CASE Families living in New York in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 941}
Surname listed Carl
East Hampton, Suffolk 1886New YorkBoarder
{Family 942}
Madeline East Hampton, Suffolk 1892 New YorkDaughter
LewisEast Hampton, Suffolk 1896New YorkSon
MinnieEast Hampton, Suffolk 1897New YorkDaughter
RaymondEast Hampton, Suffolk 1906New YorkSon
{Family 943}
Surname listed Carr
Southold, Suffolk 1891MissouriBarracks196
James W
Surname listed Carr
Southold, Suffolk 1888TennesseeBarracks
James F
Surname listed Carr
Southold, Suffolk 1890North CarolinaBarracks
{Family 944}
George V
Surnames listed Cask
Southold, Suffolk 1869New YorkHead
Leita RSouthold, Suffolk 1874New YorkWife
Lucile CSouthold, Suffolk 1893New YorkDaughter
Henry A Southold, Suffolk 1897New YorkSon
Douglas H Southold, Suffolk 1899New YorkSon
Myron V Southold, Suffolk 1901New YorkSon
Irma H Southold, Suffolk 1905New YorkDaughter
{Family 945}
Herbert MSouthold, Suffolk 1864New YorkHead
Chander CSouthold, Suffolk 1820New YorkFather
{Family 946}
Daniel HSouthold, Suffolk 1831New YorkHead
Rosina ASouthold, Suffolk 1837New YorkWife
{Family 947}
William ESouthold, Suffolk 1860New YorkHead
Carrie SSouthold, Suffolk 1862New YorkWife
Helen CSouthold, Suffolk 1891New YorkDaughter
Charles WSouthold, Suffolk 1888New YorkSon
{Family 948}
Albert V Southold, Suffolk 1871New YorkHead268
AmySouthold, Suffolk 1870New YorkWife
OthelSouthold, Suffolk 1898New YorkDaughter
Frederick CSouthold, Suffolk 1901New YorkSon
Dorothy CSouthold, Suffolk 1905New YorkDaughter
ThelmaSouthold, Suffolk 1908New YorkDaughter
{Family 949}
AlbertsonSouthold, Suffolk 1844New YorkHead269
{Family 950}
Charles ESouthold, Suffolk 1842New YorkHead
Mary CSouthold, Suffolk 1879New YorkDaughter
{Family 951}
Harry G Southold, Suffolk 1877New YorkHead
Mabel LSouthold, Suffolk 1881New YorkWife
Harry G Jr.Southold, Suffolk 1905New YorkSon
{Family 952}
SarahSouthold, Suffolk 1840New YorkHead
{Family 953}
BenjaminSouthold, Suffolk 1846New YorkHead279
LucySouthold, Suffolk 1851New YorkWife
Surname listed Carr
Southold, Suffolk 1882New YorkDaughter
{Family 954}
Gertrude W [Cortland]Southold, Suffolk 1868New YorkHead
Frances JSouthold, Suffolk 1836New YorkMother
Lizzie DSouthold, Suffolk 1863New YorkSister
{Family 955}
Oscar SSouthold, Suffolk 1878New YorkHead
ElizabethSouthold, Suffolk 1879New YorkWife
Florence MSouthold, Suffolk 1899New YorkDaughter
Gladys ASouthold, Suffolk 1900New YorkDaughter
Bryan SSouthold, Suffolk 1900New YorkSon
Lucy BSouthold, Suffolk 1902New YorkDaughter
Gerald LSouthold, Suffolk 1903New YorkSon
Milton GSouthold, Suffolk 1907New YorkSon
{Family 956}
MarthaSouthold, Suffolk 1858New YorkHead
Ross MSouthold, Suffolk 1895New YorkSon
{Family 957}
BetsySouthold, Suffolk 1850New YorkMother-in-law282
PhilipSouthold, Suffolk 1867RussiaHired Man
{Family 958}
Clarence TSouthold, Suffolk 1884New YorkHead
