CASE Families living in XX in 1870.

NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
Carrie Union, Bergen1842Ireland 540
{Family 2}
Milner Landis, Cumberlandtd>1821Connecticut 346
Amanda Landis, Cumberland1825Massachusetts
Millie G Landis, Cumberland1852Connecticut
Abby M Landis, Cumberland1854Connecticut
Ward Landis, Cumberland1856Connecticut
Warren Landis, Cumberland1859Connecticut
May E Landis, Cumberland1861Connecticut
Ida A Landis, Cumberland1866Connecticut
Freddie W Landis, Cumberland1868New Jersey
{Family 3}
Mary Newark Ward 1, Essex1835England 35
{Family 4}
John B Newark Ward 3, Essex1832New Jersey278B
Elizabeth Newark Ward 3, Essex1834New Jersey
Geo W Newark Ward 3, Essex1854New Jersey
Lottie R Newark Ward 3, Essex1857New Jersey
Alfred M Newark Ward 3, Essex1860 New Jersey
Ida May Newark Ward 3, Essex1867New Jersey
{Family 5}
Edwin Newark Ward 4, Essex1830 New York 315B
Hester Newark Ward 4, Essex1828New York
James Newark Ward 4, Essex1852New Jersey
Emma C Newark Ward 4, Essex1854New Jersey
Anna M Newark Ward 4, Essex1854New Jersey
William Newark Ward 4, Essex1858New Jersey
Elizabeth Newark Ward 4, Essex1860 New Jersey
Kate Newark Ward 4, Essex1862New Jersey
Harry Newark Ward 4, Essex1864New Jersey
Mary Newark Ward 4, Essex1867New Jersey
{Family 6}
Eliza Newark Ward 7, Essex1800 Connecticut 114B
{Family 7}
Christine Newark Ward 8, Essex1834New Jersey 179
{Family 8}
Lucius Jersey City Ward 3, Hudson1815Connecticut181
Elizabeth Jersey City Ward 3, Hudson1827Connecticut
Mary Jersey City Ward 3, Hudson1849Connecticut
Hattie Jersey City Ward 3, Hudson1857New York
Kate Jersey City Ward 3, Hudson1862New Jersey
{Family 9}
Emma Jersey City Ward 3, Hudson1850 New Jersey178
{Family 10}
Annie Jersey City Ward 4, Hudson1841New York268B
{Family 11}
Henry Jersey City Ward 4, Hudson1819Ohio 275
Mary Jersey City Ward 4, Hudson1824Ohio
Rebeca Jersey City Ward 4, Hudson1850Ohio
Roselle Jersey City Ward 4, Hudson1856New Jersey
Henry Jersey City Ward 4, Hudson1866New Jersey
{Family 12}
Isaac Jersey City Ward 4, Hudson1835New Jersey249B
Emily Jersey City Ward 4, Hudson1839Pennsylvania
{Family 13}
Mary Jersey City Ward 4, Hudson1848Ohio 275
{Family 14}
William Jersey City Ward 4, Hudson1849New Jersey 251B
{Family 15}
Robert (Casse)Jersey City Ward 7, Hudson1830 New York 133B
Mary Jersey City Ward 7, Hudson1835New York
John Jersey City Ward 7, Hudson1863New York
Julie Jersey City Ward 7, Hudson1865New York
Robert Jersey City Ward 7, Hudson1867New Jersey
Mary Jersey City Ward 7, Hudson1868New Jersey
{Family 16}
Charles M (Casse)Jersey City Ward 8, Hudson1840 Illinois 155B
Johanna Jersey City Ward 8, Hudson1848New Jersey
{Family 17}
Sylvester Kearney, Hudson1818New Jersey 270B
Pheobe Kearney, Hudson1823New Jersey
Frances Kearney, Hudson1856New Jersey
George Kearney, Hudson1862New Jersey
Caroline Kearney, Hudson1864New Jersey
{Family 18}
John Alexandria, Hunterdon1801New Jersey 3B
JAmey Alexandria, Hunterdon1811New Jersey
Margarett Alexandria, Hunterdon1850 New Jersey
Eli Alexandria, Hunterdon1852New Jersey
{Family 19}
William Alexandria, Hunterdon1815New Jersey 8
Sarah A Alexandria, Hunterdon1824New Jersey
Watson Alexandria, Hunterdon1848New Jersey
Awilda Alexandria, Hunterdon1855New Jersey
{Family 20}
Catherine Alexandria, Hunterdon1822New Jersey 22
William Alexandria, Hunterdon1847New Jersey
{Family 21}
William R Alexandria, Hunterdon1804New Jersey 25B
Mary Alexandria, Hunterdon1808New Jersey
Catherine Alexandria, Hunterdon1843New Jersey
Jane Alexandria, Hunterdon1855New Jersey
William B Alexandria, Hunterdon1839New Jersey
{Family 22}
Peter Alexandria, Hunterdon1847New Jersey 9B
Christopher Alexandria, Hunterdon1852New Jersey
{Family 23}
John F Alexandria, Hunterdon1833New Jersey 7B
Rachel A Alexandria, Hunterdon1839New Jersey
Edward Alexandria, Hunterdon1861New Jersey
Slater J Alexandria, Hunterdon1863New Jersey
Mary E Alexandria, Hunterdon1865New Jersey
{Family 24}
William H Alexandria, Hunterdon1831New Jersey 4
Sarah E Alexandria, Hunterdon1835New Jersey
Judson Alexandria, Hunterdon1858New Jersey
MartinAlexandria, Hunterdon1860 New Jersey
EmmaAlexandria, Hunterdon1863New Jersey
Ella HAlexandria, Hunterdon1869/70New Jersey
{Family 25}
Matilda Alexandria, Hunterdon1815New Jersey 37
Margarett A Alexandria, Hunterdon1842New Jersey
Mary C Alexandria, Hunterdon1844New Jersey
Isaac FAlexandria, Hunterdon1849New Jersey
{Family 26}
William Alexandria, Hunterdon1837New Jersey 37
Sarah L Alexandria, Hunterdon1843New Jersey
{Family 27}
Mary Alexandria, Hunterdon1814New Jersey 26
{Family 28}
Nathaniel Alexandria, Hunterdon1848New Jersey 41
Theadore Alexandria, Hunterdon1861New Jersey
{Family 29}
Peter Alexandria, Hunterdon1840 New Jersey 10
{Family 30}
Samuel Alexandria, Hunterdon1837New Jersey 26B
Susan C Alexandria, Hunterdon1847New Jersey

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