CASE Families living in New Jersey in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 61}
Henry Franklin, Hunterdon1802New Jersey 206B
Hester Franklin, Hunterdon1806New Jersey
Deborah Franklin, Hunterdon1846New Jersey
{Family 62}
Henry Jr Franklin, Hunterdonn1841New Jersey 206B
Mary Franklin, Hunterdon1842New Jersey
Liscomb Franklin, Hunterdon1870New Jersey
{Family 63}
NathanialFranklin, Hunterdon1835New Jersey 206B
Mary Franklin, Hunterdon1838New Jersey
Philip SFranklin, Hunterdon1862New Jersey
{Family 64}
George Franklin, Hunterdon1845New Jersey 209
Eliza Franklin, Hunterdon1844Pennsylvania
Sarah E Franklin, Hunterdon1868New Jersey
{Family 65}
James W Franklin, Hunterdon1832New Jersey 199
Hannah Franklin, Hunterdon1839New Jersey
Elmer E Franklin, Hunterdon1861New Jersey 199B
William Franklin, Hunterdon1869New Jersey
{Family 66}
Wm J Franklin, Hunterdon1830 New Jersey 195
Mary J Franklin, Hunterdon1834New Jersey
John B Franklin, Hunterdon1856New Jersey
Geo E Franklin, Hunterdon1864New Jersey
George Franklin, Hunterdon1848New Jersey
{Family 67}
Wm K Franklin, Hunterdon1836New Jersey 194
Mary E Franklin, Hunterdon1843New Jersey
John P Franklin, Hunterdon1867New Jersey
{Family 68}
Jos D Franklin, Hunterdon1841New Jersey 194
Lucretia Franklin, Hunterdon1841New Jersey
Wilson Franklin, Hunterdon1867New Jersey
Minerva Franklin, Hunterdon1870New Jersey
{Family 69}
Mary M Franklin, Hunterdon1850 New Jersey 202
{Family 70}
Rhutzen Franklin, Hunterdon1839New Jersey 195B
Susan R Franklin, Hunterdon1840 New Jersey
{Family 71}
Witfield Frenchtown, Hunterdon1842New Jersey 47B
Mary E Frenchtown, Hunterdon1802New Jersey
Rachel P Frenchtown, Hunterdon1812New Jersey
{Family 72}
Albert C Lambertville, Hunterdon1851New Jersey 464
{Family 73}
Jas M Lambertville, Hunterdon1813Pennsylvania 436
Mary C Lambertville, Hunterdon1817New Jersey
Samuel Lambertville, Hunterdon1849New Jersey
Edward W Lambertville, Hunterdon1853New Jersey
{Family 74}
ElishaLambertville, Hunterdon1835New Jersey 461B
Elmyra Lambertville, Hunterdon1830 New Jersey
Mary Lambertville, Hunterdon1860 New Jersey
Sarah Lambertville, Hunterdon1864New Jersey
{Family 75}
Lizzie Lambertville, Hunterdon1840 Pennsylvania 470B
{Family 76}
Watson F Lambertville, Hunterdon1846New Jersey 447
Saphia G Lambertville, Hunterdon1850 New Jersey
{Family 77}
Ephriam Raritan, Hunterdon1846New Jersey316B
Catharine Raritan, Hunterdon1820 New Jersey
John W Raritan, Hunterdon1849New Jersey
Sarah M Raritan, Hunterdon1853New Jersey
{Family 78}
Samuel F Raritan, Hunterdon1821New Jersey 316B
Maria Raritan, Hunterdon1821New Jersey
Aaron G Raritan, Hunterdon1848 Jersey
Samuel Raritan, Hunterdon1851New Jersey
Hannah Raritan, Hunterdon1856New Jersey
Louisa Raritan, Hunterdon1858New Jersey
Cyrus V Raritan, Hunterdon1860 New Jersey
Daniel N Raritan, Hunterdon1862New Jersey
Rhoda Raritan, Hunterdon1864New Jersey
{Family 79}
Abby Raritan, Hunterdon1788Pennsylvania 287
{Family 80}
Horatia Raritan, Hunterdon1854New Jersey 287
{Family 81}
Jacob Raritan, Hunterdon1822New Jersey 303
Margaret Raritan, Hunterdon1830 New Jersey
Clarinda Raritan, Hunterdon1850 New Jersey
Anthony Raritan, Hunterdon1852New Jersey
Sarah Raritan, Hunterdon1854w Jersey
Jessie Raritan, Hunterdon1857New Jersey
Abraham Raritan, Hunterdon1860 New Jersey
Anna Raritan, Hunterdon1863New Jersey
{Family 82}
John P Raritan, Hunterdon1833New Jersey 303B
Amy F Raritan, Hunterdon1847New Jersey
John N Raritan, Hunterdon1866New Jersey
Mary Raritan, Hunterdon, 1868New Jersey
Whitfield Raritan, Hunterdon1870New Jersey
{Family 83}
Joseph B Raritan, Hunterdon1825New Jersey 318B
{Family 84}
Mahlon P Raritan, Hunterdon1830 New Jersey 318B
Anna Raritan, Hunterdon1830 New Jersey
{Family 85}
Hiram M Raritan, Hunterdon1844New Jersey 285B
Susan A Raritan, Hunterdon1845Jersey
Lydia M Raritan, Hunterdon1864New Jersey
Samuel F Raritan, Hunterdon1866New Jersey
Anna A Raritan, Hunterdon1869New Jersey
{Family 86}
Lewis C Raritan, Hunterdon1824New Jersey 302
Elizabeth Raritan, Hunterdon1827New Jersey
Caroline V Raritan, Hunterdon1851New Jersey
Catharine C Raritan, Hunterdon1855New Jersey
Eugenia Raritan, Hunterdon1858New Jersey
Charles B Raritan, Hunterdon1861New Jersey 302B
Gertrude V Raritan, Hunterdon1863New Jersey
Lewis C Raritan, Hunterdon1869New Jersey
{Family 87}
Anthony L Raritan, Hunterdon1798New Jersey302B
Clarinda Raritan, Hunterdon1804New Jersey
{Family 88}
Archibald Raritan, Hunterdon1814New Jersey313B
{Family 89}
Catharine Raritan, Hunterdon1796Pennsylvania 296
Kate Raritan, Hunterdon1861New Jersey
{Family 90}
Joseph Raritan, Hunterdon1836Pennsylvania 296
Margaret Raritan, Hunterdon1840 Pennsylvania

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