CASE Families living in Ohio in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
MollieUnion, Butler1874TennesseeHead
Sarah EUnion, Butler1888TennesseeStepdaughter
Spencer BUnion, Butler1895TennesseeSon
Kelsie LUnion, Butler1899TennesseeDaughter
James L BUnion, Butler1907OhioSon
{Family 62}
EnesUnion, Butler1850PennsylvaniaHead
Francis AUnion, Butler1845OhioWife
{Family 63}
JohnUnion, Butler1878OhioHead
Anna MUnion, Butler1881OhioWife
Earl EUnion, Butler1904OhioSon
{Family 64}
Loula Springfield Ward 2, Clark1876OhioServant125b
{Family 65}
Pearl AGoshen, Champaign1883OhioHead
Leah NGoshen, Champaign1889OhioWife
{Family 66}
Velana K [Velasco] Rush, Champaign1841OhioHead144
Mary ARush, Champaign1844West VirginiaWife
ClarenceRush, Champaign1878OhioSon
DanaRush, Champaign1887OhioSon
Mary ERush, Champaign1891OhioDaughter-in-law
Daniel [Danise]Rush, Champaign1908OhioGranddaughter
WillardRush, Champaign1909OhioGrandson
{Family 67}
Margarett Franklin, Clermont1844OhioHead46b
Leona MFranklin, Clermont1899OhioGranddaughter
{Family 68}
Mahen G [Melven] Franklin, Clermont1869OhioHead46b
Hattie MFranklin, Clermont1878OhioWife
Grace E
Surname listed Core
Franklin, Clermont1904OhioDaughter47
{Family 69}
HowardGoshen, Clermont1890OhioHead61b
AnnetteGoshen, Clermont1886OhioWife
Merial C [Merral]Goshen, Clermont1909OhioSon
{Family 70}
George WGoshen, Clermont1859OhioHead
Mary SGoshen, Clermont1865OhioWife
{Family 71}
CharlesMiami, Clermont1880OhioSon-in-law
Martha E Miami, Clermont1880OhioDaughter
Daniel LMiami, Clermont1908OhioGrandson
{Family 72}
William JMiami, Clermont1847OhioHead
NellieMiami, Clermont1846KentuckyWife
NettieMiami, Clermont1876OhioDaughter
{Family 73}
James EMonroe, Clermont1858KentuckyHead
Mary EMonroe, Clermont1866KentuckyWife
{Family 74}
Charles A
Surnames listed Cass
Ohio, Clermont1863KentuckyHead150b
Mela M [Onela?]Ohio, Clermont1867KentuckyWife
Charles AOhio, Clermont1886KentuckySon
Jessa H [Jesse]Ohio, Clermont1888KentuckySon
James COhio, Clermont1892KentuckySon
Anghlet [Arigh?er]Ohio, Clermont1895KentuckySon151
{Family 75}
Amand [Arnanel?]
Surname listedJae
Ohio, Clermont1848OhioAunt151b
{Family 76}
Surnames listed Carr
Tate, Clermont1861OhioHead
Nellie JTate, Clermont1857OhioWife
Ona BTate, Clermont1889OhioDaughter
Joseph HTate, Clermont1894OhioSon
JosephineTate, Clermont1899OhioDaughter
{Family 77}
James J
Surnames listed Osso
Williamsburg, Clermont1849OhioHead
LidaWilliamsburg, Clermont1848OhioWife
Bertie MWilliamsburg, Clermont1884OhioDaughter
{Family 78}
Harley H
Surnames listed Care
Green, Clinton1882OhioHead
Rosa PGreen, Clinton1891OhioWife
{Family 79}
Emma J
Surname listed Poss
Richland, Clinton1855OhioHead
{Family 80}
Edwin MCenter, Columbiana1857OhioHead
SarahCenter, Columbiana1857OhioWife
{Family 81}
Charles BKnox, Columbiana1866OhioHead
NoraKnox, Columbiana1868OhioWife
SarahKnox, Columbiana1891OhioDaughter
Jesse EKnox, Columbiana1897OhioSon
EarnestKnox, Columbiana1907OhioSon
ElmerKnox, Columbiana1909OhioSon
PhilipKnox, Columbiana1826PennsylvaniaFather
{Family 82}
AnnSalem Ward 1, Columbiana1841OhioMother-in-law
{Family 83}
Russell RSalem Ward 4, Columbiana1880OhioHead
Kate JSalem Ward 4, Columbiana1871WalesWife
{Family 84}
Isaabe B [Isiah] Linton, Coshocton1840OhioHead
Sarah JLinton, Coshocton1844OhioWife
{Family 85}
Oneta Coshocton Ward 4, Coshocton1894OhioSister263
{Family 86}
Surnames listed Care
Coshocton Ward 4, Coshocton1878OhioHead
EffieCoshocton Ward 4, Coshocton1876OhioWife
Frederick LCoshocton Ward 4, Coshocton1895OhioSon
Ruth LCoshocton Ward 4, Coshocton1900OhioDaughter
Ralph WCoshocton Ward 4, Coshocton1902OhioSon
{Family 87}
Jason C
Surname listed Dase
Bucyrus Ward 2, Crawford1882OhioLodger
{Family 88}
Dora Galion Ward 2, Crawford1852OhioHead
FrankGalion Ward 2, Crawford1878OhioSon
{Family 89}
Chas J Jackson, Crawford 1906 OhioHead
Lula MJackson, Crawford1874OhioWife
{Family 90}
Eugene H
Surnames listed Care
Cleveland Ward 1, Cuyahoga1861MichiganHead
Emma Care Cleveland Ward 1, Cuyahoga1850OhioSister

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