CASE Families living in New York in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 881}
Frank ESchenectady Ward 1, Schenectady 1869ConnecticutHead34b
Sarah LSchenectady Ward 1, Schenectady 1871CaliforniaWife
Elea L [Elsa]Schenectady Ward 1, Schenectady 1896New YorkDaughter
UriahSchenectady Ward 1, Schenectady 1828ConnecticutFather
{Family 882}
Lee WSchenectady Ward 4, Schenectady 1858New YorkHead
Anna BSchenectady Ward 4, Schenectady 1862New YorkSister
{Family 883}
Surnames listed Corse
Schenectady Ward 6, Schenectady 1862New YorkHead
Harriet Schenectady Ward 6, Schenectady 1870New YorkWife
Ethel Schenectady Ward 6, Schenectady 1894New YorkDaughter
George Jr.Schenectady Ward 6, Schenectady 1898New YorkSon
Mary Schenectady Ward 6, Schenectady 1901New YorkDaughter
{Family 884}
William TSchenectady Ward 11, Schenectady 1885New YorkNephew
{Family 885}
ElizabethSchenectady Ward 11, Schenectady 1890New YorkPupil Nurse
{Family 889}
David E
Surname listed Cass
Cobleskill, Schoharie 1834New YorkHead
{Family 890}
Elisha GConesville, Schoharie 1831New YorkHead
PhoebaConesville, Schoharie 1837New YorkWife
FentonConesville, Schoharie 1864New YorkSon
{Family 888}
Surname listed Care
Conesville, Schoharie 1865New YorkBoarder
{Family 889}
Irad [Ira]
Surnames listed Care
Conesville, Schoharie 1866New YorkHead
Lily Conesville, Schoharie 1874New YorkWife
Freeland Conesville, Schoharie 1901New YorkSon
Clifford Conesville, Schoharie 1906New YorkSon
{Family 890}
William H
Surnames listed Cose
Conesville, Schoharie 1877New YorkHead
Bertha M Conesville, Schoharie 1882New YorkWife
Amy P Conesville, Schoharie 1898New YorkDaughter
{Family 891}
Surname listed Carr
Conesville, Schoharie 1856New YorkHired Man92
{Family 892}
Lewis PConesville, Schoharie 1849New YorkHead92
AnnaConesville, Schoharie 1875New YorkWife
Alden LConesville, Schoharie 1902New YorkSon
{Family 893}
CharlesConesville, Schoharie 1887New YorkHead92
FloraConesville, Schoharie 1888New YorkWife
{Family 894}
GeorgeConesville, Schoharie 1863 New YorkHead
Ellen MConesville, Schoharie 1842New YorkWife
{Family 895}
WillstonConesville, Schoharie 1848New YorkHead
Martha EConesville, Schoharie 1849New YorkWife
{Family 896}
Gideon WConesville, Schoharie 1862 New YorkHead
MillieConesville, Schoharie 1884New YorkWife
BerniceConesville, Schoharie 1906New YorkDaughter
SmithConesville, Schoharie 1907New YorkSon
{Family 897}
Ferris Conesville, Schoharie 1878New YorkHead
ElizaConesville, Schoharie 1887New YorkWife
VictorConesville, Schoharie 1905New YorkSon
ErnestConesville, Schoharie 1907New YorkSon
{Family 898}
WilliamConesville, Schoharie 1847New YorkHead
{Family 899}
MargaretConesville, Schoharie 1840New YorkMother-in-law
{Famly 900}
Wm HConesville, Schoharie 1868New YorkHead
HattieConesville, Schoharie 1880New YorkWife
{Famly 901}
James M
Surnames listed Care
Gilboa, Schoharie 1850New YorkHead
Hattie Gilboa, Schoharie 1854New YorkWife
{Famly 902}
WilliamDix, Schuyler 1845New YorkHead
{Famly 903}
George ADix, Schuyler 1861PennsylvaniaHead
CarrieDix, Schuyler 1868New YorkWife
PearlDix, Schuyler 1900New YorkDaughter
AliceDix, Schuyler 1901New YorkDaughter
Irene ADix, Schuyler 1908New YorkDaughter
{Famly 904}
Dalia B [Delia]Hector, Schuyler 1842PennsylvaniaHead219
{Famly 905}
George JHector, Schuyler 1874New YorkHead220b
Cola B [Cora]Hector, Schuyler 1875New YorkWife
Eliza WHector, Schuyler 1837New YorkMother
{Famly 906}
Charles TReading, Schuyler 1851New YorkHead
Harriet OReading, Schuyler 1846New YorkWife
{Famly 907}
Fred CCovert, Seneca 1867New YorkHead
Anna WCovert, Seneca 1866New YorkWife
Elizabeth WCovert, Seneca 1893New YorkDaughter
Louise WCovert, Seneca 1897New YorkDaughter
{Famly 908}
Homer C
Surnames listed Care
Covert, Seneca 1869New YorkHead
Hattie B Covert, Seneca 1872New YorkWife
Mabel B Covert, Seneca 1894New YorkDaughter
Seward H Covert, Seneca 1897New YorkSon
Barbara A Covert, Seneca 1909New YorkDaughter
{Famly 909}
Comer [Elmer]Lodi, Seneca 1880New YorkHead
PhebeLodi, Seneca 1845New YorkMother
{Family 910}
Surname listed Gase
Romulus, Seneca 1852New YorkPatient

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