CASE Families living in Iowa in 1910.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Stella M
Surnames listed Cass
Union, Adair 1885IowaHead
Lesle OUnion, Adair 1907IowaSon
Laquetta LUnion, Adair 1908IowaDaughter
{Family 2}
Wm EGrant, Adams 1868IowaHead
Jennie BGrant, Adams 1871IllinoisWife
Albert RGrant, Adams 1892IowaSon
Charles LGrant, Adams 1895IowaSon
Ralph HGrant, Adams 1902IowaSon
Mary JGrant, Adams 1908IowaDaughter
O BGrant, Adams 1837IndianaFather
{Family 3}
John WMercer, Adams 1871IowaHead
Atta VMercer, Adams 1876IowaWife
LloydMercer, Adams 1901IowaSon
PearlMercer, Adams 1905IowaSon
RoyMercer, Adams 1907IowaSon
{Family 4}
Thomas JUdell, Appanoose 1863IndianaHead
Della FUdell, Appanoose 1870IowaWife
Gale DUdell, Appanoose 1894NebraskaDaughter
MaeUdell, Appanoose 1902IowaDaughter
{Family 5}
Surnames listed Cass
Belle Plaine Ward 2, Benton 1859IowaHead
IdaBelle Plaine Ward 2, Benton 1868IowaWife
ClaraBelle Plaine Ward 2, Benton 1889IowaDaughter
WarrenBelle Plaine Ward 2, Benton 1892IowaSon
FrankBelle Plaine Ward 2, Benton 1895IowaSon
RuthBelle Plaine Ward 2, Benton 1897IowaDaughter
HerbertBelle Plaine Ward 2, Benton 1899IowaSon
MargaretBelle Plaine Ward 2, Benton 1901IowaDaughter
LouiseBelle Plaine Ward 2, Benton 1903IowaDaughter
LeonaBelle Plaine Ward 2, Benton 1904IowaDaughter
DorothyBelle Plaine Ward 2, Benton 1907IowaDaughter
{Family 6}
Earnest DCanton, Benton 1862OhioHead
Charlotte ACanton, Benton 1867IndianaWife
Franklin ACanton, Benton 1889IowaSon
Harold DCanton, Benton 1896IowaSon
Veonon NCanton, Benton 1901IowaSon
Hugh ECanton, Benton 1904IowaSon
{Family 7}
Joe L
Surnames listed Carr
Canton, Benton, IAabt 1862IllinoisHead58b
Mary JCanton, Benton, IAabt 1863MissouriWife59
Verna MCanton, Benton, IAabt 1895IllinoisDaughter
Verts M [Vesta]Canton, Benton, IAabt 1898IllinoisDaughter
Joe. Ire [Joe. Ira]Canton, Benton, IAabt 1901IllinoisSon
IreneCanton, Benton, IAabt 1905IowaDaughter
Stevart E [Stewart]Canton, Benton 1856IllinoisBrother
{Family 8}
Nelson BCanton, Benton 1825PennsylvaniaHead59b
Annie LCanton, Benton 1867GermanyDaughter
Bepian B [Benjamin]Canton, Benton 1887IowaGrandson
Buetour A [Bertner]Canton, Benton 1890IowaGrandson
{Family 9}
Charles ELeroy, Benton 1828New YorkHead
MargaretLeroy, Benton 1841IllinoisWife
NettieLeroy, Benton 1880IowaDaughter
{Family 10}
Surnames listed Care
Cedar Falls, Black Hawk 1846PennsylvaniaHead
AnnaCedar Falls, Black Hawk 1864AustriaWife
FlorenceCedar Falls, Black Hawk 1898IowaDaughter
{Family 11}
AmandaCedar Falls, Black Hawk 1844OhioHead
Clara ECedar Falls, Black Hawk 1885IowaDaughter
Emma BCedar Falls, Black Hawk 1876IowaDaughter
{Family 12}
FrankWaterloo Ward 2, Black Hawk 1870PennsylvaniaHead
MertleWaterloo Ward 2, Black Hawk 1883WisconsinWife
ManhardWaterloo Ward 2, Black Hawk 1903IowaSon
