CASE Families living in ks in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 121}
OmarMorton, Sedgwick 1867IndianaHead
MaryMorton, Sedgwick 1874IllinoisWife
MarthaMorton, Sedgwick 1897KansasDaughter
MarionMorton, Sedgwick 1906KansasSon
{Family 122}
John MMorton, Sedgwick 1859OhioHead
AddieMorton, Sedgwick 1868MarylandWife
ForestMorton, Sedgwick 1902KansasGrandson
FerrellMorton, Sedgwick 1904KansasGrandson
{Family 123}
George MValley Center, Sedgwick 1872 IllinoisHead
MargeryValley Center, Sedgwick 1849OhioWife
{Family 124}
Thomas CWichita Ward 1, Sedgwick 1859 OhioRoomer
{Family 125}
Isum BWichita Ward 1, Sedgwick 1866OhioHead
Estella FWichita Ward 1, Sedgwick 1867New YorkWife
Ninde FWichita Ward 1, Sedgwick 1903KansasSon
{Family 126}
Charles E
Surnames listed Coss
Wichita Ward 2, Sedgwick 1846MaineHead
Julia HWichita Ward 2, Sedgwick 1847New HampshireWife
{Family 127}
Arthur LWichita Ward 2, Sedgwick 1880MissouriHead
JuliaWichita Ward 2, Sedgwick 1876MissouriWife
AttaWichita Ward 2, Sedgwick 1902OklahomaDaughter
OlaWichita Ward 2, Sedgwick 1903OklahomaDaughter
EthelWichita Ward 2, Sedgwick 1909OklahomaDaughter
{Family 128}
John RWichita Ward 6, Sedgwick 1859IndianaHead
LydiaWichita Ward 6, Sedgwick 1875IllinoisWife
WilliamWichita Ward 6, Sedgwick 1895OklahomaSon
ElviniaWichita Ward 6, Sedgwick 1837IndianaMother
{Family 129}
Surnames listed Dase
Wichita Ward 6, Sedgwick 1886KansasHead
LucyWichita Ward 6, Sedgwick 1887NebraskaWife
Ivy MWichita Ward 6, Sedgwick 1906OklahomaDaughter
OtisWichita Ward 6, Sedgwick 1908OklahomaSon
JamesWichita Ward 6, Sedgwick 1883KansasBrother
{Family 130}
George FWichita Ward 6, Sedgwick 1871IllinoisHead152
MinaWichita Ward 6, Sedgwick 1877IndianaWife
Charles EWichita Ward 6, Sedgwick 1896IndianaSon
Russell FWichita Ward 6, Sedgwick 1898IllinoisSon
Madeline LWichita Ward 6, Sedgwick 1904WisconsinDaughter
Eloellinoe [Floellinor]Wichita Ward 6, Sedgwick 1909KansasDaughter
{Family 131}
Howard EWichita Ward 4, Sedgwick 1864New YorkHead
Sarah BWichita Ward 4, Sedgwick 1866PennsylvaniaWife
Margaret BWichita Ward 4, Sedgwick 1896KansasDaughter
Helen DWichita Ward 4, Sedgwick 1894KansasDaughter
Howard E JR.Wichita Ward 4, Sedgwick 1898KansasSon
LessleydWichita Ward 4, Sedgwick 1902KansasSon
{Family 132}
Frank SWichita Ward 5, Sedgwick 1867IllinoisHead
Anna EWichita Ward 5, Sedgwick 1870IllinoisWife
EstherWichita Ward 5, Sedgwick 1897IllinoisDaughter
Gracis JWichita Ward 5, Sedgwick 1903MissouriDaughter
Freeda NWichita Ward 5, Sedgwick 1906MissouriDaughter
{Family 133}
George W
Surnames listed Cose
Topeka, Shawnee 1852PennsylvaniaHead
Eunice HTopeka, Shawnee 1858OhioWife
Elsie ITopeka, Shawnee 1894KansasDaughter
Charles S Topeka, Shawnee 1896KansasSon
{Family 134}
ClarenceTopeka Ward 2, Shawnee 1889KansasBrother-in-law
{Family 135}
Lucia OTopeka Ward 6, Shawnee 1852New YorkHead
{Family 136}
