CASE Families living in North Carolina in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 31}
Mary Center Grove, Guilford1845North Carolina 23B
Maggie Center Grove, Guilford1848North Carolina
Henry Center Grove, Guilford1852North Carolina
Sydney Center Grove, Guilford1855North Carolina
Levi Center Grove, Guilford1860 North Carolina
{Family 32}
Miranda Center Grove, Guilford1852North Carolina 23
{Family 33}
William Center Grove, Guilford1840 North Carolina 28B
Emma Center Grove, Guilford1851North Carolina
Sally Center Grove, Guilford1868North Carolina
Lucy Center Grove, Guilford1868North Carolina
{Family 34}
Charles Oak Ridge, Guilford1835North Carolina 238B
Elizabeth Oak Ridge, Guilford1831North Carolina
Emma Oak Ridge, Guilford1858North Carolina
Ida Oak Ridge, Guilford1860 North Carolina
Sonara Oak Ridge, Guilford1861North Carolina 239
Bettie Oak Ridge, Guilford1863North Carolina
Laulina (Louelena)Oak Ridge, Guilford1866North Carolina
Valeria Oak Ridge, Guilford1869North Carolina
{Family 35}
C A Blue Ridge, Henderson1826North Carolina 228
Sarah I Blue Ridge, Henderson1838North Carolina
George M (George W)Blue Ridge, Henderson1863North Carolina
Perses E Blue Ridge, Henderson1869North Carolina
{Family 36}
C C Blue Ridge, Henderson1845North Carolina 236
Elizabeth Blue Ridge, Henderson 1847North Carolina
Alice P Blue Ridge, Henderson1867North Carolina
{Family 37}
I B Blue Ridge, Henderson1818North Carolina 239
Nancy A Blue Ridge, Henderson1826North Carolina
Elizabeth Blue Ridge, Henderson1848 North Carolina
Marcus Blue Ridge, Henderson1851North Carolina
Martha S Blue Ridge, Henderson1853North Carolina
Riley M Blue Ridge, Henderson1855North Carolina
Jesse W Blue Ridge, Henderson1860 North Carolina
Saml H Blue Ridge, Henderson1866 North Carolina
{Family 38}
J C Blue Ridge, Henderson1818North Carolina 239B
Sarah A Blue Ridge, Henderson1823North Carolina
Josephine Blue Ridge, Henderson1849North Carolina
Henrietta Blue Ridge, Henderson1850 North Carolina
Irena Blue Ridge, Henderson1852North Carolina
Henry Blue Ridge, Henderson1854North Carolina
L B Blue Ridge, Henderson1855North Carolina
{Family 39}
James Blue Ridge, Henderson1791North Carolina 236
Mary Blue Ridge, Henderson1807North Carolina
{Family 40}
Jesse Blue Ridge, Henderson1800 North Carolina 233B
{Family 41}
Manning Blue Ridge, Henderson1850 North Carolina 238
Amanda Blue Ridge, Henderson1851North Carolina
Elizabeth Blue Ridge, Henderson1869North Carolina
{Family 42}
MiriamBlue Ridge, Henderson1822 North Carolina 237B
PollyBlue Ridge, Henderson1846 North Carolina
Martha Blue Ridge, Henderson1852 North Carolina
Nancy Blue Ridge, Henderson1854 North Carolina
{Family 43}
Silas Blue Ridge, Henderson1830North Carolina 236
Mary Ann Blue Ridge, Henderson1840 North Carolina
Joseph E Blue Ridge, Henderson1861North Carolina
Matilda A Blue Ridge, Henderson1867North Carolina
Lovick M Blue Ridge, Henderson1869North Carolina
{Family 44}
Thomas Blue Ridge, Henderson1800 North Carolina 232B
Mary Blue Ridge, Henderson1799 North Carolina
{Family 45}
T J Blue Ridge, Henderson1819North Carolina 238
Zilpha Blue Ridge, Henderson1835North Carolina
Margaret Blue Ridge, Henderson1854North Carolina
Laura A Blue Ridge, Henderson1856North Carolina 238B
Mary Blue Ridge, Henderson1858North Carolina
Thompson Blue Ridge, Henderson1860 North Carolina
Virginia Blue Ridge, Henderson1863North Carolina
James A Blue Ridge, Henderson1867North Carolina
Andrew Blue Ridge, Henderson1868North Carolina
Florence Blue Ridge, Henderson1870North Carolina
