CASE Families living in Wisconsin in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 61}
J M Janesville Ward 3, Rock 1831New York251
Mary Janesville Ward 3, Rock 1836Pennsylvania
{Family 62}
A M Janesville Ward 4, Rock 1827New York294
Lucy B Janesville Ward 4, Rock 1826New York
C B Janesville Ward 4, Rock 1859New York
{Family 63}
Merritt Janesville Ward 4, Rock 1811New York 275B
Jerusha Janesville Ward 4, Rock 1803Vermont
{Family 64}
W W Janesville Ward 4, Rock 1813New York 274B
Louisa Janesville Ward 4, Rock 1817New York
L B Janesville Ward 4, Rock 1846Ohio
{Family 65}
Edwin La Prairie, Rock 1831New York 330B
LouisaLa Prairie, Rock 1835New York
HenryLa Prairie, Rock 1854Wisconsin
{Family 66}
Martha Spring Valley, Rock 1816New York 456
{Family 67}
Adelbert Union, Rock 1843New York 501
{Family 68}
MartinUnion, Rock 1836New York 501B
Mary Union, Rock 1840 New York
Frank Union, Rock 1859Wisconsin
Oren Union, Rock 1866Wisconsin
{Family 69}
Anson Baraboo, Sauk 1833Ohio 9
Mary Baraboo, Sauk 1840 Ohio
Leroy Baraboo, Sauk 1856Wisconsin
Everett Baraboo, Sauk 1857Wisconsin
Isabel Baraboo, Sauk 1860 Wisconsin
{Family 70}
Archibald Baraboo, Sauk1814New York 9
Lucretia Baraboo, Sauk 1813New York
Russel Baraboo, Sauk 1842Ohio
Harrison Baraboo, Sauk 1848Ohio
{Family 71}
Franklin Baraboo, Sauk 1850 New York 9
{Family 72}
Theron Baraboo, Sauk 1840 Ohio 9
Lucy Baraboo, Sauk 1842New York
Newell Baraboo, Sauk 1863Wisconsin
Mina Baraboo, Sauk 1866Wisconsin
Rolland Baraboo, Sauk 1869Wisconsin
{Family 73}
Alfred B Excelsior, Sauk 1834New York 61B
Lucy Excelsior, Sauk 1838New York
Clara Excelsior, Sauk 1858Illinois 62
Margaret Excelsior, Sauk 1864Wisconsin
Frederic Excelsior, Sauk 1869Wisconsin
{Family 74}
Jadfey Sumpter, Sauk 1824New York 249B
{Family 75}
WilliamLyndon, Sheboygan 1814New York 123B
Ann Lyndon, Sheboygan 1806New York
{Family 76}
Wm F Rhine, Sheboygan 1815New York 204
Betsy Rhine, Sheboygan 1814Connecticut
Martha E Rhine, Sheboygan 1853New York
Seth Rhine, Sheboygan 1785New York
{Family 77}
Nicholas Sherman, Sheboygan,1804Prussia 399
Susan Sherman, Sheboygan1804Prussia
{Family 78}
Philemona (Philander)Sherman, Sheboygan1834Luxembourg 398B
Cathrine Sherman, Sheboygan 1837Luxembourg
Peter Sherman, Sheboygan1856Wisconsin
Nicholas Sherman, Sheboygan 1858 Wisconsin
James Sherman, Sheboygan1861Wisconsin 399
John Sherman, Sheboygan1870Wisconsin
Mary Sherman, Sheboygan 1868 Wisconsin
Margaret Sherman, Sheboygan1866Wisconsin
Catharina Sherman, Sheboygan 1864Wisconsin
Maria Sherman, Sheboygan1862Wisconsin
{Family 79}
Joel Arcadia, Trempealeau, 1834New York 151B
Abba Arcadia, Trempealeau 1840 New York
Henry A Arcadia, Trempealeau 1856New York
Charles Arcadia, Trempealeau 1860 Connecticut
George Arcadia, Trempealeau 1865Wisconsin
James J Arcadia, Trempealeau 1867Wisconsin
{Family 80}
Kelbp (Kelbs?)Arcadia, Trempealeau 1806New York 149B
Eliza Arcadia, Trempealeau 1808New York
{Family 81}
Peter Arcadia, Trempealeau 1829New York 147B
Elizabeth Arcadia, Trempealeau 1832Ireland
Sarah A Arcadia, Trempealeau 1859Wisconsin
Walker C Arcadia, Trempealeau 1861 Wisconsin
William H Arcadia, Trempealeau 1863Wisconsin
{Family 82}
Emma J Arcadia, Trempealeau 1866Wisconsin 147B
{Family 83}
John Arcadia, Trempeale 1840 Pennsylvania 153
Maggie Arcadia, Trempealeau 1848Pennsylvania
Sarah J Arcadia, Trempealeau 1865New York
William H Arcadia, Trempealeau 1866Wisconsin
Maggie Arcadia, Trempealeau 1867New Jersey
{Family 84}
Daniel Darien, Walworth1851Wisconsin 31B
{Family 85}
Benjamin Delavan, Walworth 1810 Massachusetts 51
Mary Delavan, Walworth 1822Rhode Island
SophiaDelavan, Walworth 1845New York
Emma Delavan, Walworth 1850 Wisconsin
{Family 86}
Henry Dupont, Waupaca 1848New York 28
Mary Dupont, Waupaca 1852Canada
AliceDupont, Waupaca 1866Wisconsin
Elice Dupont, Waupaca 1866Wisconsin
Frank Dupont, Waupaca 1851New York
{Family 87}
George Little Wolf, Waupaca1838Canada 92
Mary Little Wolf, Waupaca 1844Austria
Adella Little Wolf, Waupaca 1862Wisconsin
George Little Wolf, Waupaca 1864Wisconsin
{Family 88}
Oscar Waupaca, Waupaca1841New York 180
Alice Waupaca, Waupaca 1852Wisconsin
Jessie Waupaca, Waupaca 1868Wisconsin
{Family 89}
Simeon Dakota, Waushara1826New York 242B
Sarah Dakota, Waushara1822New York
Charles H Dakota, Waushara 1849New York
Chancey Dakota, Waushara 1852New York
Crambell Dakota, Waushara 1865Wisconsin
{Family 90}
Titus Leon, Waushara 1821Connecticut 256B
Loriandy Leon, Waushara 1828Connecticut
Ada Leon, Waushara 1857Wisconsin
Bertha Leon, Waushara 1864 Wisconsin

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