CASE Families living in Ohio in 1910.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
AlbertFranklin, Adams1853OhioHead
Liza JFranklin, Adams1865OhioWife
SenaFranklin, Adams1901OhioDaughter
{Family 2}
TierFranklin, Adams1881OhioHead19
AnnaFranklin, Adams1888OhioWife
WalterFranklin, Adams1904OhioSon
GlennieFranklin, Adams1906OhioDaughter
{Family 3}
FrankLiberty, Adams1866OhioHead
JessieLiberty, Adams1865OhioWife
Charles CLiberty, Adams1892OhioSon
Lloyd DLiberty, Adams1895OhioSon
{Family 4}
JamesManchester, Adams1855OhioHead
Sarah Manchester, Adams1856OhioWife
Lillian DManchester, Adams1876OhioDaughter
{Family 5}
Nancy J
Surname listed Cook
Meigs, Adams1830OhioGrandmother126
{Family 6}
Loyle [Lyle] Wayne, Adams1851OhioHead
{Family 7}
Edward S Lima Ward 3, Allen1876Indiana Head153b
Anna Lima Ward 3, Allen1877IndianaWife
{Family 8}
George NRuggles, Ashland1864OhioHead
Flora ARuggles, Ashland1872OhioWife
Archie NRuggles, Ashland1891OhioSon
Alice MayRuggles, Ashland1894OhioDaughter
Gladie MRuggles, Ashland1900OhioDaughter
Louis DRuggles, Ashland1902OhioSon
Elizabeth ARuggles, Ashland1903OhioDaughter
Mable MRuggles, Ashland1905OhioDaughter
Fanny MRuggles, Ashland1908OhioDaughter
{Family 9}
EdwardRuggles, Ashland1871OhioHead
Rena PRuggles, Ashland1883OhioWife
VernaRuggles, Ashland1902OhioSon
Edith MRuggles, Ashland1904OhioDaughter
ArnoldRuggles, Ashland1909OhioSon
{Family 10}
Mary AGreen, Ashland1852OhioHead
Clara MGreen, Ashland1879OhioDaughter
{Family 11}
Elizabeth BHanover, Ashland1862OhioHead
Gailord AHanover, Ashland1883OhioSon
{Family 12}
Surname listed Cass
Hanover, Ashland1888OhioGranddaughter93
{Family 13}
Emert K [Ernest] Troy, Ashland1883OhioHead268
BerthaTroy, Ashland1877OhioWife
ForestTroy, Ashland1903OhioSon
{Family 14}
Charles BAndover, Ashtabula1880OhioHead
Cleo GAndover, Ashtabula1888OhioWife
{Family 15}
ThomasAndover, Ashtabula1831OhioHead
Hugh LAndover, Ashtabula1868OhioSon
{Family 16}
Frank MAndover, Ashtabula1851OhioHead
Ella MAndover, Ashtabula1855OhioWife
{Family 17}
Lucia CAndover, Ashtabula 1900 OhioHead
{Family 18}
Surnames listed Care
Ashtabula Ward 4, Ashtabula1855OhioHead
HattieAshtabula Ward 4, Ashtabula1875OhioWife
EdithAshtabula Ward 4, Ashtabula1899OhioDaughter
{Family 19}
Surnames listed Care
Ward 4, Ashtabula1850OhioHead
ClarenceAshtabula Ward 4, Ashtabula1871OhioSon
MaryAshtabula Ward 4, Ashtabula1873OhioDaughter
{Family 20}
Mariah BConneaut Ward 1, Ashtabula1841PennsylvaniaHead
{Family 21}
Ira FConneaut Ward 1, Ashtabula1862PennsylvaniaHead
SarahConneaut Ward 1, Ashtabula1857Canada EnglishWife
{Family 22}
RayJefferson, Ashtabula1883OhioBoarder
{Family 23}
Charles H
Surnames listed Cass
Jefferson, Ashtabula1858ConnecticutHead
Adaline EJefferson, Ashtabula1858OhioWife
Olive AJefferson, Ashtabula1889OhioDaughter
Adaline L Jefferson, Ashtabula1893OhioDaughter
Stewart CJefferson, Ashtabula1896OhioSon
Chester HJefferson, Ashtabula1899OhioSon
Clarabell Jefferson, Ashtabula1901OhioDaughter
{Family 24}
Lula A Jefferson, Ashtabula1886OhioDaughter
Anny DJefferson, Ashtabula1906OhioGranddaughter
Harry EJefferson, Ashtabula1907OhioGrandson
{Family 25}
Surnames listed Cabe
Lenox, Ashtabula1888OhioHead
Nellie SLenox, Ashtabula1889OhioWife
{Family 26}
Nick Morgan, Ashtabula1875RomaniaBoarder
{Family 27}
ForrestPierpont, Ashtabula 1895 OhioHired Man
{Family 28}
Vergil A [Virgil]Pierpont, Ashtabula1878OhioHead
Ruby LPierpont, Ashtabula1884OhioWife
ChiltonPierpont, Ashtabula1909OhioSon
MarindaPierpont, Ashtabula1860OhioMother
{Family 29}
Georer [Grover]Pierpont, Ashtabula1885OhioHired Man
{Family 30}
Forrest MPierpont, Ashtabula1880OhioHead
MaryPierpont, Ashtabula1881PennsylvaniaWife
MifordPierpont, Ashtabula1903OhioSon
KennethPierpont, Ashtabula1907OhioSon
CrystalPierpont, Ashtabula1902OhioDaughter

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