CASE Families living in Kentucky in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
WilliamSphar, Clark 1884KentuckyBoarder144b
{Family 62}
JamesWinchester Ward 4, Clark 1846KentuckyHead
MaryWinchester Ward 4, Clark 1852OhioWife
{Family 63}
JamesPleasant Valley, Carter 1880KentuckyHead
LauraPleasant Valley, Carter 1889KentuckyWife
NoraPleasant Valley, Carter 1901KentuckyDaughter
AndyPleasant Valley, Carter 1889KentuckyBrother
{Family 64}
Melissa Pleasant Valley, Carter 1863KentuckyHead
JohnPleasant Valley, Carter 1891KentuckySon
HowardPleasant Valley, Carter 1894KentuckySon
RussiaPleasant Valley, Carter 1888KentuckyDaughter
{Family 65}
SamuelLittle South Fork, y 1861KentuckyHead
LizzieLittle South Fork, y 1862KentuckyWife
NannieLittle South Fork, y 1888KentuckyDaughter
LeviLittle South Fork, y 1891KentuckySon
HarrisonLittle South Fork, y 1894KentuckySon
{Family 66}
Sam MLittle South Fork, y 1872KentuckyHead
CoraLittle South Fork, y 1873KentuckyWife
DennisLittle South Fork, y 1896KentuckySon
PearlLittle South Fork, y 1905KentuckyDaughter
GusLittle South Fork, y 1908KentuckySon
{Family 67}
WadeLittle South Fork, y 1889KentuckyHead
MarthaLittle South Fork, y 1895KentuckyWife
{Family 68}
Jesse PMillers Creek, Estill 1858North CarolinaHead
Susan JMillers Creek, Estill 1862KentuckyWife
George EMillers Creek, Estill 1894KentuckySon
Samuel DMillers Creek, Estill 1896KentuckySon
Minnie AMillers Creek, Estill 1900KentuckyDaughter
Mandy GMillers Creek, Estill 1903KentuckyDaughter
RoyMillers Creek, Estill 1904KentuckySon
MertieMillers Creek, Estill 1905KentuckyDaughter
{Family 69}
JohnMillers Creek, Estill 1859North CarolinaHead196
ArninetaMillers Creek, Estill 1864KentuckyWife
EdMillers Creek, Estill 1892KentuckySon
JesseMillers Creek, Estill 1894KentuckySon
Lellie [Lillie]Millers Creek, Estill 1898KentuckyDaughter
RaymonMillers Creek, Estill 1900KentuckySon
DoraMillers Creek, Estill 1904KentuckyDaughter
ClaudieMillers Creek, Estill 1906KentuckySon
{Family 70}
VernonMillers Creek, Estill 1888KentuckyHead
EllenMillers Creek, Estill 1893KentuckyWife
RoscoeMillers Creek, Estill 1910KentuckySon
{Family 71}
James HMagisterial District 2, Daviess 1861 MinnesotaHead
ElizaMagisterial District 2, Daviess 1862IndianaWife
{Family 72}
SallieMagisterial District 4, Daviess 1857KentuckySister
{Family 73}
John WMagisterial District 7, Daviess 1862KentuckyHead
Louisa JMagisterial District 7, Daviess 1867KentuckyWife
Sarah CMagisterial District 7, Daviess 1896KentuckyDaughter
AndersonMagisterial District 7, Daviess 1891KentuckySon
ClaraMagisterial District 7, Daviess 1901KentuckyDaughter
MabelMagisterial District 7, Daviess 1904KentuckyDaughter
OraMagisterial District 7, Daviess 1906KentuckyDaughter
{Family 74}
Rueben TMagisterial District 7, Daviess 1873KentuckyHead
EdithMagisterial District 7, Daviess 1881KentuckyWife
