CASE Families living in New York in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 271}
NichlasJohnstown, Fulton 1870New YorkInmate
{Family 272}
LouisAshland, Greene 1881New YorkHead
MyrtleAshland, Greene 1882New YorkWife
HattieAshland, Greene 1899New YorkDaughter
MabelAshland, Greene 1901New YorkDaughter
ErnestAshland, Greene 1903New YorkSon
CliffordAshland, Greene 1905New YorkSon
EdnaAshland, Greene 1908New YorkDaughter
{Family 273}
Surnames listed Care
Ashland, Greene 1848New YorkHead
Mary Ashland, Greene 1850New YorkWife
Elvan Ashland, Greene 1893New YorkSon
{Family 274}
WarrenAshland, Greene 1887New YorkHead
ZelphaAshland, Greene 1890New YorkWife
{Family 275}
JohnCairo, Greene 1851New YorkHead
Mary FCairo, Greene 1854New YorkWife
{Family 276}
HiramCatskill, Greene 1820New YorkFather-in-law
{Family 277}
Surnames listed Cose
Catskill, Greene 1851New YorkHead
AmandaCatskill, Greene 1851New YorkWife
Seymoure Jr.Catskill, Greene 1887New YorkSon
F CurtisCatskill, Greene 1909New YorkSon
{Family 278}
Nelson MCatskill, Greene 1862New YorkBoarder
{Family 279}
Surnames listed Cave
Coxsackie, Greene 1871New YorkHead
CatherineCoxsackie, Greene 1873New YorkWife
Fred WCoxsackie, Greene 1893New YorkSon
{Family 280}
George FDurham, Greene 1865New YorkServant
{Family 281}
Sidney H
Surnames listed Care
Windham, Greene 1888New YorkHead
LuellaWindham, Greene 1887New YorkWife
Myron LWindham, Greene 1910New YorkSon
Nettie AWindham, Greene 1857New YorkMother
{Family 282}
Ornie H [Orvil]
Surnames listed Rose
Windham, Greene 1850New YorkHead
AdlineWindham, Greene 1848New YorkSister
{Family 283}
JessieBatavia, Genesee 1827ScotlandSister
{Family 284}
Phillip JBatavia, Genesee 1869New YorkHead
Augusta MBatavia, Genesee 1870New YorkWife
GladysBatavia, Genesee 1893New YorkDaughter
James DBatavia, Genesee 1894New YorkSon
Albert LBatavia, Genesee 1900New YorkSon
{Family 285}
Archie JBatavia, Genesee 1883New YorkHead
Louise JBatavia, Genesee 1884New YorkWife
Norman SBatavia, Genesee 1907New YorkSon
W StuartBatavia, Genesee 1909New YorkSon
{Family 286}
Louis CBatavia, Genesee 1857 New YorkHead
LizzieBatavia, Genesee 1860New YorkWife
Corrinne HBatavia, Genesee 1879New YorkDaughter
{Family 287}
Charles EBatavia, Genesee?Long IslandRoomer
Warren FBatavia, Genesee 1893New YorkRoomer
{Family 288}
Clarence Batavia, Genesee 1865New YorkBoarder
{Family 289}
CharlesDarien, Genesee 1871New YorkHead
Nellie Darien, Genesee 1868New YorkWife
Fred FDarien, Genesee 1903New YorkSon
{Family 290}
George IPembroke, Genesee 1855New YorkHead
EmmaPembroke, Genesee 1862CanadaWife
AlgernonPembroke, Genesee 1904New YorkSon
{Family 291}
MalindaPembroke, Genesee 1824 New YorkMother-in-law
{Family 292}
Surnames listed Carr
Frankfort, Herkimer1847New YorkHead154b
MargaretFrankfort, Herkimer1850New YorkWife
RobertFrankfort, Herkimer1892New YorkSon
Shad [Thad. (Thadeus 1900 census)]Frankfort, Herkimer1888New YorkSon
Surnames listed Case
Frankfort, Herkimer 1876New YorkSon
SarahFrankfort, Herkimer 1880New YorkDaughter-in-law
{Family 293}
Earl VFrankfort, Herkimer 1886New YorkHead
Mabel EFrankfort, Herkimer 1882New YorkWife
Mildred AFrankfort, Herkimer 1908New YorkSon
{Family 294}
Surnames listed Casey
German Flatts, Herkimer 1866New YorkHead244
CarolineGerman Flatts, Herkimer 1868New YorkWife
James Jr.German Flatts, Herkimer 1891New YorkSon
Milian [William?]German Flatts, Herkimer 1895New YorkSon
Doweby [Dorothy]German Flatts, Herkimer 1899New YorkDaughter
{Family 295}
ArthurGerman Flatts, Herkimer 1908New YorkGrandson248
{Family 296}
Pearl AGerman Flatts, Herkimer 1888New YorkServant
{Family 297}
LowellHerkimer, Herkimer 1877MichiganHead
{Family 298}
WilliamHerkimer, Herkimer 1854New YorkHead
IdaHerkimer, Herkimer 1863New YorkWife
EdwardHerkimer, Herkimer 1885New YorkSon
JamesHerkimer, Herkimer 1881New YorkSon
FrankHerkimer, Herkimer 1895New YorkSon
EvertHerkimer, Herkimer 1897New YorkSon
JennieHerkimer, Herkimer 1900New YorkDaughter
{Family 299}
Surname listed Cage
Herkimer, Herkimer 1861New YorkHead
{Family 300}
Surname listed Core
Herkimer, Herkimer 1885 New YorkLodger
{Family 301}
JennyLittle Falls
Ward 1, Herkimer
1868New YorkMother-in-law
{Family 302}
Alta J Little Falls
Ward 1, Herkimer
1842New YorkSister
{Family 303}
George BNorway, Herkimer 1868New YorkHired Man
{Family 304}
Cigh BOhio, Herkimer 1827New YorkFather-in-law301
{Family 305}
Alvin CWinfield, Herkimer 1852New YorkHead
Nerissa LWinfield, Herkimer 1852New YorkWife
{Family 306}
EugeneWinfield, Herkimer 1868New YorkHead
Lydia AWinfield, Herkimer 1874New YorkWife
Jesse MWinfield, Herkimer 1902New YorkDaughter
{Family 307}
Alton HAdams, Jefferson 1872New YorkHead23b
[Hannah]Adams, Jefferson 1872New YorkWife
Clara LAdams, Jefferson 1895New YorkDaughter
EstherAdams, Jefferson 1899New YorkDaughter
ManfredAdams, Jefferson 1901New YorkSon
Allen CAdams, Jefferson 1903New YorkSon
ElmaAdams, Jefferson 1906New YorkDaughter
Alton (A Henry Jr)Adams, Jefferson 1908New YorkSon
{Family 308}
James Alexandria Bay, Jefferson 1836VermontHead
{Family 309}
Mildred Alexandria Bay, Jefferson 1850CanadaHead
{Family 310}
HanleyBrownville, Jefferson 1860New YorkHead
Carrie S Brownville, Jefferson 1863New YorkWife
GordenBrownville, Jefferson 1894New YorkSon

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