CASE Families living in Maryland in 1910.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Andrew J
Surnames listed Care
Election District 8, Allegany 1879VirginiaHead
MabelElection District 8, Allegany 1880VirginiaWife
Mabel EElection District 8, Allegany 1904VirginiaDaughter
JosephElection District 8, Allegany 1906MarylandSon
LeoElection District 8, Allegany 1909MarylandSon
{Family 2}
James AElection District 1, Baltimore 1859MarylandHead
Mary CElection District 1, Baltimore 1861MarylandWife
EdwardElection District 1, Baltimore 1903MarylandSon
{Family 3}
Jacob D
Surname listed Igse
Election District 15, Baltimore 1883PennsylvaniaMilitary Private176
{Family 4}
ClaraBaltimore Ward 4, Baltimore
(Independent City)
1880Washington, DCBoarder
{Family 5}
ValetiBaltimore Ward 4, Baltimore
(Independent City)
DellaBaltimore Ward 4, Baltimore
(Independent City)
{Family 6}
George EBaltimore Ward 9, Baltimore
(Independent City)
1871 PennsylvaniaHead
Mennie ABaltimore Ward 9, Baltimore
(Independent City)
1870New YorkWife
DorothyBaltimore Ward 9, Baltimore
(Independent City)
1895New YorkDaughter
George E Jr.Baltimore Ward 9, Baltimore
(Independent City)
{Family 7}
PearlBaltimore Ward 10, Baltimore
(Independent City)
{Family 8}
EdwardBaltimore Ward 13, Baltimore
(Independent City)
{Family 9}
Mary E Baltimore Ward 13, Baltimore
(Independent City)
{Family 10}
Martha EBaltimore Ward 16, Baltimore
(Independent City)
FranklinBaltimore Ward 16, Baltimore
(Independent City)
Agnes FBaltimore Ward 16, Baltimore
(Independent City)
WilliamBaltimore Ward 16, Baltimore
(Independent City)
{Family 11}
Estole [Estale] Baltimore Ward 17, Baltimore
(Independent City)
{Family 12}
George EBaltimore Ward 17, Baltimore
(Independent City)
Elizabeth CBaltimore Ward 17, Baltimore
(Independent City)
EdwinBaltimore Ward 17, Baltimore
(Independent City)
{Family 13}
Frank P Baltimore Ward 19, Baltimore
(Independent City)
1873 KentuckyHead
Lizzie Baltimore Ward 19, Baltimore
(Independent City)
{Family 14}
Edward Election District 1, Calvert 1876MarylandHead
Harriet Election District 1, Calvert 1882MarylandWife
Mammie Election District 1, Calvert 1899MarylandDaughter
Gertie Election District 1, Calvert 1903MarylandDaughter
Maple Election District 1, Calvert 1907MarylandDaughter
{Family 15}
Susan EElection District 1, Carroll 1838MarylandHead
Elizabeth SElection District 1, Carroll 1867MarylandDaughter
John AElection District 1, Carroll 1870MarylandSon
Mary JElection District 1, Carroll 1872MarylandDaughter
Samuel CElection District 1, Carroll 1874MarylandSon
{Family 16}
Rebecca G Election District 4, Carroll 1845MarylandAunt
{Family 17}
James DElection District 7, Carroll 1847PennsylvaniaHead
Mary EElection District 7, Carroll 1848GermanyWife
Josepa AElection District 7, Carroll 1878MarylandSon
Edward WElection District 7, Carroll 1880MarylandSon
Rose AElection District 7, Carroll 1882MarylandDaughter
Paul TElection District 7, Carroll 1892PennsylvaniaSon
{Family 18}
Mary EElection District 7, Carroll 1854MarylandHead
EmmaElection District 7, Carroll 1875MarylandDaughter
JohnElection District 7, Carroll 1878MarylandSon
Harry AElection District 7, Carroll 1881MarylandSon
ThomasElection District 7, Carroll 1884MarylandSon
Mary RElection District 7, Carroll 1886MarylandDaughter
AnnaElection District 7, Carroll 1889MarylandDaughter
Helen AElection District 7, Carroll 1891MarylandDaughter
Joseph CElection District 7, Carroll 1894MarylandSon
{Family 19}
Helen CElection District 7, Carroll 1840PennsylvaniaHead
FrancisElection District 7, Carroll 1835PennsylvaniaBrother
AgnesElection District 7, Carroll 1888MarylandNiece
{Family 20}
PaulElection District 7, Carroll 1878MarylandHead
EmmaElection District 7, Carroll 1878MarylandWife
Ettie MElection District 7, Carroll 1908MarylandDaughter
Daniel LElection District 7, Carroll 1909MarylandSon
{Family 21}
JamesFrederick, Frederick 1853MarylandBoarder
{Family 22}
George B Brunswick Ward 1, Frederick 1868MarylandHead
Ida L Brunswick Ward 1, Frederick 1866MarylandWife
Leroy W Brunswick Ward 1, Frederick 1898MarylandSon
Vernon L Brunswick Ward 1, Frederick 1900MarylandSon
{Family 23}
William H Brunswick Ward 1, Frederick 1852MarylandHead
Mary E Brunswick Ward 1, Frederick 1854MarylandWife
Sarah A Brunswick Ward 1, Frederick 1880MarylandDaughter
Rosa F Brunswick Ward 1, Frederick 1887MarylandDaughter
William T Brunswick Ward 1, Frederick 1891MarylandSon
{Family 24}
Nelson BDistrict 6, Harford 1845MarylandHead
Mary EDistrict 6, Harford 1852MarylandWife
CarrieDistrict 6, Harford 1877MarylandDaughter
AustinDistrict 6, Harford 1882MarylandSon
HiramDistrict 6, Harford 1887MarylandSon
NellieDistrict 6, Harford 1885MarylandDaughter
{Family 25}
Margerte A
Surname listed Care
Election District 2, Montgomery 1840MarylandHead
{Family 26}
James WElection District 2, Montgomery 1872MarylandHead
John RElection District 2, Montgomery 1884MarylandBrother
JennieElection District 2, Montgomery 1886MarylandSister
RichardElection District 2, Montgomery 1832MarylandFather
{Family 27}
Philip JElection District 4, Montgomery 1854MarylandHead
Harriet EElection District 4, Montgomery 1854MarylandWife
Wlliam HElection District 4, Montgomery 1882MarylandSon
Mary E Jr.Election District 4, Montgomery 1892MarylandDaughter
{Family 28}
William H F
Surnames listed Care
Election District 4, Montgomery 1882MarylandHead
LaudonieElection District 4, Montgomery 1887MarylandWife
Philip EElection District 4, Montgomery 1908MarylandSon
{Family 29}
SarahElection District 5, Montgomery 1885MarylandCompanion
{Family 30}
George LElection District 5, Montgomery 1852MarylandHead
Sarah KElection District 5, Montgomery 1846MarylandWife
Charles PElection District 5, Montgomery 1886MarylandSon
Daisy EElection District 5, Montgomery 1888MarylandDaughter

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