CASE Families living in Maryland in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
John LElection District 5, Montgomery 1879MarylandHead
Lillie MElection District 5, Montgomery 1882MarylandWife
Bernard EElection District 5, Montgomery 1905MarylandSon
{Family 32}
CatherineElection District 6, Montgomery 1853MarylandHead
James HElection District 6, Montgomery 1878MarylandSon
Joseph WElection District 6, Montgomery 1879MarylandSon
Clarence MElection District 6, Montgomery 1881MarylandSon
Rose MElection District 6, Montgomery 1885MarylandDaughter
Virgie CElection District 6, Montgomery 1888MarylandDaughter
HattieElection District 6, Montgomery 1892MarylandDaughter
ElbertaElection District 6, Montgomery 1892MarylandDaughter
RathbumElection District 6, Montgomery 1894MarylandSon
{Family 33}
Surname listed Care
Olney, Montgomery 1838MarylandSister
{Family 34}
RobertElection District 9, Montgomery 1845MarylandHead
David AElection District 9, Montgomery 1876MarylandSon
Benjamin FElection District 9, Montgomery 1878MarylandSon
RebeccaElection District 9, Montgomery 1841MarylandSister-in-law
{Family 35}
Joseph A
Surname listed Carr
Potomac, Montgomery 1888MarylandNephew
{Family 36}
James MPotomac, Montgomery 1872 MarylandHead
Mary EPotomac, Montgomery 1885MarylandWife
{Family 37}
Charles APotomac, Montgomery 1858MarylandHead
Emma DPotomac, Montgomery 1863MarylandWife
Charles SPotomac, Montgomery 1885MarylandSon
Mary EPotomac, Montgomery 1894MarylandDaughter
SamuelPotomac, Montgomery 1863MarylandBrother
{Family 38}
WilliamPotomac, Montgomery 1858MarylandHead
AgustaPotomac, Montgomery 1868New YorkWife
IsabellePotomac, Montgomery 1895New JerseyStepdaughter
{Family 39}
Clarence E
Surnames listed Call
Election District 12, Montgomery 1884MarylandHead
Ida GElection District 12, Montgomery 1890MarylandWife
Margarette GElection District 12, Montgomery 1910MarylandDaughter
{Family 40}
Surnames listed
Wheaton, Montgomery 1881MarylandHead
Ethel VWheaton, Montgomery 1882MarylandWife
Mary W
Surnames listed COSE
Wheaton, Montgomery 1905MarylandDaughter
Nellie Wheaton, Montgomery 1906MarylandDaughter
William Wheaton, Montgomery 1908MarylandSon
Ethel Wheaton, Montgomery 1909MarylandDaughter
{Family 41}
Charles S Wheaton, Montgomery 1875MarylandBrother-in-law181
Margaret Wheaton, Montgomery 1877MarylandSister
John L Wheaton, Montgomery 1905MarylandNephew
Charles P Wheaton, Montgomery 1908MarylandNephew
{Family 42}
Ralph H
Surname listed Care
Election District 1, Prince George's 1880South DakotaRoomer
{Family 43}
Surname listed Jone
Piscataway, Prince George's 1890Missourimilitary105
{Family 44}
Amos HMT Vernon, Somerset 1846New JerseyHead
Joseph CMT Vernon, Somerset 1876MarylandSon
{Family 45}
WatsonWilliamsport, Washington 1890 PennsylvaniaHead
Sarah VWilliamsport, Washington 1850MarylandWife
William AWilliamsport, Washington 1873MarylandSon
{Family 46}
WilliamElection District 7, Washington 1873MarylandHead
MarthaElection District 7, Washington 1877MarylandWife
MaryElection District 7, Washington 1895MarylandDaughter
AnnieElection District 7, Washington 1897MarylandDaughter
{Family 47}
Francis PHagerstown Ward 4, Washington 1876MarylandHead
Ellen BHagerstown Ward 4, Washington 1876PennsylvaniaWife
Mary LHagerstown Ward 4, Washington 1904MarylandDaughter
{Family 48}
WilliamHagerstown Ward 4, Washington 1834PennsylvaniaHead
RobertHagerstown Ward 4, Washington 1874MarylandSon

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