CASE Families living in Iowa in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 181}
Lacy ECreston Ward 2, Union 1882IowaServant
{Family 182}
Surnames listed Carl
Lincoln, Union 1848New JerseyHead
Charles HLincoln, Union 1887IowaSon
Mary ELincoln, Union 1889IowaDaughter-in-law
{Family 183}
Roy CPlatte, Union 1879IowaHead
CalaPlatte, Union 1881WisconsinWife
EugenePlatte, Union 1908IowaDaughter
{Family 184}
Surnames listed Cass
Ottumwa Ward 4, Wapello 1836MissouriHead
Jane WOttumwa Ward 4, Wapello 1853KentuckyWife
Ulta I Ottumwa Ward 4, Wapello 1881IowaDaughter
Ora SOttumwa Ward 4, Wapello 1885IowaDaughter
{Family 185}
Hosca A [Hosea]Washington Ward 2, Washington 1860WisconsinHead
Annie AWashington Ward 2, Washington 1860MinnesotaWife
RalphWashington Ward 2, Washington 1895North DakotaSon
LouisWashington Ward 2, Washington 1901WisconsinSon
{Family 186}
Agustus DSeymour Ward 3, Wayne 1833IndianaHead
{Family 187}
Austie Washington, Webster 1868IowaHead
AliceWashington, Webster 1870PennsylvaniaWife
AdaWashington, Webster 1893IowaDaughter
{Family 188}
John LFort Dodge Ward 2, Webster 1873IndianaHead
IdaFort Dodge Ward 2, Webster 1875IowaWife
Clarance GFort Dodge Ward 2, Webster 1895IowaSon
Dora EFort Dodge Ward 2, Webster 1898IowaDaughter
Gertrude JFort Dodge Ward 2, Webster 1900IowaDaughter
Elmer EFort Dodge Ward 2, Webster 1905IowaSon
{Family 189}
C DFort Dodge Ward 3, Webster 1861New YorkHead
Nettie EFort Dodge Ward 3, Webster 1869IowaWife
{Family 190}
AnnaArlington, Woodbury 1850PennsylvaniaHead
CharlotteArlington, Woodbury 1888IowaDaughter
{Family 191}
PercyArlington, Woodbury 1877IowaHead
AnnaArlington, Woodbury 1875NebraskaWife
FrancesArlington, Woodbury 1908IowaDaughter
{Family 192}
DoraWoodbury, Woodbury 1891WisconsinBoarder
{Family 193}
FrendWoodbury, Woodbury 1869IowaHead
Laura AWoodbury, Woodbury 1875IowaWife
HubertWoodbury, Woodbury 1894IowaSon
VidaWoodbury, Woodbury 1897IowaDaughter
BernardWoodbury, Woodbury 1900IowaSon
HowardWoodbury, Woodbury 1904IowaSon
{Family 194}
ErnestSioux Ward 2, Woodbury 1845New YorkBoarder
{Family 195}
Reuben E
Surnames listed Cass
Sioux Ward 3, Woodbury 1885IowaHead
Edith Sioux Ward 3, Woodbury 1887MinnesotaWife
FermSioux Ward 3, Woodbury 1906IowaDaughter
Edna Sioux Ward 3, Woodbury 1908IowaDaughter
{Family 196}
Ray E Sioux, Woodbury 1884IowaHead
Annie Sioux, Woodbury 1883GermanyWife
Charles Sioux, Woodbury 1833New YorkFather
{Family 197}
Chas PSioux Ward 3, Woodbury 1857MassachusettsHead
Anna JSioux Ward 3, Woodbury 1859MassachusettsWife
Lucy MSioux Ward 3, Woodbury 1881NebraskaDaughter
Olive PSioux Ward 3, Woodbury 1888NebraskaDaughter
Helen JSioux Ward 3, Woodbury 1891NebraskaDaughter
Francis NSioux Ward 3, Woodbury 1896MassachusettsDaughter
Doris ASioux Ward 3, Woodbury 1901IowaDaughter
{Family 198}
Jane M
Surname listed Pase
Sioux Ward 3, Woodbury 1860IowaHead
{Family 199}
M Eugene
Surname listed Hearl
Sioux Ward 4, Woodbury 1879WisconsinHead29b
Laurette S [Lauraetta]
Surname listed Care
Sioux Ward 4, Woodbury 1883IllinoisWife
{Family 200}
Surname listed Cass
Sioux Ward 6, Woodbury 1841New YorkMother
{Family 201}
Lawrance W [Laurence?]Sioux, Woodbury 1878OhioHead
Arvilla KSioux, Woodbury 1884NebraskaWife
Joseph CSioux, Woodbury 1901NebraskaSon
Harris ASioux, Woodbury 1903NebraskaSon
{Family 202}
FrankClarion, Wright 1859WisconsinHead
Eliza HClarion, Wright 1860WisconsinWife
Amy MClarion, Wright 1890IowaDaughter
FloydClarion, Wright 1896IowaSon
{Family 203}
Surnames listed Care
Clarion, Wright 1866WisconsinHead
Florence AClarion, Wright 1866WisconsinWife
FayClarion, Wright 1893IowaDaughter
HazelClarion, Wright 1899IowaDaughter
{Family 204}
Mack B Pleasant, Wright 1836New YorkHead
M EmmaPleasant, Wright 1840New YorkWife

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