CASE Families living in New Jersey in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 121}
Enoch W Trenton Ward 4, Mercer1844New Jersey 447
Henry Trenton Ward 4, Mercer, 1867New Jersey
Joseph W Trenton Ward 4, Mercer1869New Jersey
{Family 122}
Harry C Trenton Ward 5 Mercer1835Pennsylvania 472
Sarah Trenton Ward 5 Mercer1837Pennsylvania
Mary W Trenton Ward 5 Mercer1858Pennsylvania
Florence Trenton Ward 5 Mercer1864New Jersey
{Family 123}
Emeline R Trenton Ward 7, Mercer1853New Jersey 538
{Family 124}
AndrewWest Windsor, Mercer1854New Jersey 583B
{Family 125}
Wm West Windsor, Mercer1819New Jersey594B
Nancy West Windsor, Mercer1826New Jersey
George West Windsor, Mercer1857New Jersey
Louisa West Windsor, Mercer1860 New Jersey
DeliaWest Windsor, Mercer1862New Jersey
Willie West Windsor, Mercer1864New Jersey
{Family 126}
George West Windsor, Mercer1819New Jersey 593
John West Windsor, Mercer1819New Jersey
Westly H West Windsor, Mercer1824New Jersey
Susan A West Windsor, Mercer1830 New Jersey
{Family 127}
Smith West Windsor, Mercer1852New Jersey 593
{Family 128}
Mary D New Brunswick, Middlesex1825Pennsylvania 206B
Carrie D New Brunswick, Middlesex1855Pennsylvania
Bessie B New Brunswick, Middlesex1861New Jersey
{Family 129}
John New Brunswick, Middlesex1848 New Jersey 206B
{Family 130}
William H Freehold, Monmouth1831New Jersey 56
Margaret Freehold, Monmouth1846New Jersey
Eva Freehold, Monmouth1858New Jersey
Florence Freehold, Monmouth1859New Jersey
Emma Freehold, Monmouth1869New Jersey
{Family 131}
Thomas Chester, Morris1835England 110
Mary Chester, Morris1844New Jersey
{Family 132}
Robert Chester, Morris1851New Jersey111B
{Family 133}
Wm Hanover, Morris1840 Ireland 118
Mary Hanover, Morris1844Ireland
Elizabeth Hanover, Morris1867New Jersey
Wm Hanover, Morristd>1869New Jersey
{Family 134}
John Hanover, Morris1802Ireland 145
Mary Hanover, Morris1800 Ireland
{Family 135}
Charles P Morristown, Morris, 1832Pennsylvania 246B
Maggy JMorristown, Morris1842 New Jersey
Harry L Morristown, Morris1857New Jersey
Elizabeth M Morristown, Morris,1864New Jersey
Lilian M Morristown, Morris1867New Jersey
Charles P Morristown, Morris, 1869New Jersey
{Family 136}
Obadiah Pequannock, Morris1817England330B
Maria Pequannock, Morris1815 and
{Family 137}
Joseph Randolph, Morris1854New Jersey 387
{Family 138}
Samuel Randolph, Morris1835England 387B
{Family 139}
Michaell Roxbury, Morris1835Ireland 494
{Family 140}
Nelson Roxbury, Morris1854New Jersey 506
{Family 141}
William Roxbury, Morris1822New Jersey 477B
EllenRoxbury, Morris1821New Jersey
Joseph Roxbury, Morris1855New Jersey
Elizabeth Roxbury, Morris1858New Jersey
Addie Roxbury, Morris1862New Jersey
{Family 142}
Isiah Paterson Ward 8, Passaic1831England 683B
Mary Paterson Ward 8, Passaic1842Wales
David Paterson Ward 8, Passaic1864England
John Paterson Ward 8, Passaic1867England
Jane Paterson Ward 8, Passaic1869England
{Family 143}
Peter Bridgewater, Somerset1810 New Jersey 421B
Mary A Bridgewater, Somerset1812New Jersey
Catherine M Bridgewater, Somerset1839New Jersey
Elizabeth Bridgewater, Somerset1842New Jersey
Philip Bridgewater, Somerset1849New Jersey
Abram Bridgewater, Somerset1851New Jersey
Eliza Bridgewater, Somerset1798New Jersey
{Family 144}
John H Bridgewater, Somerset1844New Jersey 383
Mary H Bridgewater, Somerset1836New Jersey
Minnie E Bridgewater, Somerset1866New Jersey
Lizzie A Bridgewater, Somerset1867New Jersey
{Family 145}
William E Bridgewater, Somerset1845New Jersey404
Ellen TBridgewater, Somerset1844New Jersey
{Family 146}
Mary Bridgewater, Somerset1835New Jersey 386B
{Family 147}
Sarah Bridgewater, Somerset1805New Jersey 457B
{Family 148}
Elisha Hillsborough, Somerset1817Jersey 533
Sucretia (Lucretia)Hillsborough, Somerset1827New Jersey
James L Hillsborough, Somerset1852New Jersey
Peter V N Hillsborough, Somerset1863New Jersey
{Family 149}
Elizabeth Hillsborough, Somers1826New York 523B
{Family 150}
Peter E Hillsborough, Somerset1831New Jersey 532B
Susan Hillsborough, Somerset1835New Jersey
Helen Hillsborough, Somerset1857New Jersey

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