CASE Families living in Iowa in 1900.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 148}
CarlosDes Moines, Polk65 1835Ohio233b
Haney MDes Moines, Polk64 1835Indiana
Lee ADes Moines, Polk31 1869Iowa234
{Family 149}
FarronDes Moines, Polk66 1834Ohio228b
{Family 150}
HarleyDes Moines, Polk35 1864Iowa251b
Stella MDes Moines, Polk36 1863Iowa
Albert HDes Moines, Polk13 1887Iowa
{Family 151}
Harry SDes Moines, Polk32 1867Kansas276
EttaDes Moines, Polk33 1866Iowa
{Family 152}
HaustonDes Moines, Polk55 1845Pennsylvania263b
Sarah EDes Moines, Polk55 1844Pennsylvania
Thomas LDes Moines, Polk21 1878Pennsylvania
{Family 153}
HowardDes Moines, Polk26 1873Pennsylvania8b
AgnesDes Moines, Polk25 1874Iowa
George HDes Moines, Polk1/12 1900Iowa
{Family 154}
JohnDes Moines, Polk40 1860Iowa13
Lena HDes Moines, Polk39 1861Iowa
ClareneDes Moines, Polk19 1880Iowa
FredDes Moines, Polk16 1884Iowa
{Family 155}
MaryDes Moines, Polk21 1879Iowa202
{Family 156}
Ward GDes Moines, Polk35 1865Connecticut99
{Family 157}
WilliamDes Moines, Polk? ?Nova Scotia101b
Nellie RawsonDes Moines, Polk? ?Nova Scotia
{Family 158}
LivingstonDouglas, Polk32 1868Iowa156
Irene ADouglas, Polk29 1870Iowa
Henry W LDouglas, Polk44 1855Iowa
{Family 159}
Margaret VLee, Polk42 1858West Virginia98
WmLee, Polk18 1882Iowa
{Family 160}
Nathan TLee, Polk71 1829Ohio150b
{Family 161}
Chas WKane, Pottawattomie67 1832Pennsylvania202
Martha MKane, Pottawattomie55 1844Wisconsin
Clinton AKane, Pottawattomie33 1866Wisconsin
{Family 162}
ChristopherKane, Pottawattomie48 1852Virginia246b
Sarah EKane, Pottawattomie49 1850Arkansas
Mary EKane, Pottawattomie19 1880Missouri
Effie LKane, Pottawattomie18 1882Missouri
LelandKane, Pottawattomie4 1895Iowa
{Family 163}
FrancisKane, Pottawattomie32 1867Iowa27
MargaretKane, Pottawattomie26 1873Illinois
Charles FKane, Pottawattomie7 1893Iowa
Rome GKane, Pottawattomie6 1894Iowa
Ira JKane, Pottawattomie5 1895Iowa
Edna MKane, Pottawattomie3 1897Iowa
Ruth MKane, Pottawattomie1 1898Iowa
{Family 164}
GurdonKane, Pottawattomie55 1844Ohio61b
JennieKane, Pottawattomie55 1845Ohio
{Family 165}
GuyKane, Pottawattomie23 1876Iowa23
BessieKane, Pottawattomie26 1873Iowa
MagdalineKane, Pottawattomie2/12 1900Iowa
{Family 166}
HomerKane, Pottawattomie30 1870Iowa68
AnnisKane, Pottawattomie33 1866Iowa
RoyKane, Pottawattomie3 1896Iowa
EdaKane, Pottawattomie2 1898Iowa
{Family 167}
MatildaKane, Pottawattomie17 1883Ohio16b
{Family 168}
WallaceKane, Pottawattomie42 1858Illinois233b
PhebeKane, Pottawattomie39 1861Illinois
Allis WKane, Pottawattomie17 1882Nebraska
{Family 169}
Albert FGrinnell, Poweshiek33 1866Ohio91
Mary AGrinnell, Poweshiek29 1870Iowa
LeoGrinnell, Poweshiek9 1891Iowa
Carl SGrinnell, Poweshiek7 1892Iowa
HarleyGrinnell, Poweshiek5 1894Iowa
EdnaGrinnell, Poweshiek3 1896Iowa
Elizabeth EGrinnell, Poweshiek67 1832Virginia
{Family 170}
George WGrinnell, Poweshiek33 1866Illinois90
Suella A (Luella)Grinnell, Poweshiek30 1870Iowa
Harry CGrinnell, Poweshiek14 1885Iowa
Alvan HGrinnell, Poweshiek2 1897Iowa
{Family 171}
WmGrinnell, Poweshiek38 1862Ohio89
WallaceGrinnell, Poweshiek3 1896Iowa
Emery EGrinnell, Poweshiek59 1840Ohio
{Family 172}
JosephSugar Creek, Poweshiek49 1850Iowa75
IdaSugar Creek, Poweshiek38 1861Minnesota
JaySugar Creek, Poweshiek14 1885Iowa
CharlesSugar Creek, Poweshiek6 1893Iowa
MariaSugar Creek, Poweshiek81 1818Connecticut
{Family 173}
A LincolnLotts Creek, Ringgold36 1863Iowa80b
RosettaLotts Creek, Ringgold29 1870Missouri
UnaLotts Creek, Ringgold10 1890Iowa
FlowLotts Creek, Ringgold8 1892Iowa
William RLotts Creek, Ringgold5 1894Iowa
Melva (Nelva)Lotts Creek, Ringgold3 1896Iowa
HomerLotts Creek, Ringgold1 1898Iowa
{Family 174}
JacobLotts Creek, Ringgold83 1817New Jersey80b
Mary BLotts Creek, Ringgold76 1823Tennessee
{Family 175}
Eranus DMount Ayr, Ringgold45 1854Ohio121b
Rosa AMount Ayr, Ringgold41 1859Iowa
EttyMount Ayr, Ringgold23 1876Nebraska
Carrie CMount Ayr, Ringgold22 1878Iowa
Ella DMount Ayr, Ringgold20 1879Iowa
Bailey SMount Ayr, Ringgold17 1883Iowa
AlbertMount Ayr, Ringgold15 1885Iowa
DuwainMount Ayr, Ringgold13 1887Iowa
Laura BMount Ayr, Ringgold6 1893Iowa
{Family 176}
HomerTingley, Ringgold29 1870Iowa142
NellieTingley, Ringgold20 1880Iowa
MyrtleTingley, Ringgold2 1898Iowa
OrvilleTingley, Ringgold11/12 1899Iowa
{Family 177}
ArthurUnion, Ringgold26 1873Iowa150b
RosieUnion, Ringgold22 1878Iowa
Floyd BUnion, Ringgold3 1896Iowa
Merrel OUnion, Ringgold1 1898Iowa
{Family 178}
George CUnion, Ringgold35 1865Iowa150
LetitiaUnion, Ringgold34 1866Illinois
Ernest FUnion, Ringgold14 1885Iowa
ClaudUnion, Ringgold12 1887Iowa
MaudUnion, Ringgold10 1890Iowa
RoyUnion, Ringgold6 1893Iowa
LelaUnion, Ringgold4 1895Iowa
ClaraUnion, Ringgold1 1898Iowa
{Family 179}
Oscar JUnion, Ringgold21 1878Iowa150
Susan OUnion, Ringgold18 1881Iowa
BarbaraUnion, Ringgold63 1837Indiana
{Family 180}
OthaUnion, Ringgold24 1875Iowa150
DellaUnion, Ringgold21 1879Nebraska
{Family 181}
DurumWashington, Ringgold13 1886Iowa165

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