, Muskogee 1875IllinoisDaughter
{Family 67}
FredoniaVann, Muskogee 1885TennesseeSister-in-law
{Family 68}
Cae W [Coe] Buffalo, Noble 1856MissouriHead8
Lilly DBuffalo, Noble 1863OhioWife
Harry JBuffalo, Noble 1895KansasSon
Albert BBuffalo, Noble 1896KansasSon
Mable DBuffalo, Noble 1898KansasDaughter
Lyod NBuffalo, Noble 1903OklahomaSon
{Family 69}
MelvillePerry Ward 3, Noble 1894OklahomaBrother-in-law129
{Family 70}
William TPerry Ward 4, Noble 1854MissouriHead147b
MaryPerry Ward 4, Noble 1864TennesseeWife
EarlPerry Ward 4, Noble 1897OklahomaSon
LindyPerry Ward 4, Noble 1843OklahomaDaughter
ViolaPerry Ward 4, Noble 1899OklahomaDaughter
EvaPerry Ward 4, Noble 1909OklahomaGranddaughter
{Family 71}
George TWalnut, Noble 1845KentuckyHead
MargaretWalnut, Noble 1850IndianaWife
Julie EWalnut, Noble 1875IndianaDaughter
Oras DWalnut, Noble 1880NebraskaSon
Frank EWalnut, Noble 1885NebraskaSon
{Family 72}
Robert LNowata, Nowata 1875KentuckyHead
LillieNowata, Nowata 1881KentuckyWife
EdNowata, Nowata 1900OklahomaSon
King DNowata, Nowata 1904OklahomaSon
ElizabethNowata, Nowata 1906OklahomaDaughter
ClearisNowata, Nowata 1908OklahomaSon
{Family 73}
RogersNowata Ward 1, Nowata 1878KentuckyBrother-in-law
CleopasNowata Ward 1, Nowata 1888MexicoSister-in-law
{Family 74}
Henry LNowata Ward 4, Nowata 1860KentuckyHead
RebecaNowata Ward 4, Nowata 1869KentuckyWife
Ellen KNowata Ward 4, Nowata 1892KentuckyDaughter
GeorgieNowata Ward 4, Nowata 1895KentuckyDaughter
Mary DNowata Ward 4, Nowata 1897KentuckyDaughter
William JNowata Ward 4, Nowata 1898OklahomaSon
LeonardNowata Ward 4, Nowata 1902OklahomaSon
CordaNowata Ward 4, Nowata 1903OklahomaDaughter
JohnNowata Ward 4, Nowata 1905OklahomaSon
Gladus RNowata Ward 4, Nowata 1908OklahomaDaughter
{Family 75}
WilliamCreek, Okfuskee 1841IndianaHead
Mary JCreek, Okfuskee 1863ArkansasWife
JeffersonCreek, Okfuskee 1885ArkansasSon
ElmerCreek, Okfuskee 1891MissouriSon
LemanCreek, Okfuskee 1894MissouriSon
ErmaCreek, Okfuskee 1895MissouriDaughter
ClarenceCreek, Okfuskee 1900OklahomaSon
LydiaCreek, Okfuskee 1907OklahomaDaughter
{Family 76}
Ermis [Ennis]Creek, Okfuskee 1873IllinoisHead
LulaCreek, Okfuskee 1903OklahomaDaughter
WillieCreek, Okfuskee 1904OklahomaSon
PearlCreek, Okfuskee 1906OklahomaDaughter
WalterCreek, Okfuskee 1909OklahomaSon
{Family 77}
LeonardCreek, Okfuskee 1881IndianaHead154
MaudeCreek, Okfuskee 1886ArkansasWife
Fink WCreek, Okfuskee 1904OklahomaSon
Mary ECreek, Okfuskee 1906OklahomaDaughter
Lemuel LCreek, Okfuskee 1908OklahomaSon
{Family 78}
Jacob DMorse, Okfuskee 1860IowaHead192
Auta MaryMorse, Okfuskee 1882ArkansasWife
Clyde Hone [Homer?]Morse, Okfuskee 1898OklahomaSon
InezMorse, Okfuskee 1901OklahomaDaughter
Auta MayMorse, Okfuskee 1903OklahomaDaughter
MeadieMorse, Okfuskee 1905OklahomaDaughter
CloiseMorse, Okfuskee 1908OklahomaDaughter
{Family 79}
Willie HPaden, Okfuskee 1875IndianaHead272b
Nelie JPaden, Okfuskee 1877MissouriWife
Nora LPaden, Okfuskee 1895MissouriDaughter
KinleyPaden, Okfuskee 1897MissouriSon
TrevonPaden, Okfuskee 1901OklahomaSon
Mary TPaden, Okfuskee 1904OklahomaDaughter
Glenester HPaden, Okfuskee 1906OklahomaSon
Vider W [Vides?]Paden, Okfuskee 1908OklahomaDaughter
{Family 80}
Wallace LPaden, Okfuskee 1880IndianaHead
Pearl LPaden, Okfuskee 1888TexasWife
Minne MPaden, Okfuskee 1905OklahomaDaughter
William MPaden, Okfuskee 1908OklahomaSon
GraciePaden, Okfuskee 1910OklahomaDaughter
{Family 81}
Lavena [Lorena]Boone, Oklahoma 1897OklahomaStepdaughter
SylvaBoone, Oklahoma 1899OklahomaStepdaughter
{Family 82}
Thomas LOklahoma, Oklahoma 1851IllinoisHead
Henritta COklahoma, Oklahoma 1880GermanyWife
Helen MOklahoma, Oklahoma 1905KansasDaughter
David WOklahoma, Oklahoma 1907KansasSon
{Family 83}
HarryOklahoma City Ward 2, Oklahoma 1883MissouriHead
MaudOklahoma City Ward 2, Oklahoma 1887TexasWife
ClarenceOklahoma City Ward 2, Oklahoma 1906OklahomaSon
GoldieOklahoma City Ward 2, Oklahoma 1908MissouriDaughter
{Family 84}
LillianOklahoma City Ward 2, Oklahoma 1894OklahomaStepdaughter46
ClarenceOklahoma City Ward 2, Oklahoma 1894OklahomaStepson
JessileOklahoma City Ward 2, Oklahoma 1898OklahomaStepson
{Family 85}
HarryOklahoma City Ward 2, Oklahoma 1881MissouriHead
MaudOklahoma City Ward 2, Oklahoma 1885TexasWife
ClarenceOklahoma City Ward 2, Oklahoma 1905WyomingSon
GoldieOklahoma City Ward 2, Oklahoma 1907OklahomaSon
{Family 86}
Warren FOklahoma City Ward 3, Oklahoma 1884MichiganHead
Minnie MOklahoma City Ward 3, Oklahoma 1887TexasWife
OpalOklahoma City Ward 3, Oklahoma 1907OklahomaDaughter
Rodgers COklahoma City Ward 3, Oklahoma 1909OklahomaSon
{Family 87}
John JOklahoma City Ward 3, Oklahoma 1843KansasHead
SarrahOklahoma City Ward 3, Oklahoma 1843KansasWife
{Family 88}
Jasper MOklahoma City Ward 4, Oklahoma 1879KentuckyLodger242
{Family 89}
JasonOklahoma City Ward 4, Oklahoma 1885MissouriLodger297
IrmaOklahoma City Ward 4, Oklahoma 1877MissouriLodger
VirginiaOklahoma City Ward 4, Oklahoma 1904MissouriLodger
{Family 90}
John MOklahoma City Ward 6, Oklahoma 1844OhioHead
Ivey COklahoma City Ward 6, Oklahoma 1845KentuckyWife

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