CASE Families living in New Jersey in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 181}
Mahlon C Belvidere, Warren1847New Jersey17
Emma L Belvidere, Warren1848New Jersey
Mary R Belvidere, Warren1866New Jersey
{Family 182}
Exe J Blairstown, Warren1869New Jersey28B
{Family 183}
Ira Franklin, Warren1845New Jersey 56
Bell G Franklin, Warren1851New Jersey
{Family 184}
Mary Franklin, Warren1796New Jersey 46B
Mary Franklin, Warren1835New Jersey
Fannie Franklin, Warren1838New Jersey 47
Caroline Franklin, Warren1843New Jersey
Catherine Franklin, Warren1845New Jersey
{Family 185}
John Franklin, Warren1840 New Jersey 55B
Sarah Franklin, Warren1838New Jersey
Charles Franklin, Warren1863 Jersey
Florence Franklin, Warren1864New Jersey
Emma Franklin, Warren1866New Jersey
Thressa Franklin, Warren1868New Jersey
{Family 186}
Nathan Franklin, Warren1834New Jersey 46B
{Family 187}
ElizabethHackettstown, Warren1820 New Jersey 115B
Caroline Hackettstown, Warren1850 New Jersey
{Family 188}
Elizabeth Hope, Warren1810 New Jersey 187B
Emily AHope, Warren1848New Jersey
{Family 189}
Thomas Hope, Warren1815New Jersey 187
Louisa Hope, Warren1818New Jersey 187B
{Family 190}
Archey Knowlton, Warren1860 Pennsylvania 219B
{Family 191}
John Knowlton, Warren1843New Jersey 229
Susan Knowlton, Warren 1842New Jersey
Ann C Knowlton, Warren 1868New Jersey
{Family 192}
Phillip Lopatcong, Warren1819Pennsylvania 239
Maria Lopatcong, Warren1828Pennsylvania
John Lopatcong, Warren1850 New Jersey
Caroline Lopatcong, Warren1850 New Jersey
James Lopatcong, Warren1854New Jersey
George Lopatcong, Warren1858New Jersey
Anna Lopatcong, Warren1862New Jersey
Frank Lopatcong, Warren 1867New Jersey
{Family 193}
Clara Lopatcong, Warren1869New Jersey 239B
{Family 194}
Isace Mansfield, Warren1833New Jersey 271
Kesiah Mansfield, Warren1835New Jersey
Mary E Mansfield, Warren1862 New Jersey
Wm Mansfield, Warren1864New Jersey
Margaret E Mansfield, Warren1866New Jersey
{Family 195}
Jacob Oxford, Warren1840 New Jersey 306
Elizabeth Oxford, Warren1847New Jersey
Mary E Oxford, Warren1864New Jersey
George W Oxford, Warren1867New Jersey
Emma C Oxford, Warren1869New Jersey
{Family 196}
Stuart Oxford, Warren1848New Jersey 307B

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