CASE Families living in Missouri in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 61}
Rolly C Turnback, Lawrence1818Tennessee 562
Mary Turnback, Lawrence1823Tennessee
Martha E Turnback, Lawrence1848Missouri
Thomas J Turnback, Lawrence1849Missouri
John Turnback, Lawrence1855Missouri
Jane Turnback, Lawrence1856Missouri
Francis M Turnback, Lawrence1858Missouri
{Family 62}
JasperCallao, Macon1855Missouri 27
{Family 63}
John Dry Creek, Maries1846Missouri 392B
Mary T Dry Creek, Maries1844Missouri
T C Dry Creek, Maries1868Missouri
Nancy E Dry Creek, Maries1869Missouri
{Family 64}
Bolt WilliamJackson, Maries1844Virginia 396
RobertaJackson, Maries1853Missouri
{Family 65}
John Round Grove, Marion1835Kentucky 705
Martha A Round Grove, Marion1834Kentucky
John W Round Grove, Marion1857Missouri
Caroline Round Grove, Marion1860 Missouri
Minnie Round Grove, Marion1869Missouri
Emma Round Grove, Marion1869Missouri
{Family 66}
Stephen South Fork, Monroe1867Missouri 689B (see 689)
{Family 67}
Olive Prairie, Montgomery1841Ohio 102
{Family 68}
Dennis S Le Sieur, New Madrid1840 Missouri272
Adale Le Sieur, New Madrid1847Missouri
Willie Le Sieur, New Madrid1869Missouri
{Family 69}
BenjShoal Creek, Newton1841Illinois 476B
EmilyShoal Creek, Newton1842Ohio
Mary C Shoal Creek, Newton1866Iowa
Luna R Shoal Creek, Newton1868Iowa
{Family 70}
Leonidas H Polk, Nodaway,1833Ohio 635B
Amanda O Polk Nodaway1846Missouri
William W Polk, Nodaway1860 Ohio
Cora L Polk Nodaway1865Missouri
{Family 71}
Jasen Polk Nodaway1842Ohio 648B
Lovina Polk, Nodaway1840Ohio
Ralph Polk, Nodaway1864Ohio
{Family 72}
Edward Jackson, Osage1826Missouri 114B
Mary Jackson, Osage1828Illinois
Lindsay Jackson, Osage1856Missouri
Hugh Jackson, Osage1858Missouri
Sarah L Jackson, Osage1861Missouri
Edward Jackson, Osage1864Missouri
Rachel E Jackson, Osage1867Missouri
{Family 73}
James Jackson, Osage1849Missouri 115
Sarah A Jackson, Osage1844Missouri
Mary E Jackson, Osage1868Missouri
IsaacJackson, Osage1869Missouri
{Family 74}
Allen JMarion, Ozark1836Kentucky 211
Elizabeth JaneMarion, Ozark1838Ohio
William Geo Marion, Ozark1835Ohio
Sarah Jane Marion, Ozark1859Indiana
Samuel Marion, Ozark1861Indiana
John Marion, Ozark1863Indiana
George W Marion, Ozark1864Indiana 211B
Mary E Marion, Ozark1869/70Missouri
{Family 75}
William Bois Brule, Perry1857Arkansas 263
James Bois Brule, Perry1861Arkansas
{Family 76}
Jane Bois Brule, Perry1853Arkansas 272
{Family 77}
Nancy Spring Creek, Phelps1849Missouri 740B
{Family 78}
Henry Benton, Polk1847Ohio10
Georgia Benton, Polk1851Ohio
{Family 79}
Barbara Mooney, Polk1829Tennessee 149
Mary F Mooney, Polk1849Tennessee
Nancy P Mooney, Polk1850 Tennessee
Cyntha C Mooney, Polk1853Tennessee
Patsy L Mooney, Polk1855Missouri
John JMooney, Polk1858Missouri
Martin Mooney, Polk1865Missouri
{Family 80}
Isom Mooney, Polk1839Tennessee 150
Molsa Mooney, Polk1840 Tennessee
Martha J Mooney, Polk1860 Missouri
William H Mooney, Polk1862Missouri
Nancy E Mooney, Polk1867Missouri
Sarah E Mooney, Polk1869Missouri
{Family 81}
John Mooney, Polk1837Tennessee 150
Temperance Mooney, Polk1837North Carolina
Mary J Mooney, Polk1860 Missouri
Margaret E Mooney, Polk1861Missouri
William W Mooney, Polk1863Missouri
John CMooney, Polk1865Missouri
{Family 82}
William Mooney, Polk1792Georgia 150
Nancy Mooney, Polk1796North Carolina
Polly Mooney, Polk1845Tennessee
{Family 83}
Francis Union, Pulaski1817Tennessee 217B
Elizabeth Union, Pulaski1839Tennessee
Washington Union, Pulaski1845Missouri
Sarah Union, Pulaski1852Missouri
Caroline Union, Pulaski1854Missouri
Robert Union, Pulaski1856Missouri
Thomas Union, Pulaski1858Missouri
{Family 84}
James Union, Pulaski1840 Tennessee 217B
Hannah Union, Pulaski1844Missouri
Martha Union, Pulaski1858Missouri 218
Mary Union, Pulaski1860 Missouri
John Union, Pulaski1864Missouri
Robert Union, Pulaski1869Missouri
{Family 85}
Malinda Union, Pulaski1858Missouri 214
{Family 86}
William Grape Grove, Ray1843Illinois446B
Martha A Grape Grove, Ray1849Missouri
George W Grape Grove, Ray1869Missouri
John W Grape Grove, Ray1869/70Missouri
{Family 87}
A B C Glenwood, Schuyler1827Ohio 323
Henrietta Glenwood, Schuyler1833Pennsylvania
Eranis D Glenwood, Schuyler1844Ohio
Lee H Glenwood, Schuyler1856Ohio
Emma R Glenwood, Schuyler1860Ohio
Abe S Glenwood, Schuyler1863Ohio
Carrie S Glenwood, Schuyler1866Ohio
Ed S Glenwood, Schuyler1868Missouri
{Family 88}
Wesley Glenwood, Schuyler1839Ohio 323B
Emma E Glenwood, Schuyler1844Ohio
Thaddie Glenwood, Schuyler1867Indiana
{Family 89}
Perry Independence, Schuyler1852Iowa 330B
Sarah E Independence, Schuyler1859Missouri
{Family 90}
Thomas Sandywoods, Scott1844Tennessee 618
Jane Sandywoods, Scott1848Tennessee
Joseph Sandywoods, Scott1852Tennessee
RebeccaSandywoods, Scott1855Tennessee

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