CASE Families living in Arkansas in 1910.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
Jane A Mountain Home, Baxter1847PennsylvaniaHead 
Frank M 1873ArkansasSon 
{Family 2}
G A Eldorado, Benton1865IndianaHead 
N G 1869IowaWife 
Bonnie 1907KansasDaughter 
{Family 3}
John R Esculapia, Benton1870IllinoisHead 
Ethel H 1882KansasWife 
Isabella M 1907KansasDaughter 
Elighean W 1909KansasSon 
{Family 4}
Surname listed COSE
Wallace, Benton1832North CarolinaHead 
{Family 5}
Alton F Wallace, Benton1882North CarolinaHead 
Loto C 1888ArkansasWife 
Carl W 1905ArkansasSon 
Lena J 1907ArkansasDaughter 
Lillian M 1908ArkansasDaughter 
{Family 6}
Marcos L
Surnames listed COSE
Wallace, Benton1860North CarolinaHead 
Sallie 1864North CarolinaWife 
Sylvester R 1891North CarolinaSon 
Flossie 1897ArkansasDaughter 
Christine L 1899ArkansasSon 
Alvie E 1902ArkansasSon 
Olan 1906ArkansasSon 
{Family 7}
Chester P Eureka Springs Ward 1, Carroll1861IowaHead 
Augusta B 1870IllinoisWife 
Helen B 1900TexasDaughter 
Chester B 1902TexasSon 
Harold B 1904TexasSon 
Lawrence C 1907TexasSon 
{Family 8}
Henry G
Surnames listed COSE
Eureka Springs Ward 2, Carroll1854MassachusettsHead 
Laura C 1876VirginiaWife 
{Family 9}
Amsley M
Surnames listed CASS
Hickory, Carroll1862TexasHead 
Victoria E 1860MissouriWife 
Nola V 1889ArkansasDaughter 
Howard 1892ArkansasSon 
Jennie L 1894ArkansasDaughter 
Gorland R 1900ArkansasSon 
{Family 10}
Ed J Miller, Cleveland1859ArkansasHead182
Mary L 1863ArkansasWife 
Harvey J 1892ArkansasSon 
Ray T 1895ArkansasSon 
George M 1900ArkansasSon 
Ed E 1907ArkansasSon 
Ethel J 1892ArkansasDaughter-in-law 
{Family 11}
Victoria Jonesboro Ward 1, Craighead1892MissouriServant 
{Family 12}
James F Big Creek, Fulton1843MichiganHead 
Ruth 1851OhioWife 
Arthur C 1894ArkansasSon 
Addia G 1898ArkansasStep Daughter 
{Family 13}
Mary L
Surnames listed COUSE
Paragould Ward 2, Greene1895ArkansasCook28
{Family 14}
Tannie White River, Independence1892ArkansasStep Daughter10b
Henry 1893ArkansasStep Son 
Cora 1894ArkansasStep Daughter 
Hazel 1896ArkansasStep Daughter 
Christine 1897ArkansasStep Daughter 
{Family 15}
Surnames listed CARE
Ruddell, Independence1888ArkansasHead 
Clara 1890ArkansasWife 
{Family 16}
W M Batesville Ward 1, Independence1871IllinoisHead 
M D 1882ArkansasWife 
Fred 1906ArkansasSon 
Ruth 1908ArkansasDaughter 
{Family 17}
J W Batesville Ward 1, Independence1854ArkansasHead 
Maggie 1882ArkansasDaughter 
Joe 1892ArkansasDaughter 
Norine 1894ArkansasDaughter 
Jamie 1900ArkansasSon 
{Family 18}
R R Batesville Ward 2, Independence1846ArkansasHead 
E A 1850ArkansasWife 
Esther 1868ArkansasDaughter 
W B 1872ArkansasSon 
Mary 1882ArkansasDaughter 
Robt L 1888ArkansasDaughter 
{Family 19}
J R White River, Izard1881ArkansasHead 
Nannie 1881ArkansasWife 
Angelea 1909ArkansasDaughter 
{Family 20}
Surnames listed CESE
Dudley Lake, Jefferson1880AlabamaHead 
Lucy 1879LouisianaWife 
Cary 1904LouisianaDaughter 
Willie 1905LouisianaSon 
{Family 21}
J R Jefferson, Jefferson1848PennsylvaniaHead 
W A 1896ArkansasSon 
John Alfred 1897ArkansasSon 
Ida Mae 1900ArkansasSon 
Thomas J 1903ArkansasSon 
{Family 22}
Manuel L
Surnames listed CASS
Vaugine, Jefferson1853IndianaHead 
Charles E 1875OhioSon 
{Family 23}
Surname listed CARE
Pine Bluff Ward 2, Jefferson1887ArkansasBoarder 
{Family 24}
Josh Sherman, Johnson1881ArkansasBoarder 
{Family 25}
Nathan G Spadra, Johnson1874ArkansasHead 
Elmira 1875ArkansasWife 
Ola E 1896ArkansasDaughter 
John C 1899ArkansasSon 
Thelma 1902ArkansasDaughter 
Lillian 1905ArkansasDaughter 
William G 1908ArkansasSon 
{Family 26}
Will Hampton, Lee1874IllinoisHead 
Lula 1880IllinoisWife 
Lester 1900IllinoisSon 
Cletus 1902IllinoisSon 
Clarence 1907IllinoisSon 
{Family 27}
Oscar Owen, Lincoln1890ArkansasHead 
Jennie 1892ArkansasWife 
{Family 28}
Chas W Owen, Lincoln1848TennesseeHead 
Dora 1860MississippiWife 
Arthur 1887ArkansasSon 
{Family 29}
Andrew J Johnson, Logan1870ArkansasHead 
Martha E 1874KansasWife 
Benjiman F 1891ArkansasSon 
Mary L 1895ArkansasDaughter 
John F 1898ArkansasSon 
Ida M 1900ArkansasDaughter 
Isac R 1903ArkansasSon 
Martha B 1905ArkansasDaughter 
Charles E 1907ArkansasSon 
Andrew D 1909ArkansasSon 
{Family 30}
Henry Gum Woods, Lonoke1881ArkansasHead 
Margaret 1884MississippiWife 
Thos D 1907ArkansasSon 

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