CASE Families living in Iowa in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
Surname listed Care
Burlington Ward 3, Des Moines 1871IndianaRoomer
MadgeBurlington Ward 4, Des Moines 1888MissouriLodger
{Family 62}
William AEstherville, Emmet 1855IowaHead199b
MaryEstherville, Emmet 1869IowaWife
LeanderEstherville, Emmet 1893IowaSon
Robert AEstherville, Emmet 1894IowaSon
William MEstherville, Emmet 1897IowaSon
John HeraldEstherville, Emmet 1898MinnesotaSon
CenabigEstherville, Emmet 1900IowaDaughter
HenriettaEstherville, Emmet 1902IowaDaughter
MayEstherville, Emmet 1903IowaDaughter
Charles EEstherville, Emmet 1906IowaSon
Fredrick IEstherville, Emmet 1908IowaSon
{Family 63}
GarEstherville Ward 1, Emmet 1889IowaRoomer206
{Family 64}
WinnEstherville Ward 1, Emmet 1887IowaBoarder
{Family 65}
Augustas Estherville Ward 3, Emmet 1847OhioServant233b
{Family 66}
George A Estherville Ward 3, Emmet 1867IowaHead234
Mary DEstherville Ward 3, Emmet 1867IowaWife
Lelonrd W [Leland]Estherville Ward 3, Emmet 1899IowaSon
Vernis [Bernise]Estherville Ward 3, Emmet 1903IowaDaughter
{Family 67}
Louie Smithfield, Fayette 1890IowaHired Man
{Family 68}
Judd ECharles Ward 2, Floyd 1867IowaHead
Florence LCharles Ward 2, Floyd 1872IowaWife
{Family 69}
Albert M
Surnames listed Cass
Rockford, Floyd 1827New YorkHead
Eliza ARockford, Floyd 1833New YorkWife
{Family 70}
Eliza S
Surname listed Cass
Rock Grove, Floyd 1853WisconsinHead
{Family 71}
Gladys BFisher, Fremont 1890IowaLodger
{Family 72}
Charles CHamburg Ward 2, Fremont 1859MissouriHead
EmmaHamburg Ward 2, Fremont 1872GermanyWife
BessieHamburg Ward 2, Fremont 1891IowaDaughter
{Family 73}
Jessie A Hamburg Ward 3, Fremont 1879IndianaHead
Lottie Hamburg Ward 3, Fremont 1883MissouriWife
Claud Hamburg Ward 3, Fremont 1903MissouriSon
Lyle Hamburg Ward 3, Fremont 1905MissouriSon
{Family 74}
William HRiverton, Fremont 1862IowaHead
Sylvia GRiverton, Fremont 1866IowaWife
Edna MRiverton, Fremont 1898IowaDaughter
Jessie BRiverton, Fremont 1821IowaDaughter
{Family 75}
Randall FBeaver, Guthrie 1848IndianaHead
MaggieBeaver, Guthrie 1860IllinoisWife
{Family 76}
Glen Buckeye, Hardin 1902IowaWard
{Family 77}
FredBuckeye, Hardin 1869IllinoisHead
EdithBuckeye, Hardin 1872IowaWife
BlancheBuckeye, Hardin 1899IowaDaughter
GeraldBuckeye, Hardin 1909IowaSon
{Family 78}
E MBuckeye, Hardin 1833ConnecticutHead
AdalineBuckeye, Hardin 1838IllinoisWife
EdithBuckeye, Hardin 1898IowaGrandchild
{Family 79}
George A
Surnames listed Cass
Cass, Harrison 1855IowaHead
Ella MCass, Harrison 1862IowaWife
Lee O Cass, Harrison 1890IowaSon
Hettie CCass, Harrison 1900IowaDaughter
{Family 80}
Alexander B
Surnames listed Cave
Cass, Harrison 1854IowaHead44b
SusanCass, Harrison 1856UtahWife
Victor BCass, Harrison 1896IowaSon
Coffman Henry [doubtful surname is Case]Cass, Harrison 1896KansasBoarder
Coffman Ernest [doubtful surname is Case]Cass, Harrison 1898KansasBoarder
{Family 81}
Surnames listed Care
Cass, Harrison 1889IowaHead
Ida MCass, Harrison 1887IowaWife
{Family 82}
Surnames listed Ea?? [Ease]
Clay, Harrison 1839MissouriHead56b
Mary A Clay, Harrison 1848MichiganWife
William H Clay, Harrison 1878IowaSon
Rose Clay, Harrison 1882IowaDaughter
{Family 83}
Thadeus AJefferson, Harrison 1908MinnesotaHead
Winnie AJefferson, Harrison 1890IowaDaughter
James RJefferson, Harrison 1908IowaSon
{Family 84}
Thomas NJefferson, Harrison 1876IowaHead
Olive EJefferson, Harrison 1879IowaWife
EllenJefferson, Harrison 1900IowaDaughter
HattieJefferson, Harrison 1901IowaDaughter
RalphJefferson, Harrison 1904South DakotaSon
{Family 85}
O LLogan, Harrison 1863IowaHead
Lora MLogan, Harrison 1868MichiganWife
Fay LLogan, Harrison 1887IowaDaughter
Licop MLogan, Harrison 1901IowaDaughter
{Family 86}
William H
Surnames listed Carr
Logan, Harrison 1860IowaHead
MaryLogan, Harrison 1868IowaWife
KateLogan, Harrison 1890IowaDaughter
{Family 87}
T CLogan, Harrison 1832IndianaHead
Eliza ALogan, Harrison 1834IndianaWife
{Family 88}
Surnames listed Cose
Logan, Harrison 1862IowaHead
Rosella CLogan, Harrison 1869IowaWife
DorathyLogan, Harrison 1896IowaDaughter
{Family 89}
Andrew R
Surnames listed Cass
Lagrange, Harrison 1877IowaHead
Nora CLagrange, Harrison 1879IowaWife
Clyde DLagrange, Harrison 1903OklahomaSon
{Family 90}
Cornelius CCenter, Henry 1871IowaHead
Bertha ECenter, Henry 1877IowaWife
John SCenter, Henry 1899IowaSon
Evertt GCenter, Henry 1902IowaSon
ChasCenter, Henry 1904IowaSon
Berdie MCenter, Henry 1906IowaDaughter

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