CASE Families living in Kansas in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
Sheldon EOlathe, Johnson 1868KansasHead
Carrie AOlathe, Johnson 1868IllinoisWife
Ruth AlanOlathe, Johnson 1902KansasDaughter
HelenOlathe, Johnson 1904KansasDaughter
{Family 62}
NelsonOswego Ward 2, Labette 1846PennsylvaniaHead
Georgina ROswego Ward 2, Labette 1870IowaWife
Marion WOswego Ward 2, Labette 1901KansasDaughter
Hortence ROswego Ward 2, Labette 1903KansasDaughter
{Family 63}
James H
Surnames listed Care
Parsons Ward 4, Labette 1846New YorkHead
Sarah EParsons Ward 4, Labette 1846New HampshireWife
{Family 64}
France B [Frances]Chetopa Ward 1, Labette 1846New YorkHead15b
{Family 65}
Linnie Mary
Surname listed Cass
Mound Valley, Labette 1890KentuckyAdopted Daughter
{Family 66}
ClydeOrange, Lincoln 1890KansasHead219
{Family 67}
Charles WOrange, Lincoln 1859OhioFarm Hand
{Family 68}
ClydeOrange, Lincoln 1896KansasNephew
{Family 69}
C HFairmont, Leavenworth 1875MissouriHead
KathrineFairmont, Leavenworth 1889KansasWife
Paul KFairmont, Leavenworth 1909KansasSon
{Family 70}
Williard Leavenworth Ward 4, Leavenworth 1826PennsylvaniaHead
Catherine ELeavenworth Ward 4, Leavenworth 1838PennsylvaniaWife
TillieLeavenworth Ward 4, Leavenworth 1875KansasDaughter
WilliamLeavenworth Ward 4, Leavenworth 1873KansasSon
EdwardLeavenworth Ward 4, Leavenworth 1879KansasSon
{Family 71}
John H
Surnames listed Carl
Leavenworth Ward 6, Leavenworth 1838New JerseyHead
Sarah ALeavenworth Ward 6, Leavenworth 1845EnglandWife
John H JR.Leavenworth Ward 6, Leavenworth 1875KansasSon
{Family 72}
H H Blue Mound, Linn 1870KansasHead
MayBlue Mound, Linn 1873KansasWife
ClintonBlue Mound, Linn 1892KansasSon
CecilBlue Mound, Linn 1895OklahomaDaughter
NewtonBlue Mound, Linn 1899KansasSon
{Family 73}
Irene S McAllaster, Logan 1900 MissouriStep Son
GravesMcAllaster, Logan 1902KansasStep Daughter
{Family 74}
Surname listed Carl
Winona, Logan 1890MissouriBoarder
{Family 75}
F W [G W]
Surnames listed Carl
Elmendaro, Lyon 1865WisconsinHead
Lizzie MElmendaro, Lyon 1872KansasWife
WallaceElmendaro, Lyon 1898KansasSon
BessieElmendaro, Lyon 1900KansasDaughter
PaulElmendaro, Lyon 1907KansasSon
{Family 76}
Surname listed Casf
Elmendaro, Lyon 1845GermanyHead
{Family 77}
AmadeaEmporia Ward 2, Lyon 1880OhioNurse129b
{Family 78}
RosseMarion Ward 3, Marion 1872KansasHead52b
Emma EMarion Ward 3, Marion 1872Pennsylvania[reported Head]Wife
Alexander HMarion Ward 3, Marion 1899KansasSon
Comme LMarion Ward 3, Marion 1901KansasDaughter
ClariceMarion Ward 3, Marion 1905KansasDaughter
{Family 79}
Surnames listed Cass
Blue Rapids City, Marshall 1864IowaHead
AgnessBlue Rapids City, Marshall 1881NebraskaWife
LeonardBlue Rapids City, Marshall 1907KansasSon
Leona MBlue Rapids City, Marshall 1908KansasDaughter
{Family 80}
Surname listed Cose
Osawatomie Ward 1, Miami 1878MissouriPatient
{Family 81}
John Osawatomie, Miami 1865MichiganHead
Isabelle Osawatomie, Miami 1870IllinoisWife
John L Osawatomie, Miami 1892KansasSon
Frank Osawatomie, Miami 1894KansasSon
Eugene Osawatomie, Miami 1896KansasSon
Ida Belle Osawatomie, Miami 1901KansasDaughter
Chas Osawatomie, Miami 1905KansasSon
{Family 82}
Thomas ECoffeyville Ward 2, Montgomery 1861IllinoisHead
ArtimiciaCoffeyville Ward 2, Montgomery 1863OhioWife
Stella MCoffeyville Ward 2, Montgomery 1887KansasDaughter
FloydCoffeyville Ward 2, Montgomery 1892KansasSon
Ivan CCoffeyville Ward 2, Montgomery 1895KansasSon
Clyde HCoffeyville Ward 2, Montgomery 1899KansasSon
Jessie FCoffeyville Ward 2, Montgomery 1902KansasSon
{Family 83}
William ECherryvale Ward 2, Montgomery 1849VermontHead
Low WCherryvale Ward 2, Montgomery 1853OhioWife
{Family 84}
Surname listed Cars
Independence Ward 3, Montgomery 1892KentuckyRoomer
{Family 85}
Sidney M
Surnames listed Cose
Almena, Norton 1851PennsylvaniaHead
Phoebe A Almena, Norton 1852New HampshireWife
LulaAlmena, Norton 1893KansasAdopted Daughter
Charles Almena, Norton 1891KansasAdopted Son
{Family 86}
LillieNorton Ward 2, Norton 1890KansasDaughter
ClydeNorton Ward 2, Norton 1882KansasSon-in-law
ThelmaNorton Ward 2, Norton 1909KansasGranddaughter
{Family 87}
Leelee [Lulu]
Surname listed Cose
Center, Norton 1893KansasCousin
{Family 88}
Everett SWest Union, Norton 1881KansasHead
Annis MWest Union, Norton 1891MichiganWife
Alfred EWest Union, Norton 1907KansasSon
Harry LWest Union, Norton 1909KansasSon
{Family 89}
John L
Surnames listed Caro
Belvue, Pottawatomie 1864 PennsylvaniaHead
AnnieBelvue, Pottawatomie 1846PennsylvaniaSister
LilleBelvue, Pottawatomie 1848PennsylvaniaSister
{Family 90}
Robert F
Surnames listed Lese
Belvue, Pottawatomie 1862PennsylvaniaHead
NettieBelvue, Pottawatomie 1872IndianaWife

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