CASE Families living in Wisconsin in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 31}
J MCold Spring, Jefferson 1834Connecticut 23
N S Cold Spring, Jefferson 1843Connecticut
N S Cold Spring, Jefferson 1867Wisconsin
C D Cold Spring, Jefferson 1869Wisconsin
F H Cold Spring, Jefferson 1798Connecticut
LucindaCold Spring, Jefferson 1797Connecticut
{Family 32}
George Farmington, Jefferson 1835Connecticut 67B
Laura Farmington, Jefferson 1838Pennsylvania 68
Bird Farmington, Jefferson 1858Wisconsin
Eddie Farmington, Jefferson 1860 Wisconsin
Emma Farmington, Jefferson 1861Wisconsin
EllaFarmington, Jefferson 1863Wisconsin
Tola Farmington, Jefferson 1865Wisconsin
CarrieFarmington, Jefferson 1867Wisconsin
Eva Farmington, Jefferson 1869Wisconsin
{Family 33}
Sally Farmington, Jefferson 1825New York 66B
CharlotteFarmington, Jefferson 1855Pennsylvania
Martha Farmington, Jefferson 1860 Wisconsin
{Family 34}
Scott Farmington, Jefferson 1843 Pennsylvania 63B
Viena Farmington, Jefferson 1846Ohio
Emond Farmington, Jefferson 1865Wisconsin
Edna P Farmington, Jefferson 1869Wisconsin
Olive Farmington, Jefferson 1869Wisconsin
{Family 35}
John Fort Atkinson, Jefferson 1815Massachusetts219
Alphena Fort Atkinson, Jefferson 1839York
John J W Fort Atkinson, Jefferson1865Wisconsin
Alphena A Fort Atkinson, Jefferson1865Wisconsin
Mary A Fort Atkinson, Jefferson1868Wisconsin
{Family 36}
Nathaniel Fort Atkinson, Jefferson 1827New York 208B
Sally AFort Atkinson, Jefferson 1826Ohio
Phineas Fort Atkinson, Jefferson 1851Wisconsin
Clara Fort Atkinson, Jefferson1855Illinois
George Fort Atkinson, Jefferson 1859Wisconsin
{Family 37}
Wellington Fort Atkinson, Jefferson 1841New York 221B
Frances Fort Atkinson, Jefferson 1848New Jersey
Horace Fort Atkinson, Jefferson 1866Wisconsin
{Family 38}
George Hebron, Jefferson 1842New York 90B
Dora Hebron, Jefferson 1850 Deutschland
Etta M Hebron, Jefferson 1867Wisconsin
Velina Hebron, Jefferson 1804New York
{Family 39}
Wm RHebron, Jefferson 1823New York 90B
Ellen Hebron, Jefferson 1833New York
Ida Hebron, Jefferson 1855Wisconsin
Emma Hebron, Jefferson 1858Wisconsin
{Family 40}
Alonzo Necedah, Juneau 1845Maine 113
Amanda Necedah, Juneau1853Norway
{Family 41}
Wyo. S La Cross Ward 3, La Crosse 1836New York 181B
Jenett La Cross Ward 3, La Crosse 1838New York
Edward La Cross Ward 3, La Crosse 1863New York
{Family 42}
James F Neshonoe, La Crosse 1831New York 214B
Mary J Neshonoe, La Crosse 1837Pennsylvania
Alice B Neshonoe, La Crosse 1856Pennsylvania
Casius H Neshonoe, La Crosse 1858Wisconsin
Mary E Neshonoe, La Crosse 1860 Wisconsin
George Neshonoe, La Crosse 1862Wisconsin
{Family 43}
Henry Elk Grove, Lafayette 1851 Hanover 367B
{Family 44}
Bigelow Greenfield, Milwaukee 1811Connecticut 60B
Elvirah Greenfield, Milwaukee 1809Vermont 61
Spencer Greenfield, Milwaukee 1844Wisconsin
Alice Greenfield, Milwaukee 1846Wisconsin
Maria S Greenfield, Milwaukee 1867Wisconsin
{Family 45}
Edwin Milwaukee Ward 4, Milwaukee 1843New York 501
Mary Milwaukee Ward 4, Milwaukee 1844New Brunswick
