CASE Families living in Indiana in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 62}
John M Posey, Franklin1825Indiana 401
Eliza Posey, Franklin1827Ohio
Alwilda C Posey, Franklin1852Ohio
Jasper Posey, Franklin1857Ohio
John Posey, Franklin1859Ohio
Henry Posey, Franklin1861Ohio
Jacob Posey, Franklin1863Ohio
Luella Posey, Franklin1865Indiana
Omer Posey, Franklin1867Indiana
{Family 63}
Caroline Ray, Franklin1850 Indiana 429
{Family 64}
Peter Ray, Franklin1806Ohio 428
Cynthia Ray, Franklin1806Kentucky
James Ray, Franklin1845Indiana
Toline Ray, Franklin1850 Indiana
Clinton Ray, Franklin1854Indiana
{Family 65}
Francis B Springfield, Franklin1848Indiana 458
{Family 66}
Absalom Whitewater, Franklin1824Indiana 483
Julian Whitewater, Franklin1830 Indiana
Jessie F Whitewater, Franklin1856Indiana
Ezra Whitewater, Franklin1858Indiana
Julia Whitewater, Franklin1860 Indiana
Absalom Whitewater, Franklin1863Indiana
{Family 67}
Benjamin F Whitewater, Franklin1838Indiana 484
Amanda Whitewater, Franklin1839Indiana
Mary Whitewater, Franklin1861Indiana
Ella Whitewater, Franklin1864Indiana
Minie Whitewater, Franklin1866Indiana
{Family 68}
John P Whitewater, Franklin1794New Jersey 484B
Mary Whitewater, Franklin1799New Jersey
Elener Whitewater, Franklin1829Indiana
{Family 69}
Augustus Henry, Fulton1834Ohio 21
Margaret Henry, Fulton1835Ohio
Harry Henry, Fulton1860 Ohio
Minnie Henry, Fulton1862Ohio
Eve Henry, Fulton1865Indiana
Eddie Henry, Fulton1867Indiana
Infant Henry, Fulton1868Indiana
{Family 70}
Elijah Jefferson, Grant1817Ohio 97B
Margaret Jefferson, Grant1815Pennsylvania
James S Jefferson, Grant1848Indiana
Mary Jefferson, Grant1789Kentucky
{Family 71}
Ely Jefferson, Grant1840 Indiana 104
Kate Jefferson, Grant1848New York
Frank Jefferson, Grant1859Indiana
{Family 72}
Isaac L Marion, Grant1820 Ohio 30B
Almira Marion, Grant1821Indiana
Mary Marion, Grant1845Indiana
John Marion, Grant1847Indiana
Frone Marion, Grant1850 Indiana
Larue Marion, Grant1852Indiana
Lillie Marion, Grant1854Indiana
Charlie Marion, Grant1862Indiana
Lettie Marion, Grant1865Indiana
Lottie Marion, Grant1865Indiana
Charles Marion, Grant1832Indiana
{Family 73}
John L Richland, Greene1810 Kentucky 392B
{Family 74}
Peter Cicero, Hamilton1810 New Jersey 129B
Anna Cicero, Hamilton1820 Virginia
Mary Cicero, Hamilton1840 Ohio
Jacob Cicero, Hamilton1843Ohio
Elizabeth Cicero, Hamilton1843Ohio
Josephine Cicero, Hamilton1848Indiana
Vowant Cicero, Hamilton1854Indiana
Hiram Cicero, Hamilton1856Indiana
Charles Cicero, Hamilton1859Indiana
William J Cicero, Hamilton1861Indiana
{Family 75}
Peter L Posey, Harrison1820 Indiana 177B
Harriet Posey, Harrison1820 North Carolina
Ada Posey, Harrison1853Indiana
{Family 76}
Rosella Taylor, Harrison1868Indiana 220
Susanna Taylor, Harrison1845Indiana
{Family 77}
Peter Brown, Hendricks1836Ohio 274
Rosann Brown, Hendricks1840 Indiana
Uwan Brown, Hendricks1866Indiana
Abba Brown, Hendricks1868Indiana
Murat Brown, Hendricks1870Indiana
{Family 78}
Thomas Eel River, Hendricks1847Indiana 336
Louisa Eel River, Hendricks1850 Indiana
Lowen Eel River, Hendricks1868Indiana
{Family 79}
Cornelius Union, Howard1845Indiana 514
Elisabeth Union, Howard1848Indiana
{Family 80}
Louisa Huntington, Huntington1854Holland 69
{Family 81}
Lemuel (Lemiel?)Saluda, Jefferson1851Indiana516
{Family 82}
Alanson Campbell, Jennings1822New York 29B
Charlotte Campbell, Jennings1820 New York
Charles A Campbell, Jennings1849New York
Mary V Campbell, Jennings1857Indiana
William Campbell, Jennings1861Indiana
Alfaretta Campbell, Jennings1862Indiana
{Family 83}
Cyrus Blue River, Johnson1830 Indiana224B
Belle Blue River, Johnson1845Ohio
Emma F Blue River, Johnson1866Indiana M
Abba J Blue River, Johnson1869Indiana M
{Family 84}
Margaret A Decker, Knox1838Indiana 19
Alonzo Decker, Knox1865Indiana
Mary Decker, Knox1852Indiana
{Family 85}
James M Johnson, Knox1836Indiana 78
Jane Johnson, Knox1847Indiana
Emma Johnson, Knox1865Indiana
Margaret Johnson, Knox1867Indiana
Alive M Johnson, Knox1869Indiana
George W Johnson, Knox1855Indiana
{Family 86}
John Vincennes, Knox1831New York 181B
Isabela Vincennes, Knox1835Illinois
Stella Vincennes, Knox1859Indiana
Frederick Vincennes, Knox1862Indiana
{Family 87}
Stephen Vincennes, Knox1843Ohio 208
{Family 88}
Charles Washington, Knox1845New York 257
Sarah Washington, Knox1844Indiana
Mattie Washington, Knox1869Indiana
{Family 89}
Francis OJefferson, Kosciusko1850 Indiana 376
{Family 90}
Wandworth (Wardsworth) Warsaw, Kosciusko1844Indiana 129
Mary Warsaw, Kosciusko1849Ohio

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