CASE Families living in Iowa in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 151}
J ADes Moines Ward 7, Polk 1857IllinoisHead
FannyDes Moines Ward 7, Polk 1875MissouriWife
PercyDes Moines Ward 7, Polk 1894IowaSon
IreneDes Moines Ward 7, Polk 1896IowaDaughter
VirgilDes Moines Ward 7, Polk 1899IowaSon
ChesterDes Moines Ward 7, Polk 1900IowaSon
HazelDes Moines Ward 7, Polk 1903IowaDaughter
{Family 152}
Surnames listed Care
Des Moines Ward 7, Polk 1891IowaDaughter
JayDes Moines Ward 7, Polk 1886IowaSon-in-law
{Family 153}
CharlesLayton, Pottawattamie 1875IowaHead
NellieLayton, Pottawattamie 1885IowaWife
LoreneLayton, Pottawattamie 1909IowaDaughter
{Family 154}
WinfieldMacEdonia, Pottawattamie 1887IowaBoarder
{Family 155}
FrankCouncil Bluffs Ward 3, Pottawattamie 1860OhioHead
KatherineCouncil Bluffs Ward 3, Pottawattamie 1863OhioWife
LesliaCouncil Bluffs Ward 3, Pottawattamie 1889KansasDaughter
SohrCouncil Bluffs Ward 3, Pottawattamie 1893NebraskaSon
VerdellCouncil Bluffs Ward 3, Pottawattamie 1895IllinoisDaughter
VernonCouncil Bluffs Ward 3, Pottawattamie 1901IllinoisSon
{Family 156}
FrankCouncil Bluffs Ward 3, Pottawattamie 1867IowaHead
MaggieCouncil Bluffs Ward 3, Pottawattamie 1873IllinoisWife
Charles FCouncil Bluffs Ward 3, Pottawattamie 1893IowaSon
Ira JCouncil Bluffs Ward 3, Pottawattamie 1895IowaSon
Edna MCouncil Bluffs Ward 3, Pottawattamie 1898IowaDaughter
Ruth MCouncil Bluffs Ward 3, Pottawattamie 1899IowaDaughter
Arthur LCouncil Bluffs Ward 3, Pottawattamie 1902IowaSon
{Family 157}
Nathen N [Nathan B]Council Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie 1860IowaHead
Amanda RCouncil Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie 1872SwedenWife
{Family 158}
Christopher CCouncil Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie 1850PennsylvaniaHead
Elizabeth SCouncil Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie 1851ArkansasWife
LelandCouncil Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie 1895IowaSon
{Family 159}
Guy JCouncil Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie 1880IowaHead
BessieCouncil Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie 1875IowaWife
MagdaleneCouncil Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie 1900IowaDaughter
{Family 160}
William HCouncil Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie 1844IowaHead
Eliza J MCouncil Bluffs Ward 4, Pottawattamie 1842OhioWife
{Family 161}
Gurdon CCouncil Bluffs Ward 5, Pottawattamie 1845OhioHead112b
{Family 162}
HomerCouncil Bluffs Ward 5, Pottawattamie 1870IowaHead
AnnisCouncil Bluffs Ward 5, Pottawattamie 1867IowaWife
RoyCouncil Bluffs Ward 5, Pottawattamie 1897IowaSon
AdaCouncil Bluffs Ward 5, Pottawattamie 1898IowaDaughter
JamesCouncil Bluffs Ward 5, Pottawattamie 1907IowaSon
{Family 163}
AnnaCouncil Bluffs Ward 6, Pottawattamie 1847SwedenHead
EmilyCouncil Bluffs Ward 6, Pottawattamie 1883IowaDaughter
William DCouncil Bluffs Ward 6, Pottawattamie 1889IowaSon
{Family 164}
E T [E F]Grinnell Ward 2, Poweshiek 1865IllinoisHead
Eula JR.Grinnell Ward 2, Poweshiek 1884IowaDaughter
HalaGrinnell Ward 2, Poweshiek 1885KansasDaughter
{Family 165}
Harry E
Surnames listed Cora
Grinnell Ward 3, Poweshiek 1885IowaHead
Ethel VGrinnell Ward 3, Poweshiek 1881IowaWife
Symon GGrinnell Ward 3, Poweshiek 1910IowaSon
{Family 166}
George WGrinnell Ward 3, Poweshiek 1866IllinoisHead
EllaGrinnell Ward 3, Poweshiek 1870IowaWife
AlvinGrinnell Ward 3, Poweshiek 1898IowaSon
VirgilGrinnell Ward 3, Poweshiek 1908IowaSon
EmoryGrinnell Ward 3, Poweshiek 1841OhioFather
{Family 167}
Joseph WSugar Creek, Poweshiek 1851IowaHead
Ida ESugar Creek, Poweshiek 1862MinnesotaWife
Charley WSugar Creek, Poweshiek 1894IowaSon
{Family 168}
HowardCoon Valley, Sac 1873WisconsinBoarder
{Family 169}
Surname listed Cass
Liberty, Scott 1879South DakotaHired Man
{Family 170}
George WDavenport Ward 3, Scott 1855IllinoisHead
{Family 171}
R A (DR.)Davenport Ward 4, Scott 1874IowaHead
Bertha LDavenport Ward 4, Scott 1879IllinoisWife
{Family 172}
NancyDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1835OhioMother
{Family 173}
WilliamDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1868RussiaHead
Betsey BDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1869RussiaWife
EvaDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1891New YorkDaughter
AbrahamDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1893New YorkSon
EthelDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1894New YorkDaughter
Isadore PDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1896New YorkSon
SadieDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1898New YorkDaughter
BenjaminDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1904New YorkSon
PaulDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1907IowaSon
{Family 174}
MelvinDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1874MichiganHead
LillieDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1877NebraskaWife
Le RoyDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1897NebraskaSon
HelenDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1900NebraskaDaughter
EdwardDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1904IowaSon
SelmaDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1908IowaDaughter
DorothyDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1910IowaDaughter
{Family 175}
BertDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1874IowaHead
AnnaDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1873ColoradoWife
LauraDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1896IowaDaughter
LouisDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1897IowaSon
CharlesDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1899IowaSon
CorineDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1903IowaDaughter
John EDavenport Ward 5, Scott 1905IowaSon
{Family 176}
Ellen M
Surnames listed Coar
Davenport Ward 6, Scott 1833MichiganHead
Katie EDavenport Ward 6, Scott 1870IowaDaughter
{Family 177}
Joseph M
Surnames listed Cash
Hawarden Ward 2, Sioux 1888IowaHead
Lottie A Hawarden Ward 2, Sioux 1891IowaWife
{Family 178}
Surnames listed Pase
Salt Creek, Tama 1880IowaDaughter
LoisSalt Creek, Tama 1901IowaGranddaughter
Paul RSalt Creek, Tama 1905IowaGrandson
{Family 179}
Lemuel GSalt Creek, Tama 1864IowaHead
Louise ESalt Creek, Tama 1866IowaWife
Lulery SSalt Creek, Tama 1888IowaSon
Glen ESalt Creek, Tama 1895IowaSon
Kenneth GSalt Creek, Tama 1899IowaSon
Fay CSalt Creek, Tama 1903IowaDaughter
{Family 180}
ArthurCreston Ward 1, Union 1876IllinoisHead
CinderellaCreston Ward 1, Union 1881IowaWife
InezCreston Ward 1, Union 1901IowaDaughter
GlenCreston Ward 1, Union 1903IowaSon

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