CASE Families living in New Jersey in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 31}
A Y Bethlehem, Hunterdon1837New Jersey 57
Sydney Y Bethlehem, Hunterdon1862 New Jersey
{Family 32}
Mary A Bethlehem, Hunterdon1837New Jersey 57
Isabell Bethlehem, Hunterdon1858New Jersey
Calvin Bethlehem, Hunterdon 1861New Jersey
Adaline Bethlehem, Hunterdon1869New Jersey
{Family 33}
Hiram Bethlehem, Hunterdon 1836New Jersey 57
Sarah A Bethlehem, Hunterdon1844New Jersey
{Family 34}
William Bethlehem, Hunterdon1824New Jersey 58B
Mary Bethlehem, Hunterdon1835New Jersey
George Bethlehem, Hunterdon1865New Jersey
Ellsworth Bethlehem, Hunterdon1867New Jersey
Affaretta Bethlehem, Hunterdon1870New Jersey
{Family 35}
Stephen Bethlehem, Hunterdon1832 New Jersey 72
Ann E Bethlehem, Hunterdon1835New Jersey
Amy Bethlehem, Hunterdon1856New Jersey
Chester Bethlehem, Hunterdon1859New Jersey
Charles Bethlehem, Hunterdon1861New Jersey
John Bethlehem, Hunterdon1865New Jersey
Mary Bethlehem, Hunterdon1868New Jersey
Mathias Bethlehem, Hunterdon1869New Jersey
{Family 36}
Charles Clinton, Hunterdon1841New Jersey108B
Lucy Clinton, Hunterdon1842New Jersey
Ellen Clinton, Hunterdon1869New Jersey
Mary Clinton, Hunterdon1797New Jersey
Abigail Clinton, Hunterdon1838 New Jersey
{Family 37}
Henry Clinton, Hunterdon1821New Jersey 130B
Catharine Clinton, Hunterdon1824New Jersey
Ann A Clinton, Hunterdon1851New Jersey
Theo Clinton, Hunterdon1855New Jersey
Laura Clinton, Hunterdon1861New Jersey
{Family 38}
Elisha Clinton, Hunterdon1836New Jersey 91B
Christian Clinton, Hunterdon1841New Jersey
{Family 39}
Emma Clinton, Hunterdon1825New Jersey 101
John Clinton, Hunterdon1835New Jersey
Jacob Clinton, Hunterdon1837New Jersey
Luther Clinton, Hunterdon1863New Jersey
JamesClinton, Hunterdon1865Illinois
Simor (Simon?)Clinton, Hunterdon1867Illinois
{Family 40}
George F Clinton, Hunterdon1845New Jersey 119
{Family 41}
Hannah Clinton, Hunterdon1838New Jersey 129B
John Clinton, Hunterdon1834New Jersey
{Family 42}
Peter Clinton, Hunterdon1843New Jersey 128B
Kate Clinton, Hunterdon1844New Jersey
{Family 43}
Anna Delaware, Hunterdon1860 New Jersey 141
{Family 44}
Levi H Delaware, Hunterdon1838New Jersey 140
Mary Ann Delaware, Hunterdon1844New Jersey
Anna E Delaware, Hunterdon1867New Jersey
William M Delaware, Hunterdon1869New Jersey
{Family 45}
William Delaware, Hunterdon1829New Jersey135B
Elminia Delaware, Hunterdon1830 New Jersey
Lewis Delaware, Hunterdon1856New Jersey
Charles B Delaware, Hunterdon1859New Jersey
Margaret J Delaware, Hunterdon1866New Jersey
John W Delaware, Hunterdon1869New Jersey
Jane Delaware, Hunterdon1803New Jersey
{Family 46}
John R Delaware, Hunterdon1815New Jersey 148
Clarinda Delaware, Hunterdon1820 New Jersey
{Family 47}
John L Delaware, Hunterdon1816New Jersey 159
Elizabeth Delaware, Hunterdon1824New Jersey
{Family 48}
W V Delaware, Hunterdon1830 New Jersey154
Sarah Delaware, Hunterdon1830 New Jersey
Oretta Delaware, Hunterdon1859New Jersey
Laura Delaware, Hunterdon1861New Jersey
Liza Delaware, Hunterdon1863New Jersey
George Delaware, Hunterdon1865New Jersey 154B
{Family 49}
Olover P Delaware, Hunterdon1836New Jersey 158B
Sarah Delaware, Hunterdon1838New Jersey
Theodore Delaware, Hunterdon1861New Jersey
Sarah E Delaware, Hunterdon1864New Jersey
George K Delaware, Hunterdon1866New Jersey
Mary E Delaware, Hunterdon1870New Jersey
{Family 50}
George East Amwell, Hunterdon1832New Jersey 181B
{Family 51}
Albert East Amwell, Hunterdon1849New Jersey 181B
{Family 52}
Anthony East Amwell, Hunterdon1840New Jersey 170B
Mary East Amwell, Hunterdon1846New Jersey
Charles East Amwell, Hunterdon1866New Jersey
{Family 53}
Henry East Amwell, Hunterdon1842New Jersey 170B
Matilda East Amwell, Hunterdon1845New Jersey
Howard East Amwell, Hunterdon1868New Jersey
{Family 54}
John L East Amwell, Hunterdon1807New Jersey 170B
Ellen East Amwell, Hunterdon1817New Jersey
JacobEast Amwell, Hunterdon1856New Jersey
Mary East Amwell, Hunterdon1863New Jersey
{Family 55}
Martin V East Amwell, Hunterdon1829New Jersey 171
Sarah East Amwell, Hunterdon1833New Jersey
Winfield East Amwell, Hunterdon1857New Jersey
Jacob East Amwell, Hunterdon1858New Jersey
Eliza East Amwell, Hunterdon1864New Jersey
Lewis East Amwell, Hunterdon1866New Jersey
Charles East Amwell, Hunterdon,1868New Jersey
{Family 56}
William East Amwell, Hunterdon1823Pennsylvania 175
Laticia East Amwell, Hunterdon1822Pennsylvania
Mary E East Amwell, Hunterdon1847Pennsylvania
Lousie East Amwell, Hunterdon1854Pennsylvania
Ella East Amwell, Hunterdon1860 Pennsylvania
Ross East Amwell, Hunterdon1863Pennsylvania
{Family 57}
Asa Franklin, Hunterdon1821New Jersey 193B
Elizabeth Franklin, Hunterdon1830 New Jersey
Mary Ellen Franklin, Hunterdon1849New Jersey
Rachel AFranklin, Hunterdon1850 New Jersey
John D Franklin, Hunterdon1854New Jersey
{Family 58}
Christo Franklin, Hunterdonn1797New Jersey 193B
Charity Franklin, Hunterdon1837New Jersey
Amy (Ann)Franklin, Hunterdon1850 New Jersey
{Family 59}
John Q Franklin, Hunterdon1821New Jersey 193
Sarah E Franklin, Hunterdon1819New Jersey
George Franklin, Hunterdon1845New Jersey
Rebecca Franklin, Hunterdon1847New Jersey
James R Franklin, Hunterdon1850 New Jersey
Anna J Franklin, Hunterdon1853New Jersey
Theodore Franklin, Hunterdon1854New Jersey
Lizzie Franklin, Hunterdon1862 New Jersey
{Family 60}
William Franklin, Hunterdon1815New Jersey 197
Charlotte Franklin, Hunterdon1831New Jersey
Lydia A Franklin, Hunterdon1854New Jersey

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