Gertrude Milwaukee Ward 4, Milwaukee 1866Wisconsin
Mary Milwaukee Ward 4, Milwaukee 1868Wisconsin
EdwardMilwaukee Ward 4, Milwaukee 1870Wisconsin
{Family 46}
Nathan Milwaukee Ward 5, Milwaukee 1824New York590
{Family 47}
Truman Milwaukee Ward 7, Milwaukee 1829 Connecticut 108B
Julia Milwaukee Ward 7, Milwaukee 1830 Connecticut
Nellie Milwaukee Ward 7, Milwaukee 1856Pennsylvania
Rosa Milwaukee Ward 7, Milwaukee 1868Wisconsin
{Family 48}
Henry Dale, Outagamie 1834 Hesse-Darmstadt 443B
Ellen Dale, Outagamie 1850 Wisconsin
Agnes Dale, Outagamie 1861 Wisconsin
Wille (William) Dale, Outagamie1863Wisconsin
Belle (Bella)Dale, Outagamie 1865Wisconsin
Berton (Benton)Dale, Outagamie 1867Wisconsin
Ellen Dale, Outagamie 1870Wisconsin
Jacob Dale, Outagamie 1840 Hesse-Darmstadt
Adaline Dale, Outagamie 1805 Hesse-Darmstadt
{Family 49}
Barnard Durand, Pepin1810 New York 207
Emily Durand, Pepin 1816New York
{Family 50}
John Stevens Point Ward 1, Portage 1847Michigan 157
Cristine Stevens Point Ward 1, Portage 1849New York
{Family 51}
Robert Racine Ward 1, Racine 1812Maine 343B
ChristianRacine Ward 1, Racine 1822New York
Augustus Racine Ward 1, Racine 1846Ohio
Virginia Racine Ward 1, Racine 1848Wisconsin
Alice Racine Ward 1, Racine 1851Wisconsin
{Family 52}
Jerome Racine Ward 2, Racine 1820 New York 363B
Lydia Racine Ward 2, Racine1827New York
Henrietta Racine Ward 2, Racine 1858Wisconsin
Lessie (Jessie)Racine Ward 2, Racine 1861Wisconsin
Amanda Racine Ward 2, Racine 1863Wisconsin
Jackson Racine Ward 2, Racine 1866Wisconsin
Lydia Racine Ward 2, Racine 1869Wisconsin
{Family 53}
Covington (Corington)Racine Ward 3, Racine 1842Ohio 382B
Levinnia Racine Ward 3, Racine 1847Massachusetts
George Racine Ward 3, Racine1869 Wisconsin
{Family 54}
John H Eagle, Richland 1818Indiana 612
Eliza J Eagle, Richland 1836Indiana
Henry B Eagle, Richland 1853Indiana
Alice C Eagle, Richland 1854Indiana
Julia I Eagle, Richland 1861Wisconsin
Samuel B Eagle, Richland 1863Wisconsin
Eva E Eagle, Richland 1865Wisconsin 612B
John F Eagle, Richland 1867Wisconsin
William S Eagle, Richland 1860 Wisconsin
{Family 55}
Michel Beloit, Rock 1832Ireland 14
{Family 56}
W W Beloit Ward 1, Rock 1839New York 38
Clara M Beloit Ward 1, Rock 1840 New York
James Beloit Ward 1, Rock 1863New York
Polly Beloit Ward 1, Rock 1795New York
{Family 57}
Alexander Clinton, Rock 1810 New York 111B
Julia Clinton, Rock 1818 New York
Melvin Clinton, Rock 1846Wisconsin
Harmon Clinton, Rock 1856Wisconsin
{Family 58}
James O Clinton, Rock 1804New York 113B
Angeline Clinton, Rock 1810 New York
Dinah Clinton, Rock 1783Connecticut
Seymour Clinton, Rock 1840 New York
Armedia Clinton, Rock 1843New York
Homer Clinton, Rock 1867Wisconsin
{Family 59}
Hiram Clinton, Rock 1805New York 128B
Mary Clinton, Rock 1804New York
Blendena Clinton, Rock 1836New York
{Family 60}
Joseph C Janesville Ward 1, Rock 1827England 206
Roxanna Janesville Ward 1, Rock 1834New York
Della Janesville Ward 1, Rock 1859Wisconsin
Luthur Janesville Ward 1, Rock 1863Wisconsin

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