CASE Families living in Kansas in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 91}
Marcus PBlue Valley, Pottawatomie 1844DenmarkHead
MargretaBlue Valley, Pottawatomie 1848DenmarkWife
{Family 92}
Cora EErie, Neosho 1864MichiganCousin
{Family 93}
B FValley, Osborne 1886KansasHead
DoraValley, Osborne 1888KansasWife
C ErnestValley, Osborne 1905KansasSon
RubyValley, Osborne 1908KansasDaughter
William AValley, Osborne 1909KansasSon
{Family 94}
George WValley, Osborne 1872NebraskaHead
Myrtis MValley, Osborne 1879KansasWife
Matilda VValley, Osborne 1897KansasDaughter
V MaudeValley, Osborne 1898KansasDaughter
G VioletValley, Osborne 1899KansasDaughter
Ina MValley, Osborne 1901KansasDaughter
Fannie EValley, Osborne 1902KansasDaughter
Vesta AValley, Osborne 1903KansasDaughter
Elmer EValley, Osborne 1906KansasSon
Horace GValley, Osborne 1908KansasSon
{Family 95}
Lovina JNatoma, Osborne 1852IllinoisHead
InaNatoma, Osborne 1882KansasDaughter
NellieNatoma, Osborne 1892KansasDaughter
Dora ANatoma, Osborne 1894KansasDaughter
{Family 96}
ArthurLiberty, Osborne 1889KansasHead
LonaLiberty, Osborne 1891IowaWife
Marvel ALiberty, Osborne 1909KansasSon
ThomasLiberty, Osborne 1877KansasBrother
Amie ELiberty, Osborne 1875KansasSister-in-law
HazelLiberty, Osborne 1897KansasNiece
ClarenceLiberty, Osborne 1898KansasNephew
HarveyLiberty, Osborne 1900KansasNephew
LloydLiberty, Osborne 1907KansasNephew
{Family 97}
InaRound Mountain, Osborne 1882KansasServant
{Family 98}
Charles CBrowns Grove, Pawnee 1874New YorkHead
MargreteBrowns Grove, Pawnee 1880KansasWife
{Family 99}
Weslie OSumner, Phillips 1872IowaHead
Amelia ASumner, Phillips 1874MissouriWife
William ASumner, Phillips 1894MissouriSon
Lola ISumner, Phillips 1897MissouriDaughter
Roy LSumner, Phillips 1898MissouriSon
Walter RSumner, Phillips 1899MissouriSon
Marry ASumner, Phillips 1903MissouriDaughter
Roy LSumner, Phillips 1905KansasSon
EarlSumner, Phillips 1908KansasSon
{Family 100}
Alanzo [Alonzo]Plainview, Phillips 1878MissouriHead
Lenora PPlainview, Phillips 1881KansasWife
WilliePlainview, Phillips 1899KansasSon
LorenPlainview, Phillips 1901KansasSon
GlaydsPlainview, Phillips 1904KansasDaughter
GraciePlainview, Phillips 1909KansasDaughter
{Family 101}
JennyTowanda, Phillips 1852OhioHead
IsiacTowanda, Phillips 1888KansasSon
{Family 102}
George WTowanda, Phillips 1885KansasHead
Hattie BTowanda, Phillips 1891NebraskaWife
{Family 103}
Marrion W
Surnames listed Cast
Plum, Phillips 1867IowaHead
ElnoraPlum, Phillips 1873WisconsinWife
Earl Ira EPlum, Phillips 1891ColoradoSon
Clyde EPlum, Phillips 1893KansasSon
Agnes PPlum, Phillips 1899KansasDaughter
{Family 104}
Ira MPlum, Phillips 1863IowaHead
Jessie BPlum, Phillips 1861MissouriWife
Robert GPlum, Phillips 1892ColoradoSon
Milton VPlum, Phillips 1897KansasSon
{Family 105}
Laura E Hutchinson Ward 5, Reno 1879KansasBoarder115
J WHutchinson Ward 5, Reno 1880MissouriBoarder
{Family 106}
Surnames listed Dere
Union, Rice 1871MinnesotaHead
Lulu AUnion, Rice 1878MissouriWife
CliffordUnion, Rice 1901KansasSon
GuyUnion, Rice 1901KansasSon
HaroldUnion, Rice 1908KansasSon
RuthUnion, Rice 1909KansasDaughter
{Family 107}
Samuel E
Surnames listed Care
Lyons Ward 3, Rice 1861MinnesotaHead
EllenLyons Ward 3, Rice 1875IllinoisWife
Sylvester ULyons Ward 3, Rice 1896KansasSon
Rufus MLyons Ward 3, Rice 1900KansasSon
Alicia ELyons Ward 3, Rice 1904KansasDaughter
Raymond ELyons Ward 3, Rice 1907KansasSon
{Family 108}
Mallie [Mollie]Sterling, Rice 1870IllinoisHead
LydieSterling, Rice 1893KansasDaughter
PearlSterling, Rice 1896KansasSon
StellaSterling, Rice 1899KansasDaughter
WillisSterling, Rice 1904KansasSon
{Family 109}
AdamWashington, Rice 1858MissouriHead
Henry TWashington, Rice 1891KansasSon
{Family 110}
Ray S
Surnames listed Cose
Mitchell, Rice 1888KansasHead
GarlandMitchell, Rice 1889KansasWife
{Family 111}
John CMitchell, Rice 1867MinnesotaHead
IsabelMitchell, Rice 1873IllinoisWife
Edna JMitchell, Rice 1894KansasDaughter
Orris EMitchell, Rice 1895KansasSon
Marton AMitchell, Rice 1907KansasSon
Nettie CMitchell, Rice 1909KansasDaughter
{Family 112}
Sam F
Surnames listed Carre
Manhattan Ward 3, Riley 1850MissouriHead
Rebecca EManhattan Ward 3, Riley 1852IndianaWife
IvenManhattan Ward 3, Riley 1886MissouriDaughter
LulaManhattan Ward 3, Riley 1888MissouriDaughter
FranciesManhattan Ward 3, Riley 1893MissouriDaughter
{Family 113}
Thos AManhattan Ward 3, Riley 1886KansasHead
ParryManhattan Ward 3, Riley 1887KansasWife
{Family 114}
William TPlainville, Rooks 1862IowaHead
SarahPlainville, Rooks 1867IowaWife
ArthurPlainville, Rooks 1887KansasSon
EthelPlainville, Rooks 1891IowaDaughter
EdgarPlainville, Rooks 1893KansasSon
ArleighPlainville, Rooks 1897KansasSon
LeonaPlainville, Rooks 1900KansasDaughter
BerdaPlainville, Rooks 1904KansasDaughter
RupertPlainville, Rooks 1908KansasSon
{Family 115}
Elizabeth CGoodland Ward 1, Sherman 1848OhioHead
{Family 116}
John WRoanoke, Stanton 1884NebraskaHead
Ethel MRoanoke, Stanton 1890KansasWife
LoydRoanoke, Stanton 1908KansasSon
{Family 117}
Charles WSharon Springs, Wallace 1881IowaHead
Fannie ISharon Springs, Wallace 1890NebraskaWife
{Family 118}
EddEdwards, Wichita 1887IllinoisHead
{Family 119}
GeoOhio, Saline 1876KansasHead
HildaOhio, Saline 1877MassachusettsWife
BeulahOhio, Saline 1898KansasDaughter
MyraOhio, Saline 1901KansasDaughter
BufordOhio, Saline 1902KansasSon
{Family 120}
C BOhio, Saline 1843ConnecticutHead

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