CASE Families living in Arkansas in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 Year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
L Dow Gum Woods, Lonoke1845OhioHead 
May A 1843TennesseeWife 
{Family 32}
Clara Boston, Newton1858KentuckyHead 
Jasper N 1892ArkansasSon 
Jessie 1898ArkansasSon 
Walter 1900ArkansasSon 
{Family 33}
William C Boston, Newton1881ArkansasHead 
Eliza 1879ArkansasWife 
George W 1901ArkansasSon 
Jannie A 1903ArkansasDaughter 
Josie E 1905ArkansasDaughter 
Albert J 1908ArkansasSon 
William H 1909ArkansasSon 
{Family 34}
Alfred F Boston, Newton1878ArkansasHead 
Susan 1881KentuckyWife 
Ben J 1897ArkansasSon 
Emily J 1899ArkansasDaughter 
Minie M 1901ArkansasDaughter 
Martha B 1906ArkansasDaughter 
Thomas 1907ArkansasSon 
{Family 35}
Columbus F Sulphur Springs, Montgomery1878MissouriHead 
Virgie R 1888MissouriWife 
Clarence E 1906MissouriSon 
Floyd 1909ArkansasSon 
{Family 36}
Surname listed COSE
Casa, Perry1836TennesseeMother 
{Family 37}
William B Cypress, Phillips1872ArkansasHead 
Lillie 1886ArkansasWife 
Edward D 1878ArkansasBrother 
{Family 38}
Rufus J Little Rock Ward 2, Pulaski1878New JerseyHead 
Willie L 1889TexasWife 
{Family 39}
Daniel W
Surnames listed CORE
Little Rock Ward 3, Pulaski1860ArkansasHead 
James W 1888ArkansasSon 
Robert H1883ArkansasSon 
{Family 40}
Fred H Little Rock Ward 4, Pulaski1875New YorkHead 
Allie F 1863IndianaWife 
{Family 41}
Charles W Argenta Ward 2, Pulaski1881WisconsinHead 
Maggie M 1882TennesseeWife 
{Family 42}
Newton H Union, Randolph1859MissouriHead 
Clara 1882MissouriWife 
Frank 1890MissouriSon 
Luther H 1897MissouriSon 
Gilbert N 1902ArkansasSon 
Cleo 1901ArkansasSon 
Lulu 1905ArkansasDaughter 
Florence 1906ArkansasDaughter 
Dora 1907ArkansasDaughter 
William 1909ArkansasSon 
Mary J 1813KentuckyMother 
{Family 43}
Alonzo Union, Randolph1882MissouriBoarder 
{Family 44}
John Walnut Bottom, Saline1884WisconsinHead 
{Family 45}
William S
Surnames listed COSE
Walnut Bottom, Saline1846OhioHead 
{Family 46}
Amos L
Surname listed COSS
Walnut Bottom, Saline1868OhioHead 
{Family 47}
James M Wallace, Stone1874ArkansasHead 
Mollie A 1875ArkansasWife 
Hubert H 1896ArkansasSon 
Elsie L 1898ArkansasDaughter 
Neva 1900ArkansasDaughter 
Lura P 1903ArkansasDaughter 
Lela 1905ArkansasDaughter 
James B 1908ArkansasSon 
{Family 48}
George R Blue Mountain, Stone1858ArkansasHead 
Angie E 1860PennsylvaniaWife 
Ray H 1888ArkansasSon 
Hubert W 1889ArkansasSon 
Georgie I 1892ArkansasDaughter 
Charles R 1894ArkansasSon 
Myrtle V 1896ArkansasDaughter 
Oris R 1899ArkansasSon 
{Family 49}
Surname listed COSE
Big Creek, Sebastian1880ArkansasStep Daughter 
{Family 50}
Eugene Springdale, Washington1890OklahomaBrother-in-law 
{Family 51}
Stella Lamar, Yell1889ArkansasDaughter3b
Hazel 1905ArkansasGranddaughter 

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