CASE Families living in New York in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 611}
JamesCamillus, Onondaga 1892New YorkHired Man
{Family 612}
JohnElbridge, Onondaga 1891New YorkHired Man
{Family 613}
GrantElbridge, Onondaga 1883New YorkHired Man
{Family 4}
EdyElbridge, Onondaga 1878New YorkHead
BerthaElbridge, Onondaga 1887New YorkWife
RichardElbridge, Onondaga 1905New YorkSon
WillardElbridge, Onondaga 1908New YorkSon
ClarenceElbridge, Onondaga 1909New YorkSon
EarlElbridge, Onondaga 1888New YorkBrother
{Family 615}
Surnames listed Cose
Fabius, Onondaga 1874New YorkHead
May Fabius, Onondaga 1877New YorkWife
James Fabius, Onondaga 1842New YorkFather
{Family 616}
Roscoe CFabius, Onondaga 1878New YorkHead
Ella AFabius, Onondaga 1878New YorkWife
Merritt CFabius, Onondaga 1900New YorkSon
Grets lFabius, Onondaga 1907New YorkDaughter
{Family 617}
Edward HGeddes, Onondaga 1871New YorkBoarder
{Family 618}
Edwin DGeddes, Onondaga 1861New YorkHead
{Family 619}
Elmer EGeddes, Onondaga 1875New YorkHead
Grace EGeddes, Onondaga 1878New YorkWife
MargariteGeddes, Onondaga 1899New YorkDaughter
WellingtonGeddes, Onondaga 1901New YorkSon
Floyd KGeddes, Onondaga 1903New YorkSon
Elgin WGeddes, Onondaga 1908New YorkSon
{Family 620}
Wesley ALafayette, Onondaga 1848 New YorkHead
Jane ALafayette, Onondaga 1845New YorkWife
{Family 621}
Mary W [Chauncey]
Surnames listed Cose
Lafayette, Onondaga 1853New YorkHead2
Jessie MLafayette, Onondaga 1862New YorkWife
Dorothy ELafayette, Onondaga 1894New YorkDaughter
Pelona JLafayette, Onondaga 1847New YorkSister
{Family 622}
Othello MLafayette, Onondaga 1874New YorkHead
Manda ALafayette, Onondaga 1880New YorkWife
Harold MLafayette, Onondaga 1906New YorkSon
Mildred LLafayette, Onondaga 1908New YorkDaughter
{Family 623}
GeorgeManlius, Onondaga 1884New YorkHead
Lola Manlius, Onondaga 1886New YorkWife
{Family 624}
CharlesMarcellus, Onondaga 1874New YorkHead
LilyMarcellus, Onondaga 1879New YorkWife
KennethMarcellus, Onondaga 1898New YorkSon
LethaMarcellus, Onondaga 1899New YorkDaughter
FloydMarcellus, Onondaga 1903New YorkSon
CharlesMarcellus, Onondaga 1907New YorkSon
{Family 625}
AdelbertMarcellus, Onondaga 1852New YorkHead
AnnieMarcellus, Onondaga 1852New YorkWife
{Family 626}
Myron LMarcellus, Onondaga 1841New YorkHead
Sarah EMarcellus, Onondaga 1842New YorkWife
{Family 627}
George MMarcellus, Onondaga 1860New YorkHead
JennieMarcellus, Onondaga 1858New YorkWife
LottieMarcellus, Onondaga 1886New YorkDaughter
OrsonMarcellus, Onondaga 1894New YorkSon
{Family 628}
Willis T [F]Marcellus, Onondaga 1852New YorkHead
HarrietMarcellus, Onondaga 1860New YorkWife
E TalbotMarcellus, Onondaga 1880New YorkSon
Mildred FMarcellus, Onondaga 1887New YorkDaughter
LeoneMarcellus, Onondaga 1892New YorkDaughter
LucyMarcellus, Onondaga 1892New YorkDaughter
N GillesMarcellus, Onondaga 1902New YorkSon
{Family 629}
Seymour N [W] Marcellus, Onondaga 1885 New YorkHead
Beatrice CMarcellus, Onondaga 1885CanadaWife
Seymour DMarcellus, Onondaga 1906New YorkSon
Dorthy JMarcellus, Onondaga 1908New YorkDaughter
GeorgeMarcellus, Onondaga 1909New YorkSon
{Family 630}
May A Marcellus, Onondaga 1837New YorkHead
{Family 631}
James CMarcellus, Onondaga 1851New YorkHead
Mary EMarcellus, Onondaga 1852New YorkWife
Mary AliceMarcellus, Onondaga 1893New YorkDaughter
Edna JMarcellus, Onondaga 1894New YorkDaughter
FrederickMarcellus, Onondaga 1874New YorkBrother
Frederick Case Jr.Marcellus, Onondaga 1907New YorkNephew
CliffordMarcellus, Onondaga 1908New YorkNephew
HarryMarcellus, Onondaga 1908New YorkNephew
{Family 632}
George WMarcellus, Onondaga 1834New YorkHead
MarrionMarcellus, Onondaga 1844New YorkWife
{Family 633}
George HMarcellus, Onondaga 1856New YorkHead
FloraMarcellus, Onondaga 1860New YorkWife
Martin LMarcellus, Onondaga 1889New YorkSon
{Family 634}
AlbertMarcellus, Onondaga 1844New YorkHead
HomerMarcellus, Onondaga 1872New YorkSon
{Family 635}
Byron EMarcellus, Onondaga 1843New YorkHead
Laura AMarcellus, Onondaga 1855New YorkWife
{Family 636}
Fredrick H
Surnames listed Cass
Onondaga, Onondaga 1851New YorkHead
Ann J Onondaga, Onondaga 1847New YorkWife
{Family 637}
DempsterOnondaga, Onondaga 1880New YorkHead
MabelOnondaga, Onondaga 1886New YorkWife
Fredrick WOnondaga, Onondaga 1906New YorkSon
Holmes DOnondaga, Onondaga 1908New YorkSon
Robert WOnondaga, Onondaga 1909New YorkSon
{Family 638}
Elmer E [D]Onondaga, Onondaga 1863New YorkHead
KateOnondaga, Onondaga 1864New YorkWife
Seth EOnondaga, Onondaga 1887New YorkSon
Irving HOnondaga, Onondaga 1889New YorkSon
Gertrude MOnondaga, Onondaga 1892New YorkDaughter
Howard DOnondaga, Onondaga 1899New YorkSon
ElmiraOnondaga, Onondaga 1828New YorkMother
{Family 639}
Morris M
Surnames listed Carr
Onondaga, Onondaga 1884New YorkHead
Kittie M Onondaga, Onondaga 1881New YorkWife
{Family 640}
Surnames listed Care
Onondaga, Onondaga 1860New YorkHead
Martha Onondaga, Onondaga 1861New YorkWife
Grover Onondaga, Onondaga 1887New YorkSon
Leory Onondaga, Onondaga 1896New YorkDaughter

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