CASE Families living in New Jersey in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 91}
David Raritan, Hunterdon1812New Jersey305
Sman (Susan)Raritan, Hunterdon1811New Jersey
Jonathan Raritan, Hunterdon1846New Jersey
Daniel Raritan, Hunterdon1855New Jersey
{Family 92}
George Raritan, Hunterdon1832New Jersey 314
Mary J Raritan, Hunterdon1840New Jersey
JacobRaritan, Hunterdon1863New Jersey
Edward Raritan, Hunterdon1866New Jersey
Elizabeth Raritan, Hunterdon1869New Jersey
Ellen Raritan, Hunterdon1869New Jersey
{Family 93}
John B Raritan, Hunterdon1838New Jersey 295B
Keturah Raritan, Hunterdon1799New Jersey
Sarah E Raritan, Hunterdon1840 New Jersey
{Family 94}
Jonathan Raritan, Hunterdon1805New Jersey 319B
Rebecca Raritan, Hunterdon1806New Jersey
Susan Raritan, Hunterdon1837New Jersey
{Family 95}
Joseph B Raritan, Hunterdon1832New Jersey 293
Sarah Raritan, Hunterdon1838New Jersey
{Family 96}
Mary Raritan, Hunterdon 1825? New Jersey 317
{Family 97}
Peter J Raritan, Hunterdon1791New Jersey 304B
{Family 98}
Samuel Raritan, Hunterdon1847New Jersey 285
{Family 99}
Sarah Raritan, Hunterdon1816New Jersey 292B
{Family 100}
Thankful S Raritan, Hunterdon1850New Jersey 315B
{Family 101}
John Readington, Hunterdon1815New Jersey 347B
Rachel A Readington, Hunterdon1825New Jersey
Christian Readington, Hunterdon1847New Jersey
Richard Readington, Hunterdon1849New Jersey
{Family 102}
John R Readington, Hunterdon1840 New Jersey 357B
Lousa (Louisa) Readington, Hunterdon1839New Jersey
Susannah Readington, Hunterdon1866New Jersey
Howard Readington, Hunterdon 1869New Jersey
{Family 103}
John R Readington, Hunterdon1816New Jersey 361
Mary A Readington, Hunterdon1822New Jersey
{Family 104}
Samuel Readington, Hunterdon1825New Jersey 353B
Sarah A Readington, Hunterdon1828New Jersey
Mary Ann Readington, Hunterdon1869New Jersey
{Family 105}
John Tewksbury, Hunterdon1824New Jersey 388B
Sarah K Tewksbury, Hunterdon1832New Jersey
Mary J Tewksbury, Hunterdon1860 New Jersey
Isaac Tewksbury, Hunterdon1863New Jersey
Anna A Tewksbury, Hunterdon1869New Jersey
{Family 106}
Susan Tewksbury, Hunterdon1840 New Jersey 385B
Joseph Tewksbury, Hunterdon1860 New Jersey
{Family 107}
Elizabeth Union, Hunterdon1812Pennsylvania 404
Isaac B Union, Hunterdon1837New Jersey
Daniel Union, Hunterdon1844New Jersey
John H Union, Hunterdon1856New Jersey
{Family 108}
Henry Union, Hunterdon1803New Jersey 403B
Levi Union, Hunterdon1842New Jersey
Eliza Union, Hunterdon1844New Jersey
Louis Union, Hunterdon1852New Jersey
Godfrey Union, Hunterdon1847New Jersey
{Family 109}
Jos Union, Hunterdon1846New Jersey 397
Mary E Union, Hunterdon1843New Jersey
Eliza S Union, Hunterdon1867New Jersey
Eliza Union, Hunterdon1812New Jersey
{Family 110}
Edward W West Amwell, Hunterdon1840 New Jersey 422
Sarah E West Amwell, Hunterdon1841Pennsylvania
Ida M West Amwell, Hunterdon1864New Jersey
Amy A West Amwell, Hunterdon1867New Jersey
Edward W West Amwell, Hunterdon1869New Jersey
{Family 111}
Martha West Amwell, Hunterdon1858New Jersey 411B
{Family 112}
Rebecca West Amwell, Hunterdon1842New Jersey 423
{Family 113}
Levi East Windsor, Mercer1850 New Jersey 4
{Family 114}
Charles S Ewing, Mercer1842New Jersey 41B
{Family 115}
George W Ewing, Mercer1837New Jersey 56B
{Family 116}
Joseph L Ewing, Mercer 1848New Jersey 62
{Family 117}
Augustus S Princeton, Mercer, 1810 New Jersey 219B
Emaline Princeton, Mercer1811New Jersey
{Family 118}
Hetty A Trenton Ward 3, Mercer 1820 New York 346B
Joseph J Trenton Ward 3, Mercer1854New Jersey
Matilda Trenton Ward 3, Mercer1859New Jersey
{Family 119}
Louanna Trenton Ward 3, Mercer1852New Jersey 392B
{Family 120}
Susan Trenton Ward 4, Mercer1825New Jersey 404
Emma Trenton Ward 4, Mercer1850 New Jersey
Susan Trenton Ward 4, Mercer1852New Jersey
Martha Trenton Ward 4, Mercer1861New Jersey

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