CASE Families living in New York in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 761}
Laura GMiddletown Ward 2, Orange 1881New YorkNurse73
{Family 762}
EmilyMiddletown Ward 2, Orange 1884New YorkServant
LottieMiddletown Ward 2, Orange 1887PennsylvaniaServant
{Family 763}
Edwin DMiddletown Ward 2, Orange 1872New YorkHead
Julia TMiddletown Ward 2, Orange 1872New YorkWife
Lattie MMiddletown Ward 2, Orange 1897New YorkDaughter
Eliza JMiddletown Ward 2, Orange 1842New YorkMother
{Family 764}
Silas H Jr. Middletown Ward 2, Orange 1871New YorkHead
HelenMiddletown Ward 2, Orange 1864New YorkWife
{Family 765}
Ira B Middletown Ward 4, Orange 1845New YorkHead
Bella GMiddletown Ward 4, Orange 1851New YorkWife
{Family 766}
Jushua Jr. Minisink, Orange 1847New JerseyHead
JennieMinisink, Orange 1848New YorkWife
{Family 767}
Fanny AMinisink, Orange 1840New YorkHead
Mary BMinisink, Orange 1864New YorkDaughter
Myra AMinisink, Orange 1866New YorkDaughter
Joseph MMinisink, Orange 1868New YorkSon
Julia EMinisink, Orange 1880New YorkDaughter
Ida EMinisink, Orange 1873New YorkDaughter
GeorgiannaMinisink, Orange 1883New YorkDaughter
Alvin WMinisink, Orange 1889New YorkSon
{Family 768}
Melie [Nellie]
Surname listed Carr
Montgomery, Orange 1872New YorkHead
{Family 769}
Surnames listed Pase
Montgomery, Orange 1872New YorkHead
Annie Montgomery, Orange 1874New YorkWife
Mabel Montgomery, Orange 1895New YorkDaughter
{Family 770}
EkardNewburgh Ward 1, Orange 1872 New YorkHead
AdaNewburgh Ward 1, Orange 1886New YorkWife
{Family 771}
WilliamNewburgh Ward 1, Orange 1861New YorkHead
LillianNewburgh Ward 1, Orange 1864New YorkWife
RaymondNewburgh Ward 1, Orange 1893New YorkSon
StewardNewburgh Ward 1, Orange 1901New YorkSon
CharlesNewburgh Ward 1, Orange 1863New YorkBrother
Charles Jr.Newburgh Ward 1, Orange 1898New YorkNephew
{Family 772}
Ames [James]
Surname listed Care
Newburgh Ward 1, Orange 1890New YorkSon72
{Family 773}
John L [T]
Surnames listed Cuse
Newburgh Ward 2, Orange 1837New YorkHead
Emily Newburgh Ward 2, Orange 1838New YorkWife
{Family 774}
Edna M Port Jervis Ward 2, Orange 1887New YorkDaughter
{Family 775}
Sarah EPort Jervis Ward 2, Orange 1839New JerseyHead
Edith EPort Jervis Ward 2, Orange 1885PennsylvaniaDaughter
{Family 776}
JohnPort Jervis Ward 2, Orange 1867New JerseyHead
{Family 777}
Gilbert HPort Jervis Ward 3, Orange 1860New YorkHead
Elizabeth BPort Jervis Ward 3, Orange 1870New YorkWife
{Family 778}
George WPort Jervis Ward 3, Orange 1864 New JerseyHead
Annabell BPort Jervis Ward 3, Orange 1862New YorkWife
{Family 779}
Geo S Port Jervis Ward 4, Orange 1854New YorkHead
Fanny Port Jervis Ward 4, Orange 1862New YorkWife
John E Port Jervis Ward 4, Orange 1884New YorkSon
Elsie Port Jervis Ward 4, Orange 1891New YorkDaughter
Herbert H Port Jervis Ward 4, Orange 1902New YorkSon
Leon J Port Jervis Ward 4, Orange 1906New YorkGrandson
{Family 780}
CyrusPort Jervis Ward 4, Orange 1854New JerseyHead
EstelaPort Jervis Ward 4, Orange 1861New JerseyWife
EllaPort Jervis Ward 4, Orange 1899New YorkDaughter
{Family 781}
WilliamPort Jervis Ward 4, Orange 1851PennsylvaniaHead
NormanPort Jervis Ward 4, Orange 1882PennsylvaniaSon
JamesPort Jervis Ward 4, Orange 1884PennsylvaniaSon
AnnaPort Jervis Ward 4, Orange 1890PennsylvaniaDaughter
HaroldPort Jervis Ward 4, Orange 1898New YorkSon
{Family 782}
Surname listed Cass
Port Jervis Ward 4, Orange 1835PennsylvaniaFather-in-law
{Family 783}
Asenath J
Surnames listed Cass
Wallkill, Orange 1856PennsylvaniaHead
Edson L Wallkill, Orange 1889New YorkSon
Georgena Wallkill, Orange 1889EnglandDaughter-in-law
Ralph H Wallkill, Orange 1909New YorkGrandson
{Family 784}
Mabel E Wallkill, Orange 1881New YorkDaughter
GeorgeWallkill, Orange 1901New YorkGrandson
{Family 785}
H HWallkill, Orange 1865New YorkHead
MarthaWallkill, Orange 1874New JerseyWife
{Family 786}
S GWarwick, Orange 1849New YorkHead
HenriettaWarwick, Orange 1849New YorkWife
{Family 787}
MaryWoodbury, Orange 1848New YorkSister
BirdieWoodbury, Orange 1872New YorkNiece
{Family 788}
Emma JAlbion, Orleans 1851New YorkHead
Dorothy B Albion, Orleans 1897New YorkNiece
{Family 789}
Orson M
Surnames listed Carl
Barre, Orleans 1842New YorkHead
Sarah Barre, Orleans 1846EnglandWife
{Family 790}
Surnames listed Care
Barre, Orleans 1858New YorkHead
Millie Barre, Orleans 1869New YorkWife
Lorain Barre, Orleans 1892New YorkDaughter
Theron Barre, Orleans 1898New YorkSon

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