CASE Families living in Iowa in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 91}
L S Center, Henry 1863IowaHead66
LeonaCenter, Henry 1870IndianaWife
Chles [Chleo]Center, Henry 1889IowaDaughter
LinnCenter, Henry 1898IowaSon
EmmettCenter, Henry 1901IowaSon
{Family 92}
Luella Grove, Humboldt 1895IowaStep Daughter
{Family 93}
Surname listed Care
Weaver, Humboldt 1898 [1891]IowaHired Girl
{Family 94}
Surname listed Luse
Rock, Lyon 1884IowaBoarder
{Family 95}
HowardNewton Ward 3, Jasper 1837ConnecticutHead
{Family 96}
TheodoreCedar, Jefferson 1841OhioHead
Clark ACedar, Jefferson 1859IowaWife
{Family 97}
WilliamRound Prairie, Jefferson 1832IowaHead
Eva RRound Prairie, Jefferson 1875IowaDaughter
Marshall ERound Prairie, Jefferson 1877IowaSon
Minnie FRound Prairie, Jefferson 1878IowaDaughter-in-law
Frank HRound Prairie, Jefferson 1906IowaGrandson
{Family 98}
Ezekial JDes Moines, Lee 1844IndianaHead28
John (???)Des Moines, Lee 1850IndianaWife
Roswell Des Moines, Lee 1886IowaSon
JohnDes Moines, Lee 1860IowaSon
{Family 99}
EllenDes Moines, Lee 1841IndianaHead
{Family 100}
William GDes Moines, Lee 1882IowaHead
GertrudeDes Moines, Lee 1881IowaWife
Loreen GDes Moines, Lee 1905IowaDaughter
Mildred MDes Moines, Lee 1906IowaDaughter
{Family 101}
Elmer TDes Moines, Lee 1867IowaHead
MinnieDes Moines, Lee 1868IowaWife
DelbertDes Moines, Lee 1894IowaSon
BeatriceDes Moines, Lee 1897IowaDaughter
Thomas RDes Moines, Lee 1903IowaSon
Elmer T JR.Des Moines, Lee 1908IowaSon
Mary JDes Moines, Lee 1843IndianaMother
{Family 102}
GeorgeKeokuk Ward 3, Lee 1884MissouriBoarder
MattieKeokuk Ward 3, Lee 1860MississippiBoarder
{Family 103}
T OKeokuk Ward 6, Lee 1886MissouriHead
Bertha MKeokuk Ward 6, Lee 1886KentuckyWife
Jennie HKeokuk Ward 6, Lee 1857MissouriMother
Leo FKeokuk Ward 6, Lee 1893MissouriBrother
{Family 104}
Surnames listed Care
Keokuk Ward 6, Lee 1885IowaHead
Myrtle VKeokuk Ward 6, Lee 1888IowaWife
Louis RKeokuk Ward 6, Lee 1907IowaSon
{Family 105}
W TFort Madison Ward 1, Lee 1866IowaPrisoner?57b
{Family 106}
Elizabeth JFort Madison Ward 3, Lee 1837?Head
{Family 107}
C B Pleasant Ridge, Lee 1846IowaHead
Maggie Pleasant Ridge, Lee 1844IowaWife
{Family 108}
Carl WMarion, Linn 1882IowaHead
Caba EMarion, Linn 1886IowaWife
Meva LMarion, Linn 1907IowaDaughter
{Family 109}
J MellMarion, Linn 1872IowaHead
FannyMarion, Linn 1877IowaWife
CatharineMarion, Linn 1902IowaDaughter
DorisMarion, Linn 1904IowaDaughter
LeonaMarion, Linn 1905IowaDaughter
BessMarion, Linn 1908IowaDaughter
{Family 110}
May MMarion Ward 2, Linn 1854MassachusettsBoarder
{Family 111}
ClaraCedar Rapids Precinct 4, Linn 1890IowaBoarder
{Family 112}
SeparateWinterset Ward 1, Madison 1838IndianaHead
DelphiaWinterset Ward 1, Madison 1846OhioWife
William JWinterset Ward 1, Madison 1883IowaSon
{Family 113}
William H
Surnames listed Cose
East Des Moines, Mahaska 1862OhioHead
NellyEast Des Moines, Mahaska 1876IowaWife
Wallace East Des Moines, Mahaska 1897IowaSon
IvyEast Des Moines, Mahaska 1899IowaDaughter
{Family 114}
George F
Surname listed Carl
Linn, Marshall 1842OhioInmate
{Family 115}
Oliver BMarshalltown Ward 2, Marshall 1859IndianaHead
Lilian MMarshalltown Ward 2, Marshall 1862IllinoisWife
Frederick WMarshalltown Ward 2, Marshall 1888KansasSon
Bessie MMarshalltown Ward 2, Marshall 1891KansasDaughter
{Family 116}
Lawrence M Marshalltown Ward 4, Marshall 1882KentuckyRoomer
{Family 117}
Henry M
Surnames listed Cose
Center, Mills 1886NebraskaHead
Viola JCenter, Mills 1891IowaWife
Jennie A Center, Mills 1908IowaDaughter
Ella BCenter, Mills 1910IowaDaughter
{Family 118}
HenryGlenwood, Mills 1873IndianaHead
HattieGlenwood, Mills 1884IowaWife
{Family 119}
Haral MSilver Creek, Mills 1887NebraskaHead
June BSilver Creek, Mills 1889IowaWife
{Family 120}
Earl HOsage Ward 1, Mitchell 1877KansasHead
Jesse EOsage Ward 1, Mitchell 1876WisconsinWife
Hazel MOsage Ward 1, Mitchell 1896IowaDaughter
Roy WOsage Ward 1, Mitchell 1898IowaSon

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