CASE Families living in Iowa in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 121}
PhineasOsage Ward 3, Mitchell 1824New YorkBoarder
{Family 122}
William HJenkins, Mitchell 1886KansasHead
Alice BJenkins, Mitchell 1879WisconsinWife
Gladys PJenkins, Mitchell 1902IowaDaughter
Stanley WJenkins, Mitchell 1905IowaSon
Harold CJenkins, Mitchell 1907IowaSon
Thelma MJenkins, Mitchell 1909IowaDaughter
{Family 123}
Harry FWashington, Montgomery 1892IowaHead
{Family 124}
Perry P
Surname listed Cose
Wapsinonoc, Muscatine 1846OhioHead
{Family 125}
Thomas D
Surnames listed Care
Amity, Page 1844IowaHead
Clara AAmity, Page 1869OhioWife
Harry FAmity, Page 1892IowaSon
Clara EAmity, Page 1904WashingtonDaughter
{Family 126}
Porter M
Surnames listed Cass
Amity, Page 1880IowaHead
Mary EAmity, Page 1878IowaWife
Forest EAmity, Page 1902IowaSon
William L Amity, Page 1903IowaSon
Vera N Amity, Page 1904IowaDaughter
George L Amity, Page 1906IowaSon
Thomas PAmity, Page 1907IowaSon
{Family 127}
Glen EShenandoah Ward 1, Page 1896NebraskaStep Son
{Family 128}
H MEmmetsburg Ward 2, Palo Alto 1842IowaHead
MRS. IreneEmmetsburg Ward 2, Palo Alto 1843IllinoisWife
{Family 129}
Lineon A [Licoln]Lotts Creek, Ringgold 1863IowaHead234b
LusellaLotts Creek, Ringgold 1870MissouriWife
Enna G [Emma or Euna?]Lotts Creek, Ringgold 1900IowaDaughter
Ila RLotts Creek, Ringgold 1892IowaDaughter
William RLotts Creek, Ringgold 1894IowaSon
Nelva PLotts Creek, Ringgold 1896IowaDaughter
Homer FLotts Creek, Ringgold 1898IowaSon
Zela ELotts Creek, Ringgold 1903IowaDaughter
Nina RLotts Creek, Ringgold 1909IowaDaughter
Joanna MLotts Creek, Ringgold 1905IowaDaughter
Alpha LLotts Creek, Ringgold 1907IowaDaughter
{Family 130}
Eranis D
Surnames listed Cade
Mount Ayr, Ringgold 1855OhioHead254
Kate AMount Ayr, Ringgold 1859IowaWife
{Family 131}
Samuel B Mount Ayr, Ringgold 1883IowaHead254
Jessie LMount Ayr, Ringgold 1886IowaWife
Dortha LMount Ayr, Ringgold 1909IowaDaughter
Elsie HMount Ayr, Ringgold 1910IowaDaughter
{Family 132}
Surnames listed Care
Garfield, Plymouth 1865MissouriHead
Kate AGarfield, Plymouth 1869IllinoisWife
May GGarfield, Plymouth 1893IowaDaughter
Arthur MGarfield, Plymouth 1894IowaSon
Eva BGarfield, Plymouth 1899IowaDaughter
Violet LGarfield, Plymouth 1901IowaDaughter
Harry PGarfield, Plymouth 1904IowaSon
{Family 133}
Surnames listed Care
Garfield, Plymouth 1871IowaHead
Grace IGarfield, Plymouth 1878IowaWife
Heber GGarfield, Plymouth 1897IowaSon
Harold OGarfield, Plymouth 1898IowaSon
Ernest RGarfield, Plymouth 1900IowaSon
Clara AGarfield, Plymouth 1902IowaDaughter
Elna LGarfield, Plymouth 1907IowaDaughter
{Family 134}
Worth H
Surnames listed ??Are
Garfield, Plymouth 1856New YorkHead
Louise FGarfield, Plymouth 1871IllinoisWife
GrantGarfield, Plymouth 1892IowaSon
William MGarfield, Plymouth 1897IowaSon
Bessie RGarfield, Plymouth 1901IowaDaughter
Harold TGarfield, Plymouth 1902IowaSon
{Family 135}
Surname listed Cass
Henry, Plymouth 1868EnglandHead133
Surname listed Cass
Henry, Plymouth 1895CanadaWife
GeorgeHenry, Plymouth 1895IowaSon133b
OscarHenry, Plymouth 1897IowaSon
MargaretHenry, Plymouth 1898IowaDaughter
RuthHenry, Plymouth 1901IowaDaughter
{Family 136}
EttaBeaver, Polk 1867IowaDaughter
{Family 137}
TruemanCrocker, Polk 1861ConnecticutBoarder
{Family 138}
Surname listed Care
Douglas, Polk 1890KansasBoarder
{Family 139}
Huston L Webster, Polk 1845PennsylvaniaHead
Sarah E Webster, Polk 1845PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 140}
William H
Surnames listed Cass
Valley, Polk 1869IowaHead
Bertha Valley, Polk 1880IowaWife
{Family 141}
Ward GDes Moines Ward 1, Polk 1868MarylandHead
Nija LDes Moines Ward 1, Polk 1883IowaWife
{Family 142}
George M
Surnames listed Care
Des Moines Ward 2, Polk 1858IndianaHead
Martha EDes Moines Ward 2, Polk 1858OhioWife
Raymond ADes Moines Ward 2, Polk 1890IowaSon
George VDes Moines Ward 2, Polk 1891IowaSon
{Family 143}
BertDes Moines Ward 2, Polk 1888IowaHead
FayDes Moines Ward 2, Polk 1889MissouriWife
Elmore RDes Moines Ward 2, Polk 1907IowaSon
Dorris VDes Moines Ward 2, Polk 1908IowaDaughter
{Family 144}
AltaDes Moines Ward 4, Polk 1884IowaDaughter
GlenDes Moines Ward 4, Polk 1904IowaGrandson
{Family 145}
George CDes Moines Ward 4, Polk 1887OhioRoomer
{Family 146}
CarlosDes Moines Ward 4, Polk 1835OhioHead
HanceyDes Moines Ward 4, Polk 1835IndianaWife
{Family 147}
Frank SDes Moines Ward 4, Polk 1859MissouriHead
CoraDes Moines Ward 4, Polk 1852IndianaWife
{Family 148}
James DDes Moines Ward 5, Polk 1873IowaHead
CoraDes Moines Ward 5, Polk 1879MinnesotaWife
ClarenceDes Moines Ward 5, Polk 1897IowaSon
HerbertDes Moines Ward 5, Polk 1903IowaSon
MerleDes Moines Ward 5, Polk 1908IowaSon
GeorgeDes Moines Ward 5, Polk 1908IowaSon
{Family 149}
JosephDes Moines Ward 6, Polk 1879IowaHead
SusanDes Moines Ward 6, Polk 1882IowaWife
Joseph ADes Moines Ward 6, Polk 1903IowaSon
GeraldDes Moines Ward 6, Polk 1907IowaSon
EarnestDes Moines Ward 6, Polk 1886IowaNephew
{Family 150}
JennieDes Moines Ward 7, Polk 1886IowaDaughter

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