{Family 13}
Marie BWaterloo Ward 2, Black Hawk 1902IowaStep Daughter
Hazel MWaterloo Ward 2, Black Hawk 1901IowaStep Daughter
{Family 14}
Leon BWaterloo Ward 2, Black Hawk 1881IowaHead
MabelWaterloo Ward 2, Black Hawk 1888NebraskaWife
{Family 15}
Lafaytte W [Lafayette]Orange, Black Hawk 1845ConnecticutHead
Jean MOrange, Black Hawk 1856New YorkWife
Lafayette W JROrange, Black Hawk 1879IllinoisSon
Jean KOrange, Black Hawk 1882IllinoisDaughter
Wm MOrange, Black Hawk 1885IllinoisSon
ElenorOrange, Black Hawk 1888IllinoisDaughter
Dorothy SOrange, Black Hawk 1893IllinoisDaughter
A WesleyOrange, Black Hawk 1899IllinoisSon
{Family 16}
Addison R Waterloo Ward 4, Black Hawk 1868PennsylvaniaRoomer154b
{Family 17}
Louis BWaterloo Ward 4, Black Hawk 1857IowaHead
{Family 18}
Minerva MWaterloo Ward 4, Black Hawk 1861OhioHead
Robert LWaterloo Ward 4, Black Hawk 1888IowaSon
Iva MWaterloo Ward 4, Black Hawk 1889IowaDaughter
Edward MWaterloo Ward 4, Black Hawk 1897IowaSon
{Family 19}
Fred B
Surnames listed Cass
Boone Ward 2, Boone 1871IowaHead
DaisyBoone Ward 2, Boone 1880TexasWife
CarolBoone Ward 2, Boone 1899LouisianaSon
WillieBoone Ward 2, Boone 1901LouisianaSon
SusieBoone Ward 2, Boone 1903IowaDaughter
JackBoone Ward 2, Boone 1905IowaSon
SarahBoone Ward 2, Boone 1907IowaDaughter
ThomasBoone Ward 2, Boone 1909IowaSon
{Family 20}
Harley DDouglas, Boone 1864IowaHead
StellaDouglas, Boone 1863IowaWife
GlenDouglas, Boone 1906IowaSon
{Family 21}
HarrietWarren, Bremer 1853New YorkHead
DanielWarren, Bremer 1856New YorkBrother
Hudson HWarren, Bremer 1864IowaBrother
{Family 22}
Louis Waverly Ward 3, Bremer 1835New YorkHead
Minnie N Waverly Ward 3, Bremer 1852MaineWife
{Family 23}
JuliaWaverly Ward 3, Bremer 1829New YorkHead188
JennieWaverly Ward 3, Bremer 1855IowaDaughter-in-law
{Family 24}
Albert AStorm Lake, Buena Vista 1861IndianaHead167b
Archie BStorm Lake, Buena Vista 1893IowaSon
{Family 25}
Benson CBeaver, Butler 1835PennsylvaniaHead
JennieBeaver, Butler 1852OhioWife
Walter SBeaver, Butler 1891KansasSon
{Family 26}
Davina M [Darius]Beaver, Butler 1841PennsylvaniaHead13
ElizabethBeaver, Butler 1845MichiganWife
Elwin CBeaver, Butler 1876IowaAdopted Son
{Family 27}
Surnames listed Cose
Cedar, Calhoun 1865IllinoisHead
JuliaCedar, Calhoun 1875MinnesotaWife
ClaraCedar, Calhoun 1899IowaDaughter
LynneCedar, Calhoun 1901IowaDaughter
KennethCedar, Calhoun 1902IowaSon
HelenCedar, Calhoun 1905IowaDaughter
MargaretCedar, Calhoun 1908IowaDaughter
JamesCedar, Calhoun 1909IdahoSon
{Family 28}
Joe AGreenfield, Calhoun 1874IowaLodger
{Family 29}
Susan AJasper, Carroll 1845OhioMother-in-law
{Family 30}
Surnames listed Care
Atlantic Ward 3, Cass 1851KentuckyHead
Abbie CareAtlantic Ward 3, Cass 1880IowaCousin

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