CASE Families living in New York in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 961}
Henrietta Ithaca, Tompkins1835New York 194
Hattie Ithaca, Tompkins1862New York
Ellen Ithaca, Tompkins 1864New York
{Family 962}
Philip Ithaca, Tompkins1810 New York 239
Emma Ithaca, Tompkins1837New York
George Ithaca, Tompkins1862New York
Lattie Ithaca, Tompkins1856New York
{Family 963}
Jacob Ithaca, Tompkins1843New York 279
Melinda Ithaca, Tompkins1842New York
{Family 964}
Mary Ithaca, Tompkins1849New York 283
{Family 965}
Erastus Lansing, Tompkins1832New York 325
Hellen Lansing, Tompkins1842New York
Effa Lansing, Tompkins1867New York 325B
{Family 966}
Stephen J Kingston, Ulster1846New Jersey 230
{Family 967}
Keator Wawarsing, Ulster1825New York 421B
Phebe Wawarsing, Ulster1827New York
Evert Wawarsing, Ulster1855New York
{Family 968}
John Queensbury, Warren1830 New York 679
Susan Queensbury, Warren1832New York
Amy Queensbury, Warren1859New York
Fanny Queensbury, Warren1860New York
John Queensbury, Warren1863 New York
{Family 969}
Mary Warrensburgh, Warren1850 New York 803B
{Family 970}
Mary Easton, Washingto1790 New York 100
{Family 971}
Alfred Fort Edward, Washington1810New York 195
Emily Fort Edward, Washington1830New York
Alfred Fort Edward, Washington1854New York
Alfred Fort Edward, Washington1863New York
{Family 972}
John Fort Edward, Washington1821New York 206
Betsy Fort Edward, Washington1825New York
Delia Fort Edward, Washington1849New York
George (Genge?)Fort Edward, Washington1852New York
Daina Fort Edward, Washington1854New York
Edwin Fort Edward, Washington1856New York
FrankFort Edward, Washington1860 New York
Thomas Fort Edward, Washington1862New York
Alice Fort Edward, Washington1866New York
{Family 973}
Mortimer Fort Edward, Washington1813New York 195
MarthaFort Edward, Washington1833New York
{Family 974}
Dennis Hartford, Washington1831New York 355
Martha Hartford, Washington1836New York
Allice Hartford, Washington1869New York
{Family 975}
Mary Jackson, Washington1854New York 402
John Jackson, Washington1859New York
Robert Jackson, Washington1862New York
Margaret Jackson, Washington1802Ireland
{Family 976}
Alexander Whitehall, Washington1854Canada 617
{Family 977}
Christinack Whitehall, Washington1803Canada 568
Mary Whitehall, Washington1804Canada
Calvin Whitehall, Washington 1852Canada
{Family 978}
Fredrick Whitehall, Washington1849New York 601
Eliza Whitehall, Washington1851Canada
William Whitehall, Washington1861New York
{Family 979}
Moses Whitehall, Washington1817Canada 585B
Harriet Whitehall, Washington1830 Canada
Henry Whitehall, Washington1855Canada
James Whitehall, Washington1857Canada
{Family 980}
Lorenzo Arcadia, Wayne1837New York 14B
Elizabeth Arcadia, Wayne1836Wurttemberg
William Arcadia, Wayne1864New York
George B Arcadia, Wayne1867New York
{Family 981}
Albert Lyons, Wayne1849New York 245
{Family 982}
Harvey Lyons, Wayne1836New York 227
Kate BLyons, Wayne1848New York
Rose Lyons, Wayne1862New York
{Family 983}
Ira Marion, Wayne1790 Connecticut 291
Phebe Marion, Wayne 1798New Jersey
Marvin Marion, Wayne1824New York
{Family 984}
Marshal Marion, Wayne1847New York 291
Eliza Marion, Wayne1851New York
{Family 985}
Alonzo Rose, Wayne848New York 415
{Family 986}
Joseph F Savannah, Wayne1820 New York 442B
Martha Savannah, Wayne1836New York
John Savannah, Wayne1861New York
Robert Savannah, Wayne1863New York
Homer Savannah, Wayne1865 New York
Joseph Savannah, Wayne1867New York
{Family 987}
AbnerSodus, Wayne1826New York 494B
Sophia Sodus, Wayne1843New York
Savger (Sauger)Sodus, Wayne1859New York
Norman Sodus, Wayne1830New York
Hellen Sodus, Wayne1842Canada
{Family 988}
Jennie Sodus, Wayne1856New York 500
Albert Sodus, Wayne1848New York
{Family 989}
Lewis Sodus, Wayne1808New York 500
Eliza Sodus, Wayne1818New York
{Family 990}
Gamaliel Sodus, Wayne1812New York 457B
Roxana Sodus, Wayne1818New York
Byron J Sodus, Wayne1856New York

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