CASE Families living in New York in 1910.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 431}
William Sullivan, Madison 1867Canada Head
Rosetta MarySullivan, Madison 1868OhioWife
{Family 432}
ArchibaldSullivan, Madison 1856New YorkHead
MinnieSullivan, Madison 1865New YorkWife
RoySullivan, Madison 1890New YorkSon
FloydSullivan, Madison 1892New YorkSon
HadleySullivan, Madison 1894New YorkSon
GwendolynSullivan, Madison 1897New YorkDaughter
CarlineSullivan, Madison 1899New YorkSon
{Family 433}
Arthur HSullivan, Madison 1880New YorkHead
GertrudeSullivan, Madison 1886New YorkWife
GeraldineSullivan, Madison 1903New YorkDaughter
Dorotha ASullivan, Madison 1905New YorkDaughter
Charles ASullivan, Madison 1907New YorkSon
MildredSullivan, Madison 1909New YorkDaughter
{Family 434}
FideliaSullivan, Madison 1829New YorkMother-in-law
{Family 435}
Julius C
Surnames listed Cass
Chili, Monroe 1850New YorkHead
Jessie P Chili, Monroe 1886New YorkDaughter
Oliver W Chili, Monroe 1887New YorkSon
Everett C Chili, Monroe 1890New YorkSon
{Family 436}
EmmaIrondequoit, Monroe 1866New YorkServant
{Family 437}
Gepherine [Sepherine?]Irondequoit, Monroe 1845New YorkHead300b
BarbaraIrondequoit, Monroe 1842New YorkWife
EdwardIrondequoit, Monroe 1878New YorkSon
IdaIrondequoit, Monroe 1882New YorkDaughter
RobertIrondequoit, Monroe 1886New YorkSon
{Family 438}
William JIrondequoit, Monroe 1874New YorkHead
Catherine MIrondequoit, Monroe 1879New YorkWife
William JIrondequoit, Monroe 1901New YorkSon
Leo JIrondequoit, Monroe 1904New YorkSon
Irene BIrondequoit, Monroe 1907New YorkDaughter
Teresa MIrondequoit, Monroe 1909New YorkDaughter
{Family 439}
Milo Mendon, Monroe 1840New YorkHead
Cornelia L Mendon, Monroe 1845New YorkWife
{Family 440}
George WMendon, Monroe 1830New YorkHead
George Jr.Mendon, Monroe 1861New YorkSon
CarrieMendon, Monroe 1875New YorkDaughter-in-law
{Family 441}
LilyParma, Monroe 1840New YorkHousekeeper
{Family 442}
George M
Surnames listed Cass
Perinton, Monroe 1845 New YorkHead167
Charlotte G Perinton, Monroe 1826New YorkStepmother
{Family 443}
Willard E Perinton, Monroe 1878New YorkHead188b
Elsie MPerinton, Monroe 1877New YorkWife
Joseph LPerinton, Monroe 1902New YorkSon
Margaret LPerinton, Monroe 1904New YorkDaughter
{Family 444}
Her surname listed Cass
Perinton, Monroe 1872New YorkHead
Clarence EPerinton, Monroe 1890New YorkSon
Evelyn Perinton, Monroe 1892New YorkDaughter
RichardPerinton, Monroe 1894New YorkSon
{Family 445}
Surnames listed Care
Riga, Monroe 1879New YorkHead
Clara B Riga, Monroe 1885New YorkWife
James P Riga, Monroe 1909New YorkSon
{Family 446}
Joseph FRiga, Monroe 1884New YorkHead
ElisabethRiga, Monroe 1854GermanyMother
{Family 447}
Harry JRochester Ward 2, Monroe 1889New YorkHead
Jennie ARochester Ward 2, Monroe 1888New YorkWife
George MRochester Ward 2, Monroe 1908New YorkSon
{Family 448}
JohnRochester Ward 2, Monroe 1856New YorkHead
Delia MRochester Ward 2, Monroe 1889New YorkDaughter
{Family 449}
George M
Surnames listed Care
Rochester Ward 3, Monroe 1859PennsylvaniaHead
Alberta Rochester Ward 3, Monroe 1869PennsylvaniaWife
Katherine Rochester Ward 3, Monroe 1892PennsylvaniaDaughter
{Family 450}
Aileen MRochester Ward 3, Monroe 1884New YorkHead
{Family 451}
Derand G [Frank G]
Surname listed Core
Rochester Ward 4, Monroe 1887PennsylvaniaRoomer176b
Arthur J
Surname listed Care
Rochester Ward 4, Monroe 1889 PennsylvaniaRoomer
{Family 452}
TrumanRochester Ward 6, Monroe 1868New YorkHead87
Mimie [Minnie]Rochester Ward 6, Monroe 1873New YorkWife
Howard TRochester Ward 6, Monroe 1894New YorkSon
Thelma WRochester Ward 6, Monroe 1901New YorkDaughter
{Family 453}
Marion ERochester Ward 18, Monroe 1862New YorkBoarder
{Family 454}
James WRochester Ward 18, Monroe 1844New YorkHead
Anna SRochester Ward 18, Monroe 1845New YorkWife
{Family 455}
Ella A
Surname listed Esse
Rochester Ward 18, Monroe 1882New YorkBoarder224b
{Family 456}
EstellaRochester Ward 7, Monroe 1884New YorkHead
{Family 457}
Albert HRochester Ward 19, Monroe 1869New YorkHead
Cora VRochester Ward 19, Monroe 1870New YorkWife
{Family 458}
Hobert [Hubert]Rochester Ward 19, Monroe 1847New YorkHead170
Ida LRochester Ward 19, Monroe 1851New YorkWife
{Family 459}
Sanger WRochester Ward 16, Monroe 1861New YorkHead177
Hattie DRochester Ward 16, Monroe 1862New YorkWife
Frank DRochester Ward 16, Monroe 1881New YorkSon
Floyd SRochester Ward 16, Monroe 1892New YorkSon
{Family 460}
Sherman WRochester Ward 16, Monroe 1875New YorkHead
Mary ARochester Ward 16, Monroe 1875New YorkWife
Hosmer HRochester Ward 16, Monroe 1896New YorkSon

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