GeorgiaMagisterial District 7, Daviess 1903KentuckyDaughter
LebdiaMagisterial District 7, Daviess 1904KentuckyDaughter
OwenMagisterial District 7, Daviess 1907KentuckySon
{Family 75}
HenryMagisterial District 8, Daviess 1866KentuckyHead
KateyMagisterial District 8, Daviess 1867KentuckyWife
JamesMagisterial District 8, Daviess 1895KentuckySon
{Family 76}
William W
Surnames listed Cose
Magisterial District 5, Fleming 1867IllinoisBoarder
HarmanMagisterial District 5, Fleming 1896IllinoisBoarder
{Family 77}
J WMagisterial District 6, Fleming 1854KentuckyHead
L EMagisterial District 6, Fleming 1858KentuckyWife
R FMagisterial District 6, Fleming 1892KentuckySon
C HMagisterial District 6, Fleming 1893KentuckySon
N DMagisterial District 6, Fleming 1895KentuckyDaughter
T KMagisterial District 6, Fleming 1900KentuckyDaughter
{Family 78}
IrvinLexington Ward 1, Fayette 1884KentuckyHead
BertieLexington Ward 1, Fayette 1883KentuckyWife
{Family 79}
FarraLexington Ward 2, Fayette 1890KentuckyNiece
{Family 80}
MyrtleLexington Ward 2, Fayette 1897KentuckyInmate
{Family 81}
LillianLexington Ward 2, Fayette 1900KentuckyInmate
{Family 82}
D WLexington Ward 3, Fayette 1841KentuckyHead181b
Virginia Reufro [Renfro]Lexington Ward 3, Fayette 1842KentuckyWife
William Vilgaile [Virgil]Lexington Ward 3, Fayette 1866KentuckySon
John BurrusLexington Ward 3, Fayette 1870KentuckySon
Daniel MorrisLexington Ward 3, Fayette 1878KentuckySon
{Family 83}
Jasper Lexington Ward 4, Fayette 1868KentuckyHead
Sophia Lexington Ward 4, Fayette 1887KentuckyWife
Lena M Lexington Ward 4, Fayette 1903KentuckyDaughter
{Family 84}
John TMagisterial District 8, Fayette 1853 KentuckyHead
MatildaMagisterial District 8, Fayette 1860IndianaWife
Willard EMagisterial District 8, Fayette 1885KentuckySon
{Family 85}
MaryMouth Mud, Floyd 1893KentuckyServant95b
{Family 86}
HenryMouth Mud, Floyd 1860KentuckyHead98
MaryMouth Mud, Floyd 1875KentuckyWife
LillieMouth Mud, Floyd 1907KentuckyDaughter
Oaley [Daley?]Mouth Mud, Floyd 1908KentuckySon
GanaMouth Mud, Floyd 1910KentuckyDaughter
{Family 87}
PhebyMouth Mud, Floyd 1866KentuckyHead165b
Conda [Cande?]Mouth Mud, Floyd 1896KentuckyDaughter
CharleyMouth Mud, Floyd 1901KentuckySon
{Family 88}
JacksonMouth Mud, Floyd 1889KentuckyHead
BelleMouth Mud, Floyd 1890KentuckyWife
WillieMouth Mud, Floyd 1904KentuckySon
MaryMouth Mud, Floyd 1906KentuckyDaughter
JamesMouth Mud, Floyd 1907KentuckySon
{Family 89}
Lorenzo D
Surnames listed Gase
Mouth Mud, Floyd 1870KentuckyHead
LuandaMouth Mud, Floyd 1877KentuckyWife
John HMouth Mud, Floyd 1899KentuckySon
Isaac LMouth Mud, Floyd 1900KentuckySon
Sidney BMouth Mud, Floyd 1903KentuckySon
{Family 90}
Henry C
Surnames listed Cose
Mouth Mud, Floyd 1877KentuckyHead
Eulla GMouth Mud, Floyd 1886KentuckyWife
LebburnMouth Mud, Floyd 1898KentuckySon
JohnMouth Mud, Floyd 1900KentuckySon

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