CASE Families living in Ohio in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 271}
David RSpringfield, Hamilton1848OhioHead
LouisaSpringfield, Hamilton1852OhioWife
AdaSpringfield, Hamilton1879OhioDaughter
LidaSpringfield, Hamilton1881OhioDaughter
ChesterSpringfield, Hamilton1884OhioSon
CarlSpringfield, Hamilton1890OhioSon
RalphSpringfield, Hamilton1893OhioSon
{Family 272}
Arthur Springfield, Hamilton1887OhioHead
MarySpringfield, Hamilton1891OhioWife
RobertSpringfield, Hamilton1909OhioSon
{Family 273}
Clifford RWhitewater, Hamilton1862IndianaHead
Mattie MWhitewater, Hamilton1871OhioWife
Elmire CatherineWhitewater, Hamilton1908OhioDaughter
{Family 274}
Henry LFindlay Ward 3, Hancock1864PennsylvaniaHead
EttaFindlay Ward 3, Hancock1869PennsylvaniaWife
MildredFindlay Ward 3, Hancock1892PennsylvaniaDaughter
Henry WFindlay Ward 3, Hancock1897PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 275}
WilsonJackson, Hardin1858OhioHead122
MaryJackson, Hardin1863OhioWife
{Family 276}
John SJackson, Hardin1849OhioHead122
Anaxa DJackson, Hardin1856OhioWife
{Family 277}
Nathaniel GJackson, Hardin1838OhioFather-in-law
{Family 278}
EmmaKenton Ward 1, Hardin1848GermanyHead
James AKenton Ward 1, Hardin1821New YorkHusband
{Family 279}
JacobAthens, Harrison1847OhioHead
GertrudeAthens, Harrison1876PennsylvaniaWife
RobertAthens, Harrison1896PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 280}
ClarkCadiz, Harrison1886OhioHead
FannyCadiz, Harrison1888OhioWife
{Family 281}
George TGreen, Harrison1869OhioHead
Della CGreen, Harrison1880OhioWife
Laura BGreen, Harrison1896OhioDaughter
Ethel MGreen, Harrison1898OhioDaughter
William RGreen, Harrison1900OhioSon
WilliamGreen, Harrison1826OhioFather
Rachel SGreen, Harrison1834OhioMother
{Family 282}
Oliver CShort Creek, Harrison 1857 OhioHead
CatherineShort Creek, Harrison1855OhioWife
{Family 283}
James (Thomas) Brush Creek, Highland1873OhioHead241
May SBrush Creek, Highland1875OhioWife
Effie JBrush Creek, Highland1910OhioDaughter
{Family 284}
Ocar CJackson, Highland1879OhioHead
Mary MJackson, Highland1880OhioWife
FredJackson, Highland1908OhioSon
JermiahJackson, Highland1851OhioFather
{Family 285}
EdwardMadison, Highland1872OhioHead
LeoraMadison, Highland1881OhioWife
{Family 286}
JohnMadison, Highland1868OhioHead
MinnieMadison, Highland1870OhioWife
Robert JMadison, Highland1905OhioSon
John W Jr.Madison, Highland1908OhioSon
CharlesMadison, Highland1873OhioBrother
{Family 287}
Craten DMarshall, Highland1885OhioHead
Rhoda AMarshall, Highland1885OhioWife
Rosa MMarshall, Highland1907OhioDaughter
Herman EMarshall, Highland1909OhioSon
Gladys Penn, Highland1887OhioDaughter
{Family 288}
Flavius SLogan Ward 3, Hocking1852OhioHead
Addie MLogan Ward 3, Hocking1860OhioWife
Joe SLogan Ward 3, Hocking1891OhioSon
{Family 289}
Orace TClarksfield, Huron1847OhioHead
Angie RClarksfield, Huron1852OhioWife
