CASE Families living in New York in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 701}
Herbert LCanandaigua, Ontario 1848New YorkHead
Mary HCanandaigua, Ontario 1871New YorkWife
Earl FCanandaigua, Ontario 1887New YorkSon
{Family 702}
Elsie M T [McK]Canandaigua, Ontario 1887New YorkDaughter28b
Marion JCanandaigua, Ontario 1886New YorkSon-in-law
George McK Canandaigua, Ontario 1908New YorkGrandson
Marion SCanandaigua, Ontario 1909New YorkGrandson
{Family 703}
Don ACanandaigua, Ontario 1879New YorkHead
RoseCanandaigua, Ontario 1882New YorkWife
LeslieCanandaigua, Ontario 1906New YorkSon
{Family 704}
W WCanandaigua, Ontario 1827New YorkHead
AmeliaCanandaigua, Ontario 1842New YorkWife
William W Case Jr.Canandaigua, Ontario 1866MalaysiaSon
CeceliaCanandaigua, Ontario 1872New YorkDaughter-in-law
Louida CCanandaigua, Ontario 1894New YorkGranddaughter
LeonCanandaigua, Ontario 1895New YorkGrandson
{Family 705}
Isaih H
Surnames listed Cose
Canandaigua, Ontario 1833New YorkHead
Phoeba Canandaigua, Ontario 1850New YorkWife
{Family 706}
Raymond H
Surnames listed Care
Canandaigua, Ontario 1882New YorkHead
Jessie E Canandaigua, Ontario 1881New YorkWife
{Family 707}
Charles ECanandaigua, Ontario 1851New YorkHead59
Ella Canandaigua, Ontario 1856New YorkWife
Claro E [Clara]Canandaigua, Ontario 1893New YorkDaughter
{Family 708}
Hiland [Hiram]
Surname listed Carr
Canandaigua, Ontario 1836New YorkBoarder
{Family 709}
Omer P
Surnames listed Caw
Canandaigua, Ontario 1841 New YorkHead
Katherina Canandaigua, Ontario 1853MichiganWife
{Family 710}
John WCanandaigua, Ontario 1846New YorkHead
Matilda ECanandaigua, Ontario 1853New YorkWife
EarlCanandaigua, Ontario 1892New YorkSon
{Family 711}
Walter BCanandaigua, Ontario 1878New YorkHead
JuliaCanandaigua, Ontario 1878New YorkWife
{Family 712}
EllaCanandaigua, Ontario 1848New YorkHead
{Family 713}
Surnames listed Cass
Canandaigua, Ontario 1872New YorkHead
Sophia Canandaigua, Ontario 1877New YorkWife
{Family 714}
EdsonCanandaigua, Ontario 1865New YorkHead
CoraCanandaigua, Ontario 1867New YorkWife
BertriceCanandaigua, Ontario 1888New YorkDaughter
ClarenceCanandaigua, Ontario 1892New YorkSon
EdsonCanandaigua, Ontario 1897New YorkSon
{Family 715}
Sarah E
Surname listed Lace
Canandaigua, Ontario 1843New YorkMother-in-law
{Family 716}
SallyCanandaigua, Ontario 1824New YorkHead
{Family 717}
SallyCanandaigua, Ontario 1814 New YorkHead126b
{Family 718}
John L
Surnames listed Care
Canandaigua, Ontario 1861New YorkHead
Nina C Canandaigua, Ontario 1868New YorkWife
Hazel A Canandaigua, Ontario 1891New YorkDaughter
Stuart D Canandaigua, Ontario 1895New YorkSon
{Family 719}
Hiram LCanandaigua, Ontario 1842New YorkHead
{Family 720}
Lamont LEast Bloomfield, Ontario 1873New YorkHead
Anna LEast Bloomfield, Ontario 1885New YorkWife
{Family 721}
HarveyGeneva Ward 1, Ontario 1835New YorkFather-in-law
Kate BGeneva Ward 1, Ontario 1838New YorkMother-in-law
{Family 722}
FredGorham, Ontario 1871New YorkHead
Nettie BGorham, Ontario 1875New YorkWife
Anna JGorham, Ontario 1897New YorkDaughter
Helen PGorham, Ontario 1899New YorkDaughter
Jay GGorham, Ontario 1903New YorkSon
{Family 723}
William RManchester, Ontario 1855New YorkHead
EmmaManchester, Ontario 1859New YorkWife
{Family 724}
Margaret I [L]Manchester, Ontario 1850CanadaHead
{Family 725}
George [D] Manchester, Ontario 1859New YorkHead96b
{Family 726}
JosephManchester, Ontario 1839New YorkHead
Harriet AManchester, Ontario 1853New YorkWife
{Family 727}
George W
Surnames listed Cores
Naples, Ontario 1851New YorkHead
Ella M Naples, Ontario 1853New YorkWife
{Family 728}
Holmes T
Surnames listed Cass
Phelps, Ontario 1876New YorkHead
Geneva F Phelps, Ontario 1884New YorkWife
{Family 729}
OliverPhelps, Ontario 1873New YorkHead
Lena MayPhelps, Ontario 1873New YorkWife
Louise BPhelps, Ontario 1899New YorkDaughter
Alice APhelps, Ontario 1901New YorkDaughter
Milton RPhelps, Ontario 1904New YorkSon
Adrian GPhelps, Ontario 1907New YorkSon
Warren S NPhelps, Ontario 1910New YorkSon
{Family 730}
Harmon A
Surnames listed Care
Phelps, Ontario 1865New YorkHead
Hattie A Phelps, Ontario 1861IllinoisWife
Florene O Phelps, Ontario 1895North DakotaDaughter
Leland D Phelps, Ontario 1904North DakotaSon

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