CASE Families living in New Jersey in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 151}
George B Andover, Sussex1841New Jersey 10
Lydia Andover, Sussex1846New Jersey
John D Andover, Sussex1869New Jersey
{Family 152}
Peter MAndover, Sussex1825New Jersey 11
Ellen S Andover, Sussex1825New Jersey
Anna A Andover, Sussex1859New Jersey
Obediah P Andover, Sussex1862New Jersey
{Family 153}
RichardAndover, Sussex1837New Jersey 7B
Elmira Andover, Sussex1838New Jersey
Levi Andover, Sussex1861New Jersey
Charlotte Andover, Sussex1863New Jersey
JennieAndover, Sussex1864New Jersey
Amos H Andover, Sussex1868New Jersey
{Family 154}
Jos H Byram, Sussex1825New Jersey 31
Clarrissa Byram, Sussex1828New Jersey
Minerva Byram, Sussex1854New Jersey
Emma J Byram, Sussex1858New Jersey
Joseph Byram, Sussex1863New Jersey
{Family 155}
Amedus Green, Sussex1851New Jersey 58
Emma C Green, Sussex1848New Jersey
{Family 156}
Cathrine Green, Sussex1840 New Jersey66
{Family 157}
B S Hampton, Sussex1815New Jersey 70B
Mary AnnHampton, Sussex1813New Jersey
Elman Hampton, Sussex1844New Jersey
Sarah Hampton, Sussex1846New Jersey
Charles E Hampton, Sussex1867New Jersey
{Family 158}
Peter Hampton, Sussex1789New Jersey 70
Mary Hampton, Sussex1792New Jersey
{Family 159}
Edwd A Hardyston, Sussex1835New Jersey 94
Mary Hardyston, Sussex1845New Jersey
Freeman Hardyston, Sussex1868New Jersey
{Family 160}
John O Hardyston, Sussex1816New Jersey90B
Jane Hardyston, Sussex1816New Jersey
Frank Hardyston, Sussextd>1851New Jersey
Elizabeth A Hardyston, Sussex1854New Jersey
Marcus L Hardyston, Sussex1856New Jersey
Winield S Hardyston, Sussex1846New Jersey
Martha Hardyston, Sussex1848New Jersey
{Family 161}
James Hardyston, Sussex1844New Jersey 102B
Emma Hardyston, Sussex1844New Jersey
{Family 162}
Levi Hardyston, Sussex1856New Jersey 95
{Family 163}
Peter M Lafayette, Sussex1801New Jersey105
Margret Lafayette, Sussex1830 New Jersey
AnnaLafayette, Sussex1860 New Jersey
{Family 164}
Wm S Lafayette, Sussex1803New Jersey 109B
Anne Lafayette, Sussex1808New Jersey
Franklin S Lafayette, Sussex1844New Jersey
William Lafayette, Sussex1848New Jersey
Sarah Lafayette, Sussex1845New Jersey
{Family 165}
James P Lafayette, Sussex1836New Jersey 108
Mary E Lafayette, Sussex1842New Jersey
Cyrus D Lafayette, Sussex1860 New Jersey
George W Lafayette, Sussex1864New Jersey
{Family 166}
Daniel HLafayette, Sussex1849New Jersey 107B
Phebe O Lafayette, Sussex1847New Jersey
{Family 167}
Elizabeth Lafayette, Sussex1812New Jersey 105B
Walter R Lafayette, Sussex1846New Jersey
ElizabethLafayette, Sussex1852New Jersey
{Family 168}
Timothy Newton, Sussex1823Vermont134B
Angeline Newton, Sussex1833 New York
Charles W Newton, Sussex1855 NewYork
Munson T Newton, Sussex1857New Jersey
{Family 169}
Calvin Newton, Sussex1838New Jersey 152
Sarah A Newton, Sussex1842New Jersey
James Newton, Sussex1862 New Jersey
Hosie H Newton, Sussex1865New Jersey 152B
Emma Newton, Sussex1869New Jersey
{Family 170}
Moses Newton, Sussex1786New Jersey130
P D Newton, Sussex1832New Jersey
{Family 171}
George Sparta, Sussex1803New Jersey 197B
MarySparta, Sussex1836New Jersey
{Family 172}
Mary Sparta, Sussex1837New Jersey 197B
Ella Sparta, Sussex1858New Jersey
Anna Sparta, Sussex1863New Jersey
{Family 173}
ObediahSparta, Sussex1830 New Jersey 197B
Jane Sparta, Sussex1834New Jersey
Mary Sparta, Sussex1856New Jersey
{Family 174}
Mary Wantage, Sussex1837New Jersey 284B
Harry Wantage, Sussex1861New Jersey
{Family 175}
Laurel Elizabeth Ward 6, Union1843New Jersey 521
SusanElizabeth Ward 6, Union1844New Jersey
Ella Elizabeth Ward 6, Union1868New Jersey
{Family 176}
Rufus K Plainfield, Union1841New Jersey 643B
Lucretia Plainfield, Union1844New York
Anna L Plainfield, Union1867New Jersey
Catharine Plainfield, Union1869New Jersey
{Family 177}
Phillip Plainfield, Union1833New Jersey 660B
Eliza Plainfield, Union1838New Jersey
Emily Plainfield, Union1857New Jersey
George Plainfield, Union1864New Jersey
{Family 178}
JacobWestfield, Union1799Wurttemberg 845B
{Family 179}
Charles Belvidere, Warren1832Pennsylvania21
Elizabeth Belvidere, Warren1830 New Jersey
Roxanna Belvidere, Warren1852Pennsylvania
Minerva Belvidere, Warren1854Pennsylvania
Archibald Belvidere, Warren1859Pennsylvania
Simpson Belvidere, Warren1862Pennsylvania
Ellsworth Belvidere, Warren1866Pennsylvania
Ida Belvidere, Warren1868Pennsylvania
{Family 180}
Charles Belvidere, Warren1822Pennsylvania 10B

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