{Family 290}
Elva RClarksfield, Huron1877OhioHead
Ada B Clarksfield, Huron1884OhioWife
{Family 291}
Ira J
Surname listed Carr
Fitchville, Huron1836OhioHead
{Family 292}
Harriet SNew Haven, Huron1830New YorkHead
EugeneNew Haven, Huron1851OhioSon
{Family 293}
Tracy HNew London, Huron1872MissouriHead
Bertha ENew London, Huron1878OhioWife
Edith DNew London, Huron1898OhioDaughter
GlenoraNew London, Huron1909OhioDaughter
{Family 294}
Henry TNew London, Huron1847OhioHead
Georgia ANew London, Huron1851OhioWife
{Family 295}
AugustaNew London, Huron1838New YorkHead
{Family 296}
Bradley MNorwalk Ward 1, Huron1857OhioHead
SevillaNorwalk Ward 1, Huron1858OhioWife
ElmerNorwalk Ward 1, Huron1885OhioSon
BessieNorwalk Ward 1, Huron1893OhioDaughter
{Family 297}
Arthur GNorwalk Ward 1, Huron1881OhioHead
Mary ENorwalk Ward 1, Huron1882OhioWife
Donald ANorwalk Ward 1, Huron1902OhioSon
Leroy BNorwalk Ward 1, Huron1904OhioSon
Dorothy LNorwalk Ward 1, Huron1906OhioDaughter
{Family 298}
Francis B
Surnames listed Care
Norwalk Ward 3, Huron1833OhioHead
Elsie HNorwalk Ward 3, Huron1868CanadaWife
{Family 299}
CharityJackson, Jackson1852OhioHead
{Family 300}
Surnames listed Cook
Dillonvale, Jefferson1845OhioHead
Mary BDillonvale, Jefferson1854OhioWife
{Family 301}
AlfredLincoln, Jefferson1907OhioBoy
MaryLincoln, Jefferson1899OhioGirl
{Family 302}
Ward [Nora]Lincoln, Jefferson1889OhioServant254
{Family 303}
CarolineSmithfield, Jefferson1863OhioHead
AndersonSmithfield, Jefferson1887OhioSon
CecilSmithfield, Jefferson1890OhioSon
HartselSmithfield, Jefferson1893OhioSon
JunieSmithfield, Jefferson1896OhioSon
GrantSmithfield, Jefferson1898OhioSon
{Family 304}
Ulysess M
Surnames listed Cose
Smithfield, Jefferson1864OhioHead
MarthaSmithfield, Jefferson1870OhioWife
{Family 305}
Surnames listed Carr
Smithfield, Jefferson1849OhioHead
MargaretSmithfield, Jefferson1849OhioWife
HarySmithfield, Jefferson1875OhioSon
CharleySmithfield, Jefferson1884OhioSon
GeorgeSmithfield, Jefferson1886OhioSon
Roy CSmithfield, Jefferson1893OhioSon
{Family 306}
Delos W
Surnames listed Cose
Steubenville Ward 2, Jefferson1879PennsylvaniaHead
Laura BSteubenville Ward 2, Jefferson1882New YorkWife
EuniceSteubenville Ward 2, Jefferson1902OhioDaughter
Mrs. EuniceSteubenville Ward 2, Jefferson1845PennsylvaniaMother
{Family 307}
Surname listed Cass
Wells, Jefferson1901OhioBoarder
{Family 308}
LoisMT Vernon Ward 1, Knox1895IndianaStepdaughter
DonMT Vernon Ward 1, Knox1899IndianaStepson
RussellMT Vernon Ward 1, Knox1902IndianaStepson
{Family 309}
JohnHamilton, Lawrence1854KentuckyHead
MaryHamilton, Lawrence1862KentuckyWife
HarryHamilton, Lawrence1886KentuckySon
ClarenceHamilton, Lawrence1889KentuckySon
FloydHamilton, Lawrence1892KentuckySon
{Family 310}
Robert M
Surname listed Care
Mentor, Lake1883OhioHead

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