{Family 46}
William Blue Ridge, Henderson1844North Carolina 226B
Amanda Blue Ridge, Henderson1851North Carolina
Jonathon Blue Ridge, Henderson1869North Carolina
{Family 47}
Wm Sr.Blue Ridge, Henderson1793North Carolina 239
Martha Blue Ridge, Henderson1795North Carolina
Davis Louisa Blue Ridge, Henderson1847North Carolina
{Family 48}
Wm L Blue Ridge, Henderson1833North Carolina 237B
Louisa Blue Ridge, Henderson1844South Carolina
Mary A Blue Ridge, Henderson1858North Carolina
Elizabeth Blue Ridge, Henderson1860 North Carolina
Suson Blue Ridge, Henderson1862North Carolina
Harriet Blue Ridge, Henderson1864North Carolina
James W Blue Ridge, Henderson1866North Carolina
George Blue Ridge, Henderson1869North Carolina
{Family 49}
John L Edneyville, Henderson1840 North Carolina 257
Sarah A Edneyville, Henderson1843North Carolina
Maria H Edneyville, Henderson1864North Carolina
Henry P Edneyville, Henderson1866North Carolina
Unis R Edneyville, Henderson1867North Carolina
Allice J Edneyville, Henderson1869North Carolina
{Family 50}
Jacob Edneyville, Henderson1818North Carolina 257
Lucinda Edneyville, Henderson1820 North Carolina
M P Edneyville, Henderson1850 North Carolina
M Z Edneyville, Henderson1853North Carolina
Marion Edneyville, Henderson1852North Carolina
{Family 51}
Mary M Hoopers Creek, Henderson1825North Carolina 301
William Hoopers Creek, Henderson1854North Carolina
Jane Hoopers Creek, Henderson1856North Carolina 301
Juda A (Inda or Suda)Hoopers Creek, Henderson1858North Carolina
Thomas I Hoopers Creek, Henderson1861North Carolina
{Family 52}
E F Mills River, Henderson1835North Carolina 322B
Wis e (Unis E)Mills River, Henderson1838North Carolina
Celia A M Mills River, Henderson1858North Carolina
Louisa M Mills River, Henderson1860 North Carolina
Erander F Mills River, Henderson1862North Carolina
Lillie O Mills River, Henderson1866North Carolina
James W Mills River, Henderson1864 North Carolina
{Family 53}
Cighthana (Cigh Thomas) Boon Hill, Johnston1844District Columbia 343B
Amanda Boon Hill, Johnston1842North Carolina
{Family 54}
Thomas Beaver Creek, Jones1835North Carolina 542B
Rhodey Beaver Creek, Jones1843North Carolina
Calvin Beaver Creek, Jones1859North Carolina
Emma Beaver Creek, Jones1868North Carolina
{Family 55}
Jesse F Township 8, Madison1847North Carolina 427B
Lurania Township 8, Madison1848North Carolina
Dellia Township 8, Madison1866North Carolina
Reason D Township 8, Madison1869North Carolina
{Family 56}
Laxton Township 8, Madison1810 North Carolina 427B
Sarah Township 8, Madison1814North Carolina
John R Township 8, Madison1853North Carolina
Jefferson D Township 8, Madison1856North Carolina
Mary M Township 8, Madison1858North Carolina
{Family 57}
Thomas Township 8, Madison1850 North Carolina 437
Sarah E Township 8, Madison1850 South Carolina
{Family 58}
William B Township 8, Madison1833North Carolina 436B
Nancy E Township 8, Madison1845North Carolina
Sarah R Township 8, Madison1867North Carolina
Syntha B Township 8, Madison1869North Carolina
{Family 59}
Charles California, Pitt1840 North Carolina 73
Fransis California, Pitt1842North Carolina
John California, Pitt1865North Carolina
Victoria California, Pitt1868North Carolina
{Family 60}
Green Contentnae, Pitt1840 North Carolina 111
Vicy Contentnae, Pitt1847North Carolina
Emily Contentnae, Pitt1869North Carolina
{Family 61}
William Contentnae, Pitt1800 North Carolina 108B
HollanContentnae, Pitt1849North Carolina

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