CASE Families living in New York in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 731}
CharlesPhelps, Ontario 1884New YorkHead
BessiePhelps, Ontario 1891New YorkWife
{Family 732}
Mrs. Rosetta A
Surname listed Carl
Phelps, Ontario 1860New YorkDaughter
{Family 733}
Geo WPhelps, Ontario 1880New YorkHead158
Georgia MPhelps, Ontario 1882New YorkWife
{Family 734}
William LPhelps, Ontario 1879New YorkHead160
Elizabeth MPhelps, Ontario 1880New YorkWife
Pauline APhelps, Ontario 1904New YorkDaughter
Louis JPhelps, Ontario 1908New YorkSon
William KPhelps, Ontario 1909New YorkSon
Charles LPhelps, Ontario 1910New YorkSon
{Family 735}
Eunice CPhelps, Ontario 1845New YorkHead
{Family 736}
Charles RRichmond, Ontario 1825New YorkHead
{Family 737}
Surname listed Cass
Victor, Ontario 1866New YorkLodger
{Family 738}
Marvin B
Surnames listed Cass
Victor, Ontario 1866New YorkHead
Urilla Victor, Ontario 1861OregonWife
Mamie Victor, Ontario 1899IndianaSon
Henry W Victor, Ontario 1902IndianaSon
Aneretta M Victor, Ontario 1903IndianaDaughter
{Family 739}
Edgar BVictor, Ontario 1862New YorkHead
Catharine BVictor, Ontario 1863New YorkWife
{Family 740}
P WWest Bloomfield, Ontario 1877 New YorkHead266b
EthelWest Bloomfield, Ontario 1879New YorkWife
FredaWest Bloomfield, Ontario 1900New YorkDaughter
Ralph CWest Bloomfield, Ontario 1850New YorkFather
NellieWest Bloomfield, Ontario 1840New YorkAunt
Vera AWest Bloomfield, Ontario 1889New YorkSister
{Family 741}
Surnames listed Cass
West Bloomfield, Ontario 1853New YorkHead
Frank West Bloomfield, Ontario 1863New YorkWife
Gladys West Bloomfield, Ontario 1889New YorkDaughter
{Family 742}
OscarWest Bloomfield, Ontario 1849New YorkHead
MaryWest Bloomfield, Ontario 1856New YorkSister
LillianWest Bloomfield, Ontario 1858New YorkSister
{Family 743}
David EChester, Orange 1848New YorkHead
CarolineChester, Orange 1850New YorkWife
Herbert HChester, Orange 1871New YorkSon
HarryChester, Orange 1884New YorkSon
CarrieChester, Orange 1887New YorkDaughter
GraceChester, Orange 1891New YorkDaughter
Herbert Case Jr.Chester, Orange 1898New YorkGrandson
HelenChester, Orange 1899New YorkGranddaughter
{Family 744}
George B
Surnames listed Cass
Cornwall, Orange 1880 New YorkHead
Mary F Cornwall, Orange 1877New YorkWife
Florence C Cornwall, Orange 1898New YorkDaughter
Bertha H Cornwall, Orange 1900New YorkDaughter
{Family 745}
Artemus CCornwall, Orange 1844New YorkHead
MargaretCornwall, Orange 1844New YorkWife
{Family 746}
Fredrick BCornwall Ward 4, Orange 1870PennsylvaniaHead121
AnnaCornwall Ward 4, Orange 1874IrelandWife
GraceCornwall Ward 4, Orange 1895New YorkDaughter
Caroline ACornwall Ward 4, Orange 1843New YorkMother
{Family 747}
WesleyDeerpark, Orange 1871New YorkHead
MargretDeerpark, Orange 1871New YorkWife
MildredDeerpark, Orange 1908New YorkDaughter
AnnetteDeerpark, Orange 1842New YorkMother
NormanDeerpark, Orange 1881New YorkCousin
{Family 748}
Surname listed Core
Deerpark, Orange 1834New YorkHead
{Family 749}
JacobDeerpark, Orange 1837New YorkHead149b
William GDeerpark, Orange 1881New YorkSon
ClaranceDeerpark, Orange 1874New YorkSon
William HDeerpark, Orange 1870New YorkSon
Cathrine BDeerpark, Orange 1885New YorkWife
{Family 750}
Elish RDeerpark, Orange 1835New YorkHead
HannahDeerpark, Orange 1839New YorkWife
Florance LDeerpark, Orange 1881New YorkDaughter
{Family 751}
Jeremiah GDeerpark, Orange 1843New YorkHead
FloranceDeerpark, Orange 1856New YorkWife
{Family 752}
Silas HGoshen, Orange 1840New YorkHead
{Family 753}
Charles Goshen, Orange 1847New YorkHead
S IsabellaGoshen, Orange 1848New YorkWife
{Family 754}
Surname listed Gase
Greenville, Orange 1878New YorkNiece
{Family 755}
StephenGreenville, Orange 1869New YorkHead
IdaGreenville, Orange 1870New YorkWife
StephenGreenville, Orange 1901New YorkSon
LilyGreenville, Orange 1906New YorkDaughter
{Family 756}
Margarite AGreenville, Orange 1847New JerseyHead
JessieGreenville, Orange 1874New YorkDaughter
AnnettaGreenville, Orange 1883New YorkDaughter
{Family 757}
Rolland W
Surname listed Cass
Highlands, Orange 1883MichiganSoldier312b
{Family 758}
StephenMiddletown Ward 1, Orange 1881New YorkHead
FrancesMiddletown Ward 1, Orange 1883New YorkWife
{Family 759}
MyrtaMiddletown Ward 1, Orange 1877New YorkMaid
{Family 760}
JosephineMiddletown Ward 2, Orange 1879New YorkServant

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