CASE Families living in Kentucky in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 151}
Nancy [Vancy -Yancy?]Magisterial District 4, Mason 1874KentuckyHired Man200b
{Family 152}
JohnMagisterial District 4, Mason 1885 KentuckyHead204b
MaryMagisterial District 4, Mason 1882KentuckyWife
{Family 153}
Henry M
Surnames listed Core
Magisterial District 5, Mason 1857KentuckyHead
MaryMagisterial District 5, Mason 1847KentuckyWife
Caloice [Calvert]Magisterial District 5, Mason 1883KentuckySister
Ancos [Amos]Magisterial District 5, Mason 1884KentuckySon
{Family 154}
William H
Surnames listed Gase
Magisterial District 5, Mason 1851KentuckyHead
ElizabethMagisterial District 5, Mason 1851KentuckyWife
Ben HMagisterial District 5, Mason 1890KentuckySon
{Family 155}
George S
Surnames listed Cass
Magisterial District 5, Mason 1848KentuckyHead
Mary FMagisterial District 5, Mason 1847KentuckyWife
Anna GMagisterial District 5, Mason 1896KansasGranddaughter
Emma LMagisterial District 5, Mason 1902KentuckyGranddaughter
{Family 156}
Nancy [Yancy]Magisterial District 5, Mason 1870KentuckyHired Hand
{Family 157}
AdwardMagisterial District 6, Mason 1902KentuckyNephew228
{Family 158}
FermanMagisterial District 6, Mason 1887 KentuckyHead228
{Family 159}
Walter B
Surnames listed Care
Magisterial District 7, Mason 1877KentuckyHead
LothieMagisterial District 7, Mason 1885KentuckyWife
Marion FMagisterial District 7, Mason 1903KentuckyDaughter
WalterMagisterial District 7, Mason 1905KentuckySon
JessieMagisterial District 7, Mason 1908KentuckyDaughter
{Family 160}
Mary M
Surname listed Caal
Dieterich, Mason 1835KentuckyInmate
{Family 161}
ChristineDieterich, Mason 1898KentuckyGranddaughter
{Family 162}
CyrusDieterich, Mason 1875KentuckyHead
Georgia MaeDieterich, Mason 1885KentuckyWife
{Family 163}
T WMagisterial District 8, Mason 1848OhioHead
CatherineMagisterial District 8, Mason 1853KentuckyWife
{Family 164}
John B
Surnames listed Carl
Dugansville, Mercer 1883KentuckyHead
Thomas WDugansville, Mercer 1883KentuckyBrother
{Family 165}
N JHarts, Montgomery 1873KentuckyHead
Fina GHarts, Montgomery 1886KentuckyWife
Florence MHarts, Montgomery 1907KentuckyDaughter
{Family 166}
Surnames listed Coss
South Carrollton, Muhlenberg 1866TennesseeHead
MarySouth Carrollton, Muhlenberg 1864TennesseeWife
GasharSouth Carrollton, Muhlenberg 1894TennesseeSon
Made SSouth Carrollton, Muhlenberg 1897TennesseeSon
HaskellSouth Carrollton, Muhlenberg 1899TennesseeSon
John TSouth Carrollton, Muhlenberg 1904KentuckySon
{Family 167}
Surnames listed Cose
South Carrollton, Muhlenberg 1872TennesseeHead
Mary FSouth Carrollton, Muhlenberg 1877TennesseeWife
Burl AnnaSouth Carrollton, Muhlenberg 1908KentuckyDaughter
MyrlleSouth Carrollton, Muhlenberg 1900KentuckyDaughter
EstenSouth Carrollton, Muhlenberg 1902KentuckyDaughter
HenrySouth Carrollton, Muhlenberg 1904KentuckySon
DellaSouth Carrollton, Muhlenberg 1905KentuckyDaughter
CliftonSouth Carrollton, Muhlenberg 1908KentuckySon
{Family 168}
John HMagisterial District 2, Nelson 1860KentuckyHead96b
