CASE Families living in Indiana in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 151}
Marquis Moral, Shelby1814New York 244B
Dorinda Moral, Shelby1823Kentucky
{Family 152}
Clinton Fremont, Steuben1852Ohio 72
{Family 153}
Emma Jamestown, Steuben1854Indiana 96B
{Family 154}
Jerrie Otsego, Steuben1857Indiana 128B
{Family 155}
Lydia Otsego, Steuben1820 Pennsylvania 117
Mary Otsego, Steuben1855Indiana
Frederick Otsego, Steuben1853Indiana
{Family 156}
Allen Pleasant, Steuben1815New York 158
Elizabeth Pleasant, Steuben1833Ohio
Lewis Pleasant, Steuben1850 Ohio
Wm A Pleasant, Steuben1852Ohio
Michael Pleasant, Steuben1860 Indiana
Elnora Pleasant, Steuben1864Indiana
Hiram Pleasant, Steuben1866Indiana
Eli Pleasant, Steuben1869Indiana
{Family 157}
Daniel Pleasant, Steuben1834New York 140B
Mary A Pleasant, Steuben1839Ohio
James Pleasant, Steuben1860 Indiana
Jacqueline Pleasant, Steuben1865Indiana
John Pleasant, Steuben1847Ohio
{Family 158}
Denman Pleasant, Steuben1847Indiana 157B
Permelia Pleasant, Steuben1823New York
Mariette Pleasant, Steuben1853Indiana
Permelia Pleasant, Steuben1849Indiana
{Family 159}
Elizabeth Pleasant, Steuben1848Ohio 151B
{Family 160}
George W Turman, Sullivan1834Indiana 235
Elizabeth Turman, Sullivan1834Indiana
Lucy E Turman, Sullivan1854Indiana
Job Turman, Sullivan1856Indiana
Caroline Turman, Sullivan1857Indiana
Marietta Turman, Sullivan1869Indiana
{Family 161}
James Lafayette Ward 2, Tippecanoe1805Connecticut 102B
{Family 162}
William Lafayette Ward 2, Tippecanoe1818New York 95B
{Family 163}
Celia Romney, Tippecanoe1840 Ohio 275B
{Family 164}
B L Evansville Ward 6, Vanderburgh1818New York 304
Anderilla Evansville Ward 6, Vanderburgh1835Pennsylvania
Lawrence Evansville Ward 6, Vanderburgh1852Indiana
Wallace Evansville Ward 6, Vanderburgh1853Indiana
{Family 165}
Jane Eugene, Vermillion1813Pennsylvania 38
Mary E Eugene, Vermillion1846Indiana
{Family 166}
William Fayette, Vigo1834Ohio 161B
Delilah Fayette, Vigo1831Kentucky
Sarah Fayette, Vigo1866Indiana
SusieFayette, Vigo1867Indiana
George Fayette, Vigo1868Indiana
William Fayette, Vigo1870Indiana
Susanah Fayette, Vigo1807New Jersey
{Family 167}
John Fayette, Vigo1829Ohio 168
Nancy J Fayette, Vigo1834Indiana
Susan Fayette, Vigo1855Indiana
May F Fayette, Vigo1857Indiana
Sarah E Fayette, Vigo1859Indiana
{Family 168}
Jacob Fayette, Vigo1839Indiana 165
Mary A Fayette, Vigo1841Indiana
Morton Fayette, Vigo1865Indiana
John Fayette, Vigo1866Indiana
Rosaletta Fayette, Vigo1869Indiana
Dicie Fayette, Vigo1867Indiana
{Family 169}
Lucy Fayette, Vigo1820 Virginia 158
{Family 170}
Preston Fayette, Vigo1842Indiana 168
Eliza J Fayette, Vigo1848Indiana
Lounetta Fayette, Vigo1864Indiana
Clara Fayette, Vigo1869Indiana
{Family 171}
Frank Honey Creek, Vigo1848Indiana 194B
Mary A Honey Creek, Vigo1851Ohio
Ella F Honey Creek, Vigo1868Indiana
{Family 172}
Moore Liberty, Wabash1820 Indiana 105B
William Liberty, Wabash1853Indiana 106
{Family 173}
Nathaniel Waltz, Wabash1817Indiana 256B
Mary Waltz, Wabash1820 Indiana
Sarah James Waltz, Wabash1840 Indiana
Alma Waltz, Wabash1853Indiana
George Waltz, Wabash1856Indiana
Louisa Waltz, Wabash1864Indiana
Elen Waltz, Wabash1860 Indiana
John Waltz, Wabash1862Indiana 266
Emma Waltz, Wabash1864Indiana
{Family 174}
Harrison Waltz, Wabash1845Indiana 154B
Isabell Waltz, Wabash1840 Indiana
Comodore Waltz, Wabash1869Indiana
{Family 175}
Mora Waltz, Wabash1864Indiana 154B
{Family 176}
Washington Brown, Washington1810 Kentucky 1
Racheal Brown, Washington1810 Kentucky
Susan Brown, Washington1832Indiana
Hiram Brown, Washington1847Indiana
Barbara Brown, Washington1855Indiana
David Brown, Washington1857Indiana
{Family 177}
Elizabeth Richmond Ward 4, Wayne1803Ohio 558
{Family 178}
Lucien Richmond Ward 5, Wayne1833Connecticut 617B
Martha M Richmond Ward 5, Wayne1841Ohio
Frank Richmond Ward 5, Wayne1864Indiana
{Family 179}
Smith Richmond Ward 5, Wayne1834New York 613B
Agnes Richmond Ward 5, Wayne1841New York
Edwin Richmond Ward 5, Wayne1860 New York
{Family 180}
Reuben B Troy, Whitley1821Ohio 473B
Mary H Troy, Whitley1827Ohio
Mary J Troy, Whitley1858Indiana
Reuben B Troy, Whitley1858Indiana
James B Troy, Whitley1861Indiana
Benj F Troy, Whitley1862Indiana
Sarahette Troy, Whitley1865Indiana

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