GraceSouthold, Suffolk 1881New YorkWife
Clarence TSouthold, Suffolk 1905New YorkSon
Horace ASouthold, Suffolk 1909New YorkSon
{Family 959}
Andrew JSouthold, Suffolk 1865New YorkHead
Lucy TSouthold, Suffolk 1865New YorkWife
S SpencerSouthold, Suffolk 1888New YorkSon
Minnie TSouthold, Suffolk 1890New YorkDaughter
LeslieSouthold, Suffolk 1891New YorkSon
Walter CSouthold, Suffolk 1895New YorkSon
Olin CSouthold, Suffolk 1900New YorkSon
{Family 960}
Gilbert GSouthold, Suffolk 1842New YorkHead
HettySouthold, Suffolk 1839New YorkWife
GilbertSouthold, Suffolk 1870New YorkSon
RuthSouthold, Suffolk 1884New YorkDaughter
{Family 961}
JesseSouthold, Suffolk 1855New YorkHead
Mary HSouthold, Suffolk 1862New YorkWife
GordonSouthold, Suffolk 1897New YorkSon
Lucy HSouthold, Suffolk 1889New YorkDaughter
{Family 962}
Lewis RSouthold, Suffolk 1821New YorkHead
HannahSouthold, Suffolk 1828New YorkWife
Josiah CSouthold, Suffolk 1866New YorkSon
KatherineSouthold, Suffolk 1866New YorkDaughter-in-law
Roslyn CSouthold, Suffolk 1891New YorkGranddaughter
MarySouthold, Suffolk 1890RussiaServant
{Family 963}
JosephSouthold, Suffolk 1870RussiaHead
AnnieSouthold, Suffolk 1880RussiaWife
StanleySouthold, Suffolk 1902New YorkSon
FannieSouthold, Suffolk 1903New YorkDaughter
JennieSouthold, Suffolk 1906New YorkDaughter
SophiaSouthold, Suffolk 1909New YorkDaughter
AnnieSouthold, Suffolk 1902New YorkDaughter
{Family 964}
Frank HSouthold, Suffolk 1874New YorkHead
JennieSouthold, Suffolk 1871New YorkWife
William WSouthold, Suffolk 1901New YorkSon
Henry ESouthold, Suffolk 1902New YorkSon
Annie BSouthold, Suffolk 1908New YorkSon
{Family 965}
Surnames listed Care
Southold, Suffolk 1850New YorkHead291
Annie Southold, Suffolk 1852New YorkWife
Surname listed Care
Southold, Suffolk 1887RussiaServant
{Family 966}
OliverSouthold, Suffolk 1877New YorkHead
CorinneSouthold, Suffolk 1880New YorkWife
WickhamSouthold, Suffolk 1900New YorkSon
AliceSouthold, Suffolk 1903New YorkDaughter
StanleySouthold, Suffolk 1906New YorkSon
{Family 967}
JohnIslip, Suffolk 1864New YorkHead
LizzieIslip, Suffolk 1870New YorkWife
MaudIslip, Suffolk 1891New YorkDaughter
EverardIslip, Suffolk 1900New YorkSon
HenryIslip, Suffolk 1907New YorkSon
{Family 968}
CharlesRiverhead, Suffolk 1872New YorkHead
HattieRiverhead, Suffolk 1882New YorkWife
HowardRiverhead, Suffolk 1904New YorkSon
{Family 969}
F MaudeShelter Island, Suffolk 1887New YorkServant
{Family 970}
Fannie GShelter Island, Suffolk 1860Rhode IslandHead
Charles PShelter Island, Suffolk 1882New YorkSon
Benjamin NShelter Island, Suffolk 1889New YorkSon
MarionShelter Island, Suffolk 1891New YorkDaughter
Willard MShelter Island, Suffolk 1892New YorkSon
Caroline GShelter Island, Suffolk 1894New YorkDaughter
Alice WShelter Island, Suffolk 1898New YorkDaughter
Grace EShelter Island, Suffolk 1900New YorkDaughter

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