Margaret EMagisterial District 2, Nelson 1861KentuckyWife
Ben FMagisterial District 2, Nelson 1906KentuckySon
John HMagisterial District 2, Nelson 1892KentuckySon
Hordin LMagisterial District 2, Nelson 1894KentuckySon
Berry EMagisterial District 2, Nelson 1896KentuckySon
HerbertMagisterial District 2, Nelson 1900KentuckySon
Loera HMagisterial District 2, Nelson 1903KentuckyDaughter
{Family 169}
FredMagisterial District 2, Nelson 1874KentuckyHead
DellaMagisterial District 2, Nelson 1878KentuckyWife
DanutyMagisterial District 2, Nelson 1896KentuckySon
EthelMagisterial District 2, Nelson 1899KentuckyDaughter
Georges FMagisterial District 2, Nelson 1890KentuckyDaughter
SamMagisterial District 2, Nelson 1909KentuckySon
{Family 170}
MaggieMagisterial District 3, Nelson 1860MichiganMother-in-law151
WillieMagisterial District 3, Nelson 1894KentuckyBrother-in-law
{Family 171}
BenMagisterial District 3, Nelson 1866KentuckyStepson151
Hettie HMagisterial District 3, Nelson 1896KentuckyStepdaughter
Omie OMagisterial District 3, Nelson 1899KentuckyStepdaughter
Henry BMagisterial District 3, Nelson 1901KentuckyStepson
Road RMagisterial District 3, Nelson 1904KentuckyStepson
Kattie LMagisterial District 3, Nelson 1906KentuckyStepdaughter
{Family 172}
Jim [Orin]Magisterial District 3, Nelson 1873MichiganHead151
LillianMagisterial District 3, Nelson 1878KentuckyWife
ClarenceMagisterial District 3, Nelson 1895KentuckySon
MaryMagisterial District 3, Nelson 1898KentuckyDaughter
RosiytaMagisterial District 3, Nelson 1904KentuckyDaughter
LillianMagisterial District 3, Nelson 1906KentuckyDaughter
ElsworthMagisterial District 3, Nelson 1909KentuckySon
{Family 173}
UnesMagisterial District 5, Nelson 1850KentuckyServant233
{Family 174}
William RMagisterial District 2, Nicholas 1900KentuckyFoster Child (Child)
{Family 175}
Surnames listed Carl
Magisterial District 4, Nicholas 1897KentuckyOrphan
{Family 176}
GeorgeMagisterial District 4, Oldham 1840KentuckyFather-in-law
{Family 177}
Haers [Hays]Forks, Pike 1887KentuckyNephew
{Family 178}
JackCaney, Pike 1866KentuckyHead
FrancisCaney, Pike 1865KentuckyWife
MainerCaney, Pike 1888KentuckySon
SpurlockCaney, Pike 1890KentuckySon
RebeccaCaney, Pike 1892KentuckyDaughter
BobCaney, Pike 1894KentuckySon
JasperCaney, Pike 1897KentuckySon
SpisyCaney, Pike 1899KentuckyDaughter
JackCaney, Pike 1901KentuckySon
{Family 179}
NewtonCaney, Pike 1873KentuckyHead
KateCaney, Pike 1880KentuckyWife
JackCaney, Pike 1897KentuckySon
Malley DCaney, Pike 1899KentuckyDaughter
Pricy MCaney, Pike 1901KentuckyDaughter
Cary JCaney, Pike 1903KentuckyDaughter
Nanie LCaney, Pike 1904KentuckyDaughter
Susan FCaney, Pike 1906KentuckyDaughter
Willie LCaney, Pike 1907KentuckySon
John HCaney, Pike 1908KentuckySon
{Family 180}
Geo CMT Olivet, Robertson 1856KentuckyFather
Mary EMT Olivet, Robertson 1861KentuckyMother
BessieMT Olivet, Robertson 1890KentuckySister
R LarueMT Olivet, Robertson 1893KentuckyBrother
MargieMT Olivet, Robertson 1897KentuckySister

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