CASE Families living in Ohio in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 491}
CharlesBristol, Trumbull1876OhioCousin
{Family 492}
Rethby Greene, Trumbull1820OhioMother-in-law
{Family 493}
Albert V
Surnames listed Care
Greene, Trumbull1876OhioHead
AnnaGreene, Trumbull1879OhioWife
Mary HGreene, Trumbull1897OhioDaughter
Russel L Greene, Trumbull1899OhioSon
GeorgeGreene, Trumbull1901OhioSon
Edward B Greene, Trumbull1844OhioFather
{Family 494}
Mary EKinsman, Trumbull1850OhioHead
{Family 495}
Surname listed Cass
Mecca, Trumbull1851PennsylvaniaHead
{Family 496}
Albert WNewton, Trumbull1882OhioHead
Lizzie ONewton, Trumbull1854OhioMother
Edna ONewton, Trumbull1891OhioSister
{Family 497}
Jesse H
Surnames listed Care
Vernon, Trumbull1859OhioHead
Carrie BVernon, Trumbull1859OhioWife
Flora SVernon, Trumbull1898OhioDaughter
{Family 498}
James CWarren Ward 1, Trumbull1860OhioMan71
{Family 499}
John Carl Warren Ward 2, Trumbull1849OhioHead
{Family 500}
Rufus RWarren Ward 3, Trumbull1880OhioHead
Catharine BWarren Ward 3, Trumbull1880GermanyWife
{Family 501}
Gunoldey W [Timothy]Warren Ward 4, Trumbull1828OhioHead
{Family 502}
Hal ELawrence, Tuscarawas1868OhioHead
Grace VLawrence, Tuscarawas1876OhioWife
Mary HLawrence, Tuscarawas1901OhioDaughter
Janice LLawrence, Tuscarawas1903OhioDaughter
{Family 503}
John SMill, Tuscarawas1866OhioHead
AnnaMill, Tuscarawas1875OhioWife
GeorgeMill, Tuscarawas1893OhioSon
HarryMill, Tuscarawas1895OhioSon
BlancheMill, Tuscarawas1897OhioDaughter
RoyMill, Tuscarawas1899OhioSon
FlorenceMill, Tuscarawas1900OhioDaughter
WilburMill, Tuscarawas1905OhioSon
IrmaMill, Tuscarawas1908OhioDaughter
{Family 504}
LucyOxford, Tuscarawas1838OhioHead
{Family 505}
Surnames listed Care
Claibourne, Union1865OhioHead
Gettie G Claibourne, Union1872OhioWife
{Family 506}
JasonClaibourne, Union1841OhioHead
LavoniaClaibourne, Union1843OhioWife
{Family 507}
CharlyHoaglin, Van Wert1858OhioUncle
{Family 508}
WilliamVan Wert Ward 4, Van Wert1884OhioHead
CatherineVan Wert Ward 4, Van Wert1885OhioWife
MarieVan Wert Ward 4, Van Wert1908OhioDaughter
{Family 509}
WarrenWillshire, Van Wert1880OhioHead
PhebeWillshire, Van Wert1881OhioWife
CalvinWillshire, Van Wert1893IndianaSon
IdaWillshire, Van Wert1863OhioSister
{Family 510}
JohnWillshire, Van Wert1856OhioHead
CatharineWillshire, Van Wert1864IndianaWife
ClarenceWillshire, Van Wert1890IndianaSon
AlbertWillshire, Van Wert1892IndianaSon
IsaacWillshire, Van Wert1894IndianaSon
MaryWillshire, Van Wert1896IndianaDaughter
JohnWillshire, Van Wert1898IndianaSon
OpleWillshire, Van Wert1905OhioDaughter
{Family 511}
Edx E [Ed] Willshire, Van Wert1883OhioHead
RoxieWillshire, Van Wert1891OhioWife
F DWillshire, Van Wert1909OhioDaughter
{Family 512}
Roscore [Roscoe]Salem, Warren1883OhioHead
BerthaSalem, Warren1884OhioWife
Mary ESalem, Warren1908OhioDaughter
Florence WSalem, Warren1909OhioDaughter
Frazier GSalem, Warren1850OhioFather
SarahSalem, Warren1855OhioMother
{Family 513}
Surname listed Care
Turtle Creek, Warren1902OhioInmate
{Family 514}
Cyrus SClinton, Wayne1840OhioHead
SarahClinton, Wayne1840OhioWife
{Family 515}
Howard GCongress, Wayne1861OhioHead
Louella JCongress, Wayne1862OhioWife
Russel BCongress, Wayne1899CaliforniaSon
{Family 516}
S GPlain, Wayne1866OhioHead
Eliza JPlain, Wayne1868OhioWife
Claude CPlain, Wayne1895OhioSon
C MarionPlain, Wayne1901OhioSon
{Family 517}
Stephen DMadison, Williams1860MichiganHead
Harry DMadison, Williams1890OhioSon
CeceMadison, Williams1892OhioSon
Aldia FMadison, Williams1897OhioDaughter
Mamie BMadison, Williams1898OhioDaughter
Warren HMadison, Williams1904OhioSon
{Family 518}
Myron LBowling Green Ward 3, Wood1864OhioHead
MarjorieBowling Green Ward 3, Wood1897IndianaDaughter
Samuel BoydBowling Green Ward 3, Wood1899IndianaSon
PaulineBowling Green Ward 3, Wood1901OhioDaughter
Myron L Jr.Bowling Green Ward 3, Wood1906OhioSon
Mary EBowling Green Ward 3, Wood1841OhioMother
{Family 519}
S RBowling Green Ward 3, Wood1869OhioHead
KateBowling Green Ward 3, Wood1868OhioWife
Robert WBowling Green Ward 3, Wood1898OhioSon
John SBowling Green Ward 3, Wood1905OhioSon
{Family 520}
Surname listed Carr
Weston, Wood1878OhioBoarder
{Family 521}
Louise Crane Ward 1, Wyandot1863OhioDaughter
{Family 522}
Surnames listed Cari
Eden, Wyandot1871OhioHead
Nara SEden, Wyandot1873OhioWife
Fred HEden, Wyandot1903OhioSon
Marie MEden, Wyandot1895OhioDaughter
Paul WEden, Wyandot1902OhioSon
{Family 523}
William HEden, Wyandot1840OhioHead
Leah CEden, Wyandot1853OhioWife
James JrEden, Wyandot1890OhioSon
{Family 524}
Carl H Eden, Wyandot1884OhioHead
Lulu AEden, Wyandot1885OhioWife
{Family 525}
Alice MEden, Wyandot1852OhioHead
MabelEden, Wyandot1880OhioDaughter
{Family 526}
John WEden, Wyandot1866OhioHead
GeorgianaEden, Wyandot1862PennsylvaniaWife
VeraEden, Wyandot1891OhioDaughter
Charles CEden, Wyandot1893OhioSon
{Family 527}
Mrvion V [Myron]
Surname listed Care
Pitt, Wyandot1885South DakotaSister

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