ClaranceTopeka Ward 4, Shawnee 1855OhioHead
JudiaTopeka Ward 4, Shawnee 1866KansasWife
DessiceTopeka Ward 4, Shawnee 1889KansasDaughter
DudleyTopeka Ward 4, Shawnee 1890KansasSon
RoscoeTopeka Ward 4, Shawnee 1891KansasSon
LutherTopeka Ward 4, Shawnee 1894KansasSon
PauelTopeka Ward 4, Shawnee 1896KansasSon
FloydTopeka Ward 4, Shawnee 1898KansasSon
OleanTopeka Ward 4, Shawnee 1901KansasDaughter
CharleyTopeka Ward 4, Shawnee 1902KansasSon
JuliaTopeka Ward 4, Shawnee 1906OlahunaDaughter
{Family 137}
Lottie A
Surnames listed Carl
Topeka Ward 4, Shawnee 1846ConnecticutHead153b
Richard JTopeka Ward 4, Shawnee 1886KentuckyAdopted Son
Heler B [Helen]Topeka Ward 4, Shawnee 1890ConnecticutAdopted Daughter
{Family 138}
Thomas MBlaine, Smith 1876MissouriHead
Elizabeth FBlaine, Smith 1877KansasWife
Cecil ABlaine, Smith 1905KansasSon
MelvinBlaine, Smith 1908KansasSon
Clarence WBlaine, Smith 1910KansasSon
{Family 139}
SarahCenter, Smith 1870IndianaHead
JuliaCenter, Smith 1898KansasDaughter
{Family 140}
Larena A [Leroy]Wendall, Thomas 1886IowaHead206
Morrie PWendall, Thomas 1886IllinoisWife
Arol GWendall, Thomas 1906CaliforniaSon
{Family 141}
John FWendall, Thomas 1858IowaHead206
Margret EWendall, Thomas 1868IowaWife
Elsie AWendall, Thomas 1895IowaDaughter
Bessie AWendall, Thomas 1900IowaDaughter
Venus RWendall, Thomas 1903NebraskaDaughter
{Family 142}
C RMacKsville, Stafford 1844New YorkHead
AnnaMacKsville, Stafford 1843New YorkWife
{Family 143}
Henry JGuelph, Sumner 1865MissouriHead
Ella EGuelph, Sumner 1864MarylandWife
Wesley WGuelph, Sumner 1890KansasSon
Roy WGuelph, Sumner 1892KansasSon
Lulu MGuelph, Sumner 1895OklahomaDaughter
George AGuelph, Sumner 1900KansasSon
Earl EGuelph, Sumner 1902KansasSon
John BGuelph, Sumner 1903KansasSon
Alva EGuelph, Sumner 1906KansasSon
{Family 144}
MarthaWalton, Sumner 1863KentuckySister-in-law
BeulahWalton, Sumner 1905KansasNiece
{Family 145}
Franklin MWalton, Sumner 1859OhioHead
ElizabethWalton, Sumner 1874IowaWife
WilliamWalton, Sumner 1908KansasSon
{Family 146}
U OWellington Ward 3, Sumner 1858OhioHead
DoveWellington Ward 3, Sumner 1864West VirginiaWife
RoyWellington Ward 3, Sumner 1889KansasSon
MaudeWellington Ward 3, Sumner 1893KansasDaughter
EvaWellington Ward 3, Sumner 1899KansasDaughter
{Family 147}
Henry HWellington Ward 3, Sumner 1858IndianaHead
Cora EWellington Ward 3, Sumner 1863VermontWife
Oliver IWellington Ward 3, Sumner 1894KansasSon
Ray VWellington Ward 3, Sumner 1897KansasSon
Blanche JWellington Ward 3, Sumner 1900KansasDaughter
{Family 148}
SophiaWellington Ward 5, Sumner 1852GermanyHead
FannieWellington Ward 5, Sumner 1894KansasDaughter
{Family 149}
Surnames listed Cade
Alma, Wabaunsee 1841OhioHead
Mary MAlma, Wabaunsee 1859GermanyWife
{Family 150}
Mathew WGarfield, Wabaunsee 1843OhioHead
Helen AGarfield, Wabaunsee 1850OhioWife

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