CASE Families living in New York in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 311}
William C
Surnames listed Care
Brownville, Jefferson 1851New YorkHead
Adelia EBrownville, Jefferson 1856New YorkWife
Mildred ABrownville, Jefferson 1893New YorkDaughter
{Family 312}
ElmerBrownville, Jefferson 1871 New YorkSon-in-law
Maud Brownville, Jefferson 1875New YorkDaughter
CathrineBrownville, Jefferson 1901New YorkGranddaughter
CoraBrownville, Jefferson 1904New YorkGranddaughter
CliftonBrownville, Jefferson 1907New YorkGrandson
{Family 313}
LynnBrownville, Jefferson 1859New YorkHead
Lucy MBrownville, Jefferson 1867New YorkWife
Roy JBrownville, Jefferson 1888New YorkSon
Ethel MBrownville, Jefferson 1892New YorkDaughter-in-law
{Family 314}
Surnames listed Care
Champion, Jefferson 1826New YorkHead
Sarah BChampion, Jefferson 1845New YorkWife
Fred HChampion, Jefferson 1862New YorkSon
{Family 315}
AlphonsoClayton, Jefferson 1841New YorkHead
Melissa SClayton, Jefferson 1844New YorkWife
{Family 316}
William WLe Ray, Jefferson 1875New YorkHead
{Family 317}
Custis M [Curtis]
Surnames listed Clare
Lyme, Jefferson 1854New YorkHead
Lucy M Lyme, Jefferson 1859New YorkWife
{Family 318}
Frederick Lyme, Jefferson 1881New YorkHead
Jessie Lyme, Jefferson 1886New YorkWife
Regina Lyme, Jefferson 1908New YorkDaughter
Lucy E Lyme, Jefferson 1909New YorkDaughter
{Family 319}
Omer W Lyme, Jefferson 1874OhioHead
AnnaLyme, Jefferson 1879New YorkWife
{Family 320}
William JOrleans, Jefferson 1868New YorkHead125b
Naptur E [Martie]Orleans, Jefferson 1869New YorkWife
Stanley ROrleans, Jefferson 1895New YorkSon
{Family 321}
William JRutland, Jefferson 1856New YorkHead
Jennie PRutland, Jefferson 1864New YorkWife
Allan BRutland, Jefferson 1896New YorkSon
{Family 322}
Surname listed Care
Wilna, Jefferson 1860New YorkHead
{Family 323}
StevenWilna, Jefferson 1845New YorkHead
Ellen Wilna, Jefferson 1850IrelandWife
LillianWilna, Jefferson 1874NebraskaDaughter
BelleWilna, Jefferson 1878New YorkDaughter
{Family 324}
Surname listed Cass
Watertown Ward 2, Jefferson 1854New YorkServant
{Family 325}
Frank RWatertown Ward 3, Jefferson 1878New YorkSon-in-law
JackWatertown Ward 3, Jefferson 1902New YorkGrandchild
{Family 326}
Edward E
Surnames listed Carr
Watertown Ward 5, Jefferson 1849New YorkHead229
Ruth Dawson Watertown Ward 5, Jefferson 1864New YorkWife
{Family 327}
Richard M
Surnames listed Carr
Watertown Ward 5, Jefferson 1855New YorkHead229b
Ruby A Watertown Ward 5, Jefferson 1856New YorkWife
Nellie M Watertown Ward 5, Jefferson 1882New YorkDaughter
Richard M Watertown Ward 5, Jefferson 1884 New YorkStepdaughter
Stephen R Watertown Ward 5, Jefferson 1885New YorkSon
Ruby L Watertown Ward 5, Jefferson 1890New YorkDaughter
Craland J [Loveland]Watertown Ward 5, Jefferson 1892New YorkSon
Jay C Watertown Ward 5, Jefferson 1895New YorkSon
Ruth A Watertown Ward 5, Jefferson 1897New YorkDaughter
Mary E Watertown Ward 5, Jefferson 1871CanadaDaughter-in-law
Ina M Watertown Ward 5, Jefferson 1908New YorkGranddaughter
{Family 328}
Surname listed Cose
Watertown Ward 5, Jefferson 1836New YorkSister
{Family 329}
Walter G
Surname listed Cose
Watertown Ward 5, Jefferson 1872New YorkBoarder
{Family 330}
Harriet S [A]Brooklyn Ward 1, Kings 1874New JerseyServant
{Family 331}
Alonzo CBrooklyn Ward 1, Kings 1851MaineBoarder
Ada ABrooklyn Ward 1, Kings 1864New YorkBoarder
Ada HBrooklyn Ward 1, Kings 1887New YorkBoarder
Florence EBrooklyn Ward 1, Kings 1892New YorkBoarder
{Family 332}
Ada DBrooklyn Ward 5, Kings 1871EnglandLodger
{Family 333}
Charles EBrooklyn Ward 7, Kings 1876 IowaHead
Emma HBrooklyn Ward 7, Kings 1877New JerseyWife
GertrudeBrooklyn Ward 7, Kings 1907New JerseyDaughter
{Family 334}
SadieBrooklyn Ward 7, Kings 1872New YorkHead
HenryBrooklyn Ward 7, Kings 1891New YorkSon
{Family 335}
Carry [Harry]
Surname listed Gose
Brooklyn Ward 7, Kings 1861PennsylvaniaLodger
{Family 336}
Jennie E
Surnames listed Call
Brooklyn Ward 8, Kings 1870New YorkHead
Florence Brooklyn Ward 8, Kings 1903New YorkDaughter
{Family 337}
Daniel Brooklyn Ward 8, Kings 1854New YorkHead
Elizabeth Brooklyn Ward 8, Kings 1861New YorkWife
{Family 338}
Gordon Brooklyn Ward 11, Kings 1887New YorkLodger
{Family 339}
Olivier [Olivia]Brooklyn Ward 11, Kings 1862ConnecticutLodger
{Family 340}
Surnames listed Care
Brooklyn Ward 9, Kings 1842New YorkHead
William Brooklyn Ward 9, Kings 1887